22 Mar

What is Reseller Hosting?

What is Reseller Hosting? Reseller Hosting is an arrangement whereby a company selling hosting to consumers uses the datacenter and equipment of another company.

How does Reseller Hosting work? You will receive a reseller hosting account control panel called Web Host Manager (WHM). WHM is an area within the cPanel control panel to create hosting plans with multiple space and bandwidth allotments for individual client accounts. Upon creating a client account and choosing a hosting plan, all it takes is just once click to make it come to life. That one click will instantly set up your clients with their own cPanel, where they can create sub-domains, email addresses, change passwords and much more without requiring any outside assistance. Build your business and let us worry about the rest!

What do I need to get started? It’s never been easier to get started than with Certified Hosting. We can get anyone ready to sell hosting today! Our plans and features allow our clients to become their own host. Not only do we provide all the tools and support our clients need to get their hosting venture up and running within a matter of hours, clients can create unlimited hosting accounts under their own plans, prices, and brand. And here’s the best part: You keep 100% of the money you collect!!!

Want to make $$ with your own hosting business? Become a Certified Hosting reseller today!

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20 Mar

5 Dollar Footlongs

5, 5 Dollar, 5 Dollar Footlongs!!! I mean any footlong sub for $5? What a great value.

I decided to enjoy a $5 footlong for lunch today. I got a BLT with avocado on jalapeno cheddar bread. YUMMY! While eating my delicious sub, I started thinking of what else I could purchase for $5.

I can get about 1 1/2 gallons of gas for about $5 ($3.25 per gallon)

For just under $5 ($4.97 to be exact), I could buy a 1.5 inch angle sash all paints brush from my local hardware store.

If I shop at my local discount store I can get 18 oz. of Men’s body wash and a penny back  for $5.

A cup of coffee at my local coffee shop rings in at just under $5 ($4.86), leaving a small bit of change in your pocket. 

As I finish off my 5 dollar footlong, I come to realize that many deals do not begin to compare to my $5 sub. There is however, one $5 deal that comes to mind…Certified Hosting has a 5 dollar hosting deal that can’t be beat! Get unlimited hosting for just under $5 ($4.95) per month. When looking for a great deal, look no further than your local sub shop and Certified Hosting!

5, 5 Dollar, 5 Dollar Footlongs

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19 Mar

5 Reasons to Choose Certified Hosting

5 Reasons to make Certified Hosting your preferred web host:

#5 True 24/7/365 Fully Managed Support. Yes, we really do answer the phones 24/7. I challenge you to pick up the phone anytime, day or night. You will be directly connected to a in-house technical support person that is qualified to handle your hosting needs.

#4 Uptime Guarantee. The strength of our infrastructure and support systems make it possible for us to offer a industry leading 99.999% guaranteed uptime on all websites hosted on our servers. We keep your website online!

#3 No Contracts. Cancel  Anytime. With our no obligation, contract-free hosting plans you can cancel anytime. Pair this with our anytime, money back guarantee and you can’t lose.

#2 Wide Array of Services. Start small and grow big. With Certified Hosting you can start out with one of our shared accounts and move up to a dedicated server at anytime. We offer shared, reseller, semi-dedicated, flash and dedicated hosting options. Upgrade anytime!

And the number one reason you should choose Certified Hosting for your web hosting needs is…

 #1 Anytime Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our services. We are so confident that you will be, that we are proud to offer our anytime, no questions asked, money back guarantee. Trying us out is RISK FREE!

There are many reasons to choose Certified hosting for your websites. Look for 5 more reasons coming soon…

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08 Mar

What is Certified Protection?

Certified Protection is an add-on available exclusively to Certified Hosting’s shared hosting clients.

It’s like an insurance policy. Just like all types of insurance, you may or may not ever have to use it, but it’s there just in case. It’s peace of mind. It’s knowing that if for some reason your hosting account should utilize above accepted levels of server resources, your account will NEVER BE SUSPENDED!

Many web hosting companies now offer UNLIMITED Space and UNLIMITED Bandwidth, but what they are not offering is unlimited server resources. Unless you read the TOS, you are probably unaware of your hosts’ TOS policies and what will cause your account to be shut down. The most common reason hosting accounts get suspended from popular web hosts is because the account has violated the hosts’ TOS by utilizing too many system resources. In many cases, the hosting company does not help the account holder to determine the cause of the issues and since the account is suspended you have no way to make any corrections or changes.
Certified Hosting, like our competitors, offers UNLIMTED Space and UNLIMITED Bandwidth. While we do not offer unlimited system resources, we do offer a better alternative than just suspending accounts. We give you the option of adding some security to your account, through Certified Protection.

When you order a hosting account from Certified Hosting, you will have the option of adding on Certified Protection. For an additional $4.95 per month your account will be insured against suspension.

If your account is found to be using more than acceptable server resources, you will be notified and your account will be moved to a “holding server”. This is a fully functional cPanel server with no more than four active accounts. You will be able to remain on the holding server for 15 days. During this time you will be working with our support team to determine the reason your website has high usage and together make necessary changes to your website so that it is able to go back to a virtual shared hosting environment.
Note: There will be a short amount of downtime during the move from your shared server to the holding server.

If it is determined that your account simply is not suitable for shared hosting, then we will recommend that your account be moved to a managed dedicated server. However, because you have our Certified Protection plan, all of the Protection premiums you paid will be credited towards your new dedicated server!

With our Certified Protection plan, you can’t lose! Choose our Certified Protection plan today and start sleeping again at night knowing you have stress free virtual web hosting.

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04 Mar

Certified Hosting’s Luck O’ The Irish Scratch and Win Promo

Get Lucky with Certified Hosting’s Luck o’ the Irish Scratch and Win
Up to 75% OFF!
VALUE: During the month of March, new customers can play Certified Hosting’s Luck o’ the Irish Scratch and Win card(http://www.certifiedhosting.com/promo/) and earn up to 75% off our shared hosting plans.  
Certified Hosting shared hosting plans start as low as $4.95 and offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, cPanel and much more. Promo codes rotate daily, are valid for new customers only and one promo code per person. Offer expires 3/31/2010. 

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