27 May

Dedicated to Offering Great Daily Deals

Certified Hosting is constantly trying to stay ahead of the game when it comes to pricing, services and support. Even with already low prices, we are still dedicated to offering great deals for potential clients.

Speaking of dedicated…

What is today’s daily deal?

Use promo code: HAPPYDAY and receive $20 off any fully managed dedicated server. This is not a first month only deal – this deal is recurring!

Why should I buy today?

Because where else can you get a fully managed dedicated server for $79 per month? Still not convinced? Our managed dedicated hosting is great for those looking to concentrate on their business and let us handle their server needs. We have a 99.999% uptime guarantee, true 24/7/365 support and are located in a state of the art datacenter.

Want more deals?

Follow us on Twitter! We post deals daily and they are a great way to save money on hosting or promote our hosting services through our affiliate program.

Questions? Contact a member of our sales team.

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26 May

Daily Web Hosting Deal is WHACK

Certified Hosting has been running a daily deal on Twitter for sometime now. I have decided it is time to share the love with my fellow bloggers. Today’s deal is WHACK as in crazy AND ridiculous!

What do you get in today’s web hosting daily deal?

Today only receive 75% off any unlimited bandwidth hosting plan when you prepay for 1, 2 or 3 years. Take advantage of this WHACK deal by using promo code: WHACKDAY at checkout.

What makes this a great deal?

Certified Hosting is the leader in unlimited shared hosting plans. Our unlimited web hosting comes with many key features including cPanel, Fantastico, fully managed support, a 99.999% uptime guarantee and much more.

In addition to our amazing features, service and support you will receive our unbelievable low pricing + 75% off! When compared product for product, service for service our unlimited bandwidth hosting plans can’t be beat. Where else can you get web hosting for a year for as low as $20.85!

Why act now?

This is a Twitter daily deal and will without a doubt be gone tomorrow. Sign-up here for one of our unlimited shared hosting plan. Select to prepay for 1, 2 or 3 years. Enter Promo Code: WHACKDAY and receive 75% off your order.

Have questions? Contact a sales representative.

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14 May

The Best Web Hosting Affiliate Plan

Certified Hosting offers an affiliate program that is unique among web hosting companies. Certified Hosting’s affiliate program has both the highest payout and the most reliable web hosting infrastructure necessary for maintaining online success! This win/win combination makes Certified Hosting’s affiliate marketers thrive. The ins and outs of becoming a web hosting affiliate are explored in a recent article we published, Entering the Hosting Business: Should You be an Affiliate Marketer?, so take a look and get advice on how to make web hosting affiliate marketing work for you.

So what’s so great about the Certified Hosting affiliate program?

Did we mention we have the highest payout? Not only that, but becoming an affiliate is incredibly simple. You sign up, get your security code that you embed on your website, and that’s it. Every time a customer signs up from your link, Certified Hosting pays you.

Also, the simplicity of becoming a web hosting affiliate is an easy way to test out the web hosting industry and see how much money you can really earn with a professional web hosting affiliate program. You can remain a web hosting affiliate or once you are more familiar with the web hosting industry, start your own web hosting business with incredible reseller web hosting plans from Certified Hosting.

Get a free web hosting account for your affiliate hosting site!

Oh, did we mention that you get free web hosting for your affiliate hosting site? And you can set it up any way you like as long as you use it for promoting Certified Hosting web hosting plans. We use the best tracking software available so you know that we will always credit your referrals correctly. Certified Hosting has many high-conversion ads, banners, and marketing tools available to make promoting our web hosting services a breeze.

Host with the leader!

Not every web hosting company has the high quality web hosting environment, the 99.99% uptime guarantee, and the expert technical support available 24-7-365 you need to be a successful web hosting affiliate. Referring people to a mediocre web hosting provider is the fastest way to earn a bad reputation and lose web hosting affiliate conversions.

Instead, make sure you choose the leader in web hosting affiliate programs – Certified Hosting. In fact, the Certified Hosting affiliate program is extremely successful because we have the technology and the expertise to provide superior web hosting. Become a web hosting affiliate today with Certified Hosting.

What are you waiting for?

Learn more about Certified Hosting’s web host affiliate program in this article, Entering the Hosting Business: Should You be an Affiliate Marketer?, or contact a sales representative today.

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10 May

What are FrontPage exts?

FrontPage exts are a set of server add-ons scripts and programs that enable the special functions of Microsoft FrontPage. These extensions support features such as hit counters, data collection, email and database processing. In order to use these features, your host must support FrontPage Server extensions.

Certified Hosting features FrontPage ext support on all of our unlimited hosting plans. Using FrontPage in conjuction with our cpanel hosting makes building and managing your business very easy. You can add unlimited domain names so that you can host multiple websites on one account. In addition, you don’t have to worry about your usage as our shared hosting plans come with unlimited bandwidth hosting and unlimited disk space.

Looking to add FrontPage Server Extensions to your account? Simply send a ticket into our tech support department and ask that FrontPage exts be added to your hosting account.

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07 May

Business Butterflies – How to Make Your Business Thrive Again

I have been working my web hosting business for a long time now, 11 years this month in fact.  I find myself answering the same questions over and over, day in and day out. There can’t be anyone that still wants to ask me these questions anymore, right? Yet everyday a new person comes along with the same old Ask Kacy questions and I find myself, well not as patient anymore.  I don’t want to be that person!   I want to feel like this is the first time I ever have been asked this question before, and I want to feel like that EVERYTIME I am asked again.

Is this like butterflies?  You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you are in love for the first time and after being married for like EVER, you just don’t have those butterflies anymore? How many people want that feeling back?

If you have been in the same business for many years, just like a marriage you can become complacent. Before you know it, all the little things are annoying you.  All of a sudden (seems like all of a sudden, but you just realize) that you are not that same motivated, nothing is going to stop me person any longer.

Can you get those business butterflies back?

Remember that feeling you had  when everything at your business was new and exciting and you just couldn’t wait to talk to people about everything you had going on like our new unlimited web hosting plans and why they should do business with you and OH just everything was so challenging and fun and, and…..Whew!  I must have had more energy back then.

Truth be told, I would be very sad without a day of questions.  Those Ask Kacy questions really have made us the hosting company we are today. There are requests for features we do not have, so we need to implement them.  That all to famous question, “Can I get a better deal?”, which means we have to negotiate pricing with our vendors.  These questions and requests from customers build your business, why would you ever want them to stop?

Just think if no one asked these questions?  Where would your company be?

I find my web hosting business to be challenging and rewarding every day. With over 10 years of hosting experience, every couple of years I have been lucky enough to be able to get those butterflies back and keep my staff motivated and positive.

The future is wide open!  I know by keeping your mind and your heart open to new possibilities within your business, and working ON your business, not IN your business every day, you will feel those butterflies again!

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04 May

1 Year of Free Unlimited Hosting Giveaway

Every month, Certified Hosting will be holding a drawing for a free year of unlimited hosting for a year.  Our free unlimited bandwidth hosting is valued at $83.40 and offers webmasters the ability to get their blog, forum, review site, etc. online at zero cost to you.

The deal gets even better! Certified Hosting offers free tools that make our unlimited web hosting unique and the powerful tool to creating an interactive website. Free site builder, user-friendly control panel, free website templates, unlimited MySQL databases, and free script library and programming modules are all included with every Certified Hosting web hosting account. The options for creating your perfect website are free and your options are unlimited.

Certified Hosting will draw a new winner each and every month. Sign-up for your chance to win – 1 Year of Free Unlimited Web Hosting now: http://www.certifiedhosting.com

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03 May

Is Unlimited Web Hosting Really Unlimited?

In a recent press release, Certified Hosting Announces Unlimited Web Hosting Services, we announced our unlimited hosting plans and offers for all of our web hosting plans including shared web hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated server hosting. A lot of web hosting companies call their service “unlimited” – but what does that really mean and what does it really offer?

What does unlimited web hosting mean?

Unlimited hosting offers two main things: unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage space. That means your website can serve as many visitors as you can send to it and just as many data transfers, without any penalties to you. But unlimited bandwidth and disk space is just the beginning with Certified Hosting’s unlimited web hosting plans. We also give you the option for unlimited domain hosting so you can host as many websites as you want on one account. And with unlimited disk space, you can add as many pages to your existing website as you want, without limitations.

But wait, there’s more…

Certified Hosting doesn’t stop there! The free tools available make Certified Hosting unlimited web hosting unique and offer you unlimited possibilities for creating a powerful, interactive website. Free site builder, user-friendly control panel, free website templates, unlimited MySQL databases, and free script library and programming modules are all included with every Certified Hosting web hosting account. The options for creating your perfect website are free and your options are unlimited.

Our unlimited technical support, video tutorials, extensive knowledgebase, and help desk are always available to get you the information you need. No matter what time it is, no matter what your question is, our experts are here for unlimited solutions, advice, and to help you increase your web hosting knowledge.

What’s the catch?

Some web hosting providers claim they have unlimited web hosting. But once you sign up, you find limitations left and right. Certified Hosting offers unlimited bandwidth hosting, unlimited disk space, unlimited domains, and all the unlimited tools mentioned above.

Here’s the thing: With web hosting and reseller hosting, we put multiple accounts on a single server. Accounts share that server’s resources, which are not unlimited. As an extra precaution, you can get Certified Protection, which ensures that just in case your website (or another website) gobbles up all the server resources, you won’t get penalized for it. Instead, your website will stay online all day, every day. No downtime!

Interested in learning more about Certified Hosting’s unlimited web hosting options?

For more information about how Certified Hosting’s unlimited web hosting can help your website grow and stay online all day, every day, take a look at Certified Hosting’s recent press release, Certified Hosting Announces Unlimited Web Hosting Services, or view our video tutorials to learn about the unlimited website options available to you.

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