14 Jul

What can you get for $1?

I have been pretty busy the past couple of nights helping a friend pack up her mom’s house. We have been eating pizza for dinner and throwing back a couple of brews to quench our thirst. Last night, tired of pizza, I decided to stop by Wendy’s for dinner. I really dig on their $1 menu and was excited to get a double stack and an order of chicken nuggets – MY FAVE!

The variety that Wendy’s offers for under a $1 is amazing and really got me to thinking about what other treats could be purchased for just 100 pennies, 20 nickels, 10 dimes or 4 quarters. I mean pretty much every fast food venue has a dollar menu. My local Target has a few $1 bins. The local hardware store occassionally runs advertisements featuring dollar items. I mean the value of a dollar is such a huge market we even have dollar stores!

So here is the challenge – What about $1 hosting? Is there a market for $1 shared hosting plans? When it comes to web hosting, sometimes I feel it is not necessarily the price but the need that is the driving factor behind purchasing a web hosting plan. Could I actually offer hosting for $1 and see results? Well, time will tell because for the next 24 hours you can get shared hosting for 1 dollar!

Today’s Daily Deal courtesty of @webhostpromos: Purchase our Dork shared hosting plan for just $1 – Promo Code: 1DOLLAR http://www.certifiedhosting.com/hosting/

Looking for additional deals? Follow our daily deals on Twitter @webhostpromos

Questions? Contact us.

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14 Jul

Exploring Ecommerce Hosting Options – Which Hosting Plan is Right for Your Online Business?

The many ecommerce hosting solutions available open the world of online business to everyone who wants to make money on the Internet. You don’t need to rent a store in a profitable location. And depending on the type of merchandise and your method of selling, you may not need to stock up on inventory either. The basic applications for setting up an ecommerce business include a website, email, databases, a shopping cart program, FTP for file transfers, and a system for secure payment transactions.

When setting up your ecommerce website and deciding on ecommerce hosting, choose ecommerce website options that promote a focused and functional website. Customers appreciate and respond to an easy-to-use website and shopping cart. And customers prefer to use a website that delivers quality, relevant information.

Different types of ecommerce web hosting solutions

The essential elements of robust servers, relevant software, and functionality for both yourself and your users, combine to form the basis of your online business. Many ecommerce website hosting options are available, ranging from open source ecommerce solutions, easily customized templates for branding your online business, extra transaction security to increase buyer confidence, multimedia features, and many more features.

Explore different software applications and shopping cart options, then determine which features best suit your website. Some ecommerce hosting solutions include: oscommerce hosting, cubecart hosting, buy safe hosting, zen cart hosting, magento hosting, ubercart hosting, agoracart hosting and nopcart hosting. Most shopping carts offer easy 1-click installation for your convenience.

Attentive ecommerce hosting support is critical

For an online business, attentive ecommerce web site hosting support available at all times can determine whether your ecommerce business succeeds. Any time your website is not functioning or is not available online, you are not connecting with potential customers and making sales. Responsive, knowledgeable support staff that maintains your website’s availability is crucial to building trust with your audience and encouraging them to become loyal customers.

Look no further than Certified Hosting for your ecommerce hosting solution

At Certified Hosting, we provide unlimited ecommerce web hosting for most software applications. Unlimited ecommerce web hosting includes unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases, and unlimited disk space. We also offer free upgrades, free installation, free templates for the software of your choice, and free module installation. If you are transferring your site from a different web host, Certified Hosting provides free website transfers including free database transfer, one month of free hosting with no downtime and no data loss!

The Certified Hosting extensive support system includes expert support technicians available 24-7-365, many ecommerce video tutorials, and a forum where you can access the knowledge of the Certified Hosting community. Contact a Certified Hosting representative today at 1-800-547-9995 to learn more about how ecommerce website hosting can help your business succeed online.

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13 Jul

How to Tell the Difference Between Nerds and Geeks

Many people use Google as their homepage and some of us, I am sure, have taken the time to set up iGoogle.  As I was browsing my iGoogle today I noticed that today’s how to was an article detailing out the many differences between nerds and geeks (http://www.wikihow.com/Tell-the-Difference-Between-Nerds-and-Geeks).  The article immediately caught my attention and I had to give it a look!

The article offers 8 steps to use when put into that awkard situation of determining what category your close friend, new aquaintance or even your next-door neighbor falls into – suggesting you first understand the terms, engage in conversation to find out their interests (noting that interests of geeks and nerds do have a tendency to overlap) and finishes off the article by encouraging that we treat all fellow human beings with equal respect. What a FUN read!

After finishing the article and coming down from that warm fuzzy feeling it left me with, I began thinking how in society we are all categorized and how difficult it may be to determine what stereotype we fit into. How do you determine what crowd will accept you? What type of people will you have the most things in common with? It can become a very daunting task, to say the least.

Choosing a web hosting plan that you “fit into” can be a daunting task too. Certified Hosting wants to make your choice easy! By choosing Certified Hosting as your web hosting provider, you can take the guess work out of choosing the right hosting plan. Find out if you are a Dork, Geek or a Nerd by answering 5 simple questions. 

Life is full of stereotypes. At Certified Hosting it is easy to define yourself. Contact a member of our staff to get started today!

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08 Jul

What are Ecommerce and Ecommerce Hosting?

Ecommerce is short for “electronic commerce,” and it refers to selling products and services over the Internet. A company may have a physical office or storefront for conducting business, with an additional online presence, or a company may operate solely from its website. Companies conducting business over the Internet have different web hosting needs than other types of websites that do not sell products and services online.

What solutions do ecommerce merchants need?

Online merchants use websites to sell products and services including digital information products, physical products, software licenses, web design services, professional services, and just about anything else that requires a website with inventory. Different methods of selling online have different ecommerce needs. One of the most important aspects of an ecommerce website is having a shopping cart and checkout that handles each transaction smoothly.

Ecommerce web hosting providers specialize in giving e-merchants the hosting services that will support their business. A shopping cart program, email, secure FTP to transfer files, databases, and a payment system are common elements in ecommerce website hosting. Some online merchants may require blogs, live chat applications, and a website builder.

What should you look for in an ecommerce hosting provider?

Finding the most suitable shopping cart program for your ecommerce website may take careful evaluation. The different ecommerce hosting options for shopping carts include osCommerce hosting, cubecart hosting and buy safe hosting. Transaction security is another important consideration, both for the ecommerce merchant and the customer making a purchase. Other important considerations for ecommerce web hosting are dependability and excellent customer service and support.

Important hosting attributes such as redundancy and adequate bandwidth are equally important for ecommerce website hosting.

Certified Hosting has your ecommerce hosting solution

Certified Hosting unlimited hosting provides many choices for unlimited ecommerce hosting. The many shopping cart programs available with all Certified Hosting ecommerce hosting offer you a customized solution for your web store. Choose from: osCommerce hosting, cubecart hosting, buy safe hosting, zen cart hosting, magento hosting, ubercart hosting, agoracart hosting and nopcart hosting. Most shopping carts offer easy one-click installation from our easy-to-use control panel.

Your website will have 99.9% uptime backed by high quality servers in a fully redundant data center. Certified Hosting full support services are available 24-7-365 to answer all your questions. Additionally, video tutorials, a complete knowledgebase, and a community-driven user forum are also available to help you at www.certifiedhosting.com.

Start your ecommerce website with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases, and unlimited disk space. Contact a Certified Hosting representative today to learn how to get started with your complete unlimited ecommerce hosting solution.

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05 Jul

Start Blogging With WordPress!

Certified Hosting recently published WordPress Hosting for Fun and Profit, an article about using WordPress for starting, building, and using your own blog. There are dozens of reasons to get started with WordPress, especially WordPress Hosting from Certified Hosting. Take a look at what the article covers:

  • Using a blog to connect with readers over the internet
  • Blogging as a way to promote a product or service
  • How to use WordPress and WordPress tools like plugins
  • WordPress Hosting requirements
  • Preferred hosting features for optimal WordPress and blogging capability
  • Details of Certified Hosting unlimited WordPress blog hosting

We have so much information on using WordPress to start your own blog, we couldn’t possibly cover everything in the WordPress Hosting for Fun and Profit article. The WordPress Hosting team here at Certified Hosting has extensive knowledge in WordPress hosting and can help you get set up your own WordPress blog. In fact, the team has put together so much information, we are giving you dozens of WordPress Hosting tips available in the Certified Hosting Video Tutorials section.

Topics include making WordPress more secure and optimizing WordPress for better performance. The Certified Hosting Video Tutorials provide tips and advice on basically every area of web hosting. And if you don’t find what you are looking for, let us know. We’ll sit down with the Certified Hosting team of WordPress hosting experts and start creating more articles, blogs, and free WordPress tutorials!

Certified Hosting WordPress hosting has the tools you need

There are so many things you can do with your WordPress blog. Reliable, robust hosting is an important factor in making sure your blog can perform the way you want it to so make sure you choose a WordPress Hosting company that can deliver everything you need to keep your blog running. As always, Certified Hosting offers unlimited WordPress blog hosting and includes unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space.

In addition, Certified Hosting WordPress Hosting also includes unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited domain names so you can create unlimited blogs. You also get free WordPress installation, free WordPress themes, and free WordPress tutorials so you can maximize every element of your blog, and free WordPress upgrades whenever WordPress releases a new version of their blogging software.

With these unlimited tools in our WordPress hosting solutions, you can easily set up as many WordPress blogs as you like within the same user account. WordPress is so versatile you can create a highly individualized blog in a variety of niches with features specific to each one. Certified Hosting’s free WordPress tutorials walk you through the different aspects of managing your blog, like adding content, configuring options, and managing plug-ins.

Try WordPress Hosting from Certified Hosting and start blogging today

Blogging with Certified Hosting WordPress Hosting is a great way to get started promoting a product or service and developing a connection with other interested readers online. To find out how WordPress blogs and Certified Hosting WordPress solutions can help you get started blogging, contact us today.

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