28 Feb

No more limits…

Certified Hosting sized up our competition, ran the numbers, upped their bandwidth commitment and decided to get with the program! All shared plans now come with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage. This makes your decision to choose Certified Hosting even easier. Simply ask yourself the following questions:

 1) Will you be hosting more than one domain name?

2) Do you require a dedicated IP address?

3) Are you in need of an SSL certificate?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, I would recommend our Nerd package. It comes with unlimited domain names, 1 dedicated IP address (with the option to add more for an additional fee) and 1 free SSL certificate. If your answer was no, then our Dork package fits your current needs. Either way, it is easy to upgrade so go ahead and take the leap to have Certified Hosting handle all of your hosting needs.

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26 Feb

New Brand, New Site, New Blog!

So we finally got our brand spankin’ new website online! It took us awhile, but it was worth the wait!

What’s with the new name?  Well, for the past almost 10 years (our 10 year anniversary is this year!!) we have been operating several different hosting websites under the same umbrella company. It’s alot of work to keep up all these websites I tell ya!  We decided to merge them and re-brand them into one NEW brand stemming from our network name icertified.net and wallah, we have Certified Hosting!

Who in the heck would Certify us?  LOL…. well turns our that our customers have CERTIFIED us as the best hosting provider!  Just ask them 🙂

So what do we have in store for you one might ask.  We have many new things on the horizon, but mostly what we have in store for you is alot of personal interaction from us and from our company.  We want you to get to know us better, and we want to know YOU!

Keep checking our blog, post on our forums, follow us on Twitter and be our friend on FaceBook!

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