14 Dec

How does web hosting work?

A simple question, yet one that many still can’t answer.

Do you know how web hosting works?

No? Well, read on for a simple and easy to understand description of how web hosting really works.

Web hosting is a service that provides you with the space, bandwidth, hardware, software and technical support to put your files online for surfers around the globe to see. If you are going to have a website you will need some sort of web hosting.

In essence, you could host your site yourself with a computer, the right server software and an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that will provide you with a static IP. This is not very reliable and if you want to get serious about your online business, I would not recommend it.

Web hosting comes in a variety of packages, also known as plans. There are many web hosting providers to choose from, the key is to find one that is reliable, offers a package/plan tailored to your needs and promises minimal downtime.

Before purchasing a web hosting package/plan, you will want to ask yourself a few questions:

Will your website be for personal or business use?

Are you looking at grabbing alot of attention to your website? Or will the amount of surfers viewing your website be minimal?

You will want to know approximately how much bandwidth and space you will need prior to researching/purchasing a hosting plan.

Small and/or start-up companies will be able to take advantage of a shared server. A shared server is one large computer that hosts many websites.

Larger companies will need a dedicated server. A dedicated server is one computer that hosts only your website(s).

Massive companies like www.google.com will need multiple dedicated servers to run their website.

Ok, so now you know the basics of web hosting but I bet you are asking yourself, “But how do I begin to use my new web hosting service?”.

Using your new web hosting account is simple. Most hosting providers will set up your account and email you over your File Transfer Protocol (FTP) login information. This information gives you access to the server in order to upload your files. You will need an FTP client in order to do this. There are several free ones available online.

In addition to the FTP login information, you will receive name-server (DNS) information. Once you have uploaded your files to the server, you will want to change the DNS of your domain name(s) through your domain registrar. This will point your domain name to your server.

You are done! Now when anyone types in your domain name, they will be routed to your server and the files you have uploaded will be displayed to them through the magic of the World Wide Web.

I hope that was simple enough and easy to understand. Should you have any additional questions, feel free to post them in the comments section below:) 

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10 Dec

Domain Hosting – Do I have to register my domain with you?

I received this question today and thought it would make a good blog post. Enjoy!

Topic: Domain hosting and whether you must register that domain with us or if you can use another domain registrar.

Sometimes, I think that those of us that are “net savvy” forget that not everyone is as knowledgeable as we may be when it comes to hosting and creating an online presence for your website. Domains and domain registration are just one aspect.

There are many domain registrars to choose from and although we do offer domain registration for $15 a year, it is not necessary to use Certified Hostings’ registrar in order to take advantage of our hosting services. All you need to do is select this option, “I will update my name-servers on an existing domain Or I will register a new domain.”, when signing up for your hosting plan. After that, you simply switch your name-servers (DNS) with your current domain registrar and you will be up and going on our servers in no time. It’s that easy!

Well that should take care of any confusion in regards to domain hosting. Whether you want to register a new domain or just change your existing domains name-servers, Certified Hosting has you covered!

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03 Dec

Need cheap web site hosting? Check our Stocking Stuffer Surprise…

Looking for just the right cheap web site hosting? That’s where Certified Hosting fits in.

Each month, our talented sales team gets together to brainstorm and toss around promo ideas for cheap web site hosting. It may sound easy enough, however when you run new promos every month your brain has a tendency to become fried. I mean how many irresistible offers can one company come up with? I don’t know, our offers just keep getting better and better. This month, is no different.

Value: Throughout the month of December, Certified Hosting offers new customers the opportunity to click a stocking to reveal their surprise promo code. One promo code per day, per customer. Promo codes rotate daily and are availalbe for new customers only. http://www.certifiedhosting.com/promo/

Nobody understands cheap web site hosting like we do. Play Certified Hostings’ Stocking Stuffer Surprise today!

P.S. Ok, so I will admit…I am little bias here. Why? Because this months’ promo was my idea! HEHEHEHE With so many ideas being tossed around, it is an honor and gives me the warm fuzzies to know that mine was chosen.

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