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Getting Started with a Drupal Hosting Plan

  • January 11th, 2013
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To achieve high search engine ranking and continue attracting new visitors, your website should be full of interesting and informative content. You can include written articles, blog posts, ecommerce pages, and more. But managing multiple content types becomes increasingly difficult as the size of your website increases.

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A Guide to Excess Usage Fees on Your Video Hosting Plan

  • December 31st, 2012
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Counting money

In recent years, video content has become an important element of many successful websites. Allowing your visitors to stream high-quality video is a fantastic way to showcase your products, explain complex ideas, and make your entire website feel more personal. At Certified Hosting, we use video to communicate with our customers in an immediate, friendly way.

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Create Your Own Server with Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

  • November 21st, 2012
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When you begin building your website and creating an online reputation, an off-the-shelf web hosting package is all you need. Hosting companies provide ready-to-use hosting plans that include unlimited resources on a shared platform, or a fixed allocation of resources on a virtual server (VPS hosting plan). But as your business grows, you will need more hardware power committed to supporting your website that can deliver the best possible experience for your customers.

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What Should You Do First with Your Dedicated Server Hosting Plan?

  • November 5th, 2012
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Moving to a dedicated server hosting service is a big step for any business. Usually, the move happens after years of using shared web hosting plans and growing your website beyond the capabilities of the entry-level hosting service typically provided by shared hosting. A dedicated server equips your business with better security, more hardware power, and performance you can depend on.

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Which Blogging Platform Is Best for You?

  • October 19th, 2012
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Blogging is an effective way to connect with customers and build your brand, and a powerful tool for search engine optimization (SEO). But did you know that blogs actually influence purchases? Studies show that 21% of blog readers use the information to help them decide on a purchase, 19% use blogs to refine their purchase decision, and 17% discover products or services for the first time when they are discussed in blogs.

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Get More from Your Magento Hosting Plan

  • October 4th, 2012
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For anyone who runs an online store, Magento hosting services are the leading choice of ecommerce platform. Magento is full of powerful features that help you create the best online shopping experience for your customers. Magento makes it easy to build out your product range, cross-sell other products that may be of interest to your customers, and process these orders for dispatch. As a result, Magento hosting services are currently used by major names in retail, including The North Face, Olympus, and Breville.

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What Makes a Good Video Hosting Plan?

  • September 21st, 2012
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Across browsers, smartphones, and tablets, video is becoming the most important content type on the Web. As a marketing tool, video is immensely popular and – most significantly – shareable. Facebook reports video content as the most shared media on the social network, and although images continue to dominate media sharing on Twitter, YouTube links are becoming far more prevalent.

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Is Your Web Hosting Plan Supported by a Reliable Data Center?

  • August 24th, 2012
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It is a busy Monday morning and you have a batch of new products that need to be added to your website. You are confident in the ability of these products to attract new customers, win business, and increase your revenue – all you need to do is put them where your potential customers can see them. But as you try to login to your control panel, you realize something is wrong. Your web hosting service is down.

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How Private Dedicated Server Hosting Puts You in Control

  • July 24th, 2012
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In every aspect of your business, from sales to customer service, having control makes it easier to monitor progress and improve growth. Would you let somebody else take complete control of your products and services without letting you retain some measure of involvement? When you launch a web presence for your business, your dependence on an external web hosting provider reduces the control you have over the online arm of your organization. However, a private dedicated server hosting plan can help you remain in charge of your own hosting account.

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What Is A Virtual Private Server Hosting Service?

  • July 3rd, 2012
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Often pitched as a good balance between a dedicated server and shared hosting, a virtual private server, or VPS hosting plan, is a great way to enjoy the reliability and control of dedicated server hosting at a price you can afford.

But at Certified Hosting, we understand that VPS hosting services can be trickier to figure out than the alternatives. That’s why we’ve called on our resident geeks to demystify VPS web hosting and help you make the right decision for your website.

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