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Superior Communication, Uninterrupted Service, High Quality Redundant Network – Certified Hosting

Redundancy. Yeah, redundancy is important. Redundancy keeps your data safe. The Certified Hosting network system has no single point of failure thanks to diversified internal fiber connections and the routers and switches that make up the backbone. With so many fiber connections, our redundancy defeats insidious network threats, providing maximum hosting uptime!

You always have the data and internal resources you need – guaranteed.

For example, you get direct connections to Tier-1 carriers combined with scalable bandwidth and around the clock monitoring and reporting for the most reliable, high quality performance hosting.

Two data centers, one super fast network

A data center in Atlanta, GA. A data center in Phoenix, AZ. Both provide multiple connections to Tier 1 carriers for blazing fast, super speed connectivity to your Certified Hosting services. A faster connection on a super fast network means your Certified Hosting services can deliver your data to your users quickly, without interruption.

The specs for techs:

* Routing from six different backbone providers with connections no less than 1,000Mbps to each provider.
* Access to two of the critical telco meeting points (POP) in the Eastern United States with data centers in both buildings.
* Fiber between the two buildings runs down opposite corners and through two separate pipes under the street.
* Data center in Phoenix specifically dedicated to IP transit and transport providers.
* On-net transport to most major global cities.

Power and protection in a secure data center

With guaranteed data center information protection against power outages and sneaky network thieves (yes, they exist, but we keep your data safe) you can always stay up and running 24x7x365.

Here’s how we do it:

* Backup battery systems capable of running all equipment for over two hours.
* Two separate power connections to generators on the top floor and basement of the data center buildings.
* Generators start up within ten seconds of an outage if the power has not been restored.
* Two medium voltage UPS (uninterruptible power supply) units to protect critical load equipment.
* Top-of-the-line servers and replacements for every piece of equipment.
* 24-7-365 security monitoring, including double-lock security, independent building security, key-card access to all areas.
* 24-7-365 environment monitoring, including temperature, static, airborne particles, humidity.
* Independent cooling system.
* Waterless fire suppression system and raised flooring.
* Expert technicians available at all times to answer your questions and monitor the equipment.

For more details on how Certified Hosting can power up your business, organization, or personal website, give us a call today at 1.800.547.9995 or chat with us live.

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