24 Aug

8 Easy Steps to Establishing your Online Presence

Even though the Internet is now considered ‘Old School’, there are still companies that have not made the push to advance their business and enter the online market. For those that have been a part of the online game for awhile, what I am about to say may sound absurd and unheard of – many brick and mortar business owners are unsure of themselves and their business when it comes to establishing their online presence. I know, hard to believe, but it’s true! I have been a webmaster, generating my own traffic, since 1997-98. To this day, I still run across business owners that do not understand the importance of having an online presence and quite frankly are confused and scared of how to even begin developing an ecommerce solution.

Perhaps you are looking to create your online presence? Whether you are creating a new business or taking your existing business online, creating a website with Certified Hosting is easy! Just follow these simple steps and you will have a website online in minutes.

1) Connect to  SiteBuilder in cPanel.

2) Label it by Naming your Website.

3) Select a Template.

4) Select  Styles.

5) Edit your Pages.

6) Add Content to your Pages.

7) Add any Extras – MetaTags, Effects, etc.

8 ) Publish it!

How do I get my website online?

Your Certified Hosting, web hosting plan, allows you to use any FTP client or web publishing software such as MS Front Page (please make sure you have requested Front Page Exts), Macromedia Dream Weaver, Adobe Go Live, Etc.

You will be asked for a host name(your domain name), username and password. The username and password are case sensitive. If there is a field for “initial directory” use public_html.

Still confused? We offer FTP video tutorials for most of the popular FTP programs.

How will people find my website?

People will access your website via your domain name. You can begin building traffic in a variety of ways – link exchanges, pay per click traffic, search engine optimization to name a few. You can also have your website listed in the Certified Hosting Business Directory. This will allow you to showcase your website, and promote your site to thousands of potential customers. Being listed will also help your Search Engine Optimization with effective linking from a high page ranked site.

Take the next step

Certified Hosting can take your brick and mortar business to the next level for as little as $3.95 per month. Our unlimited hosting plans offer you an inexpensive way to get your website online and because you are under no contract, you can upgrade at anytime! Contact a member of our sales staff to get started today.

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20 Aug

Are You Considering Becoming a Web Hosting Affiliate But Don’t Know Where to Start?

Starting your own affiliate hosting business can be a confusing process. With many options available for various types of web hosting and commission payments, how do you know which web hosting affiliate program provides reliable web hosting and consistent payouts? At Certified Hosting, we are proud to offer you the best web hosting affiliate program available, with guidance every step of the way toward creating your own web host affiliate business.

In a recent Certified Hosting article, Earn Money as a Web Hosting Affiliate in 4 Easy Steps, we show you what to look for in a web hosting provider and in an affiliate web hosting program. You also learn how to attract the attention of prospective customers and make sales. Certified Hosting’s free web hosting affiliate program combines two essential elements of a successful web hosting affiliate business: great web hosting and high commissions for our affiliate marketers.

Your best selling tool is a quality product

Nobody wants to buy junk, and web hosting is no different. Affiliate web hosts who offer  quality web hosting with fast data transfer speeds, constant uptime, and technical support around the clock have a better business reputation and more clients than lower-priced yet unreliable hosting.

Certified Hosting provides unlimited hosting options for your affiliate customers with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. Our top-of-the-line servers and network are configured for speed, performance, and reliability so you can promote Certified Hosting unlimited web hosting with confidence.

The highest payout, with no limits

With Certified Hosting’s tiered affiliate hosting payouts, you get more money per sale, per more sales you make! For 1-10 sales per month you make $65 per sale, for 11-20 sales per month you get $95 per sale, and for 21 or more sales per month you get $125 per sale. Certified Hosting has the highest paying affiliate hosting program out there. You also get paid when you sign up another affiliate host to the Certified Hosting web host affiliate program.

Get your affiliate hosting business up and running with Certified Hosting

Certified Hosting is here for you every step of the way. From giving you a free web hosting account for a promotional website or blog, to attention- getting links and banners, to tips on spreading the word and getting customers, Certified Hosting gives you the tools and the support you need to start and grow your business. Contact a representative at 1-800-547-9995 to learn how you can start making money as a web hosting affiliate today.

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10 Aug

Certified Hosting Affiliate Program Has all the Tools You Need to Succeed!

The Certified Hosting web hosting affiliate program makes it easy for you to make money online with your own affiliate business. We have tutorials that guide you step-by-step through the process of setting up your business and we have many tips and tools designed to help you convert web visitors into sales to make money faster. With Certified Hosting you get a free web hosting account to promote your affiliate hosting offers from the highest paying affiliate hosting program available – period.

Part of the marketing arsenal at your disposal when you join the Certified Hosting affiliate web hosting program are creative tools to attract the interests of your web visitors to your affiliate offers. Some of these tools are an extensive array of banners, lightbox ads, and page peel ads. Each of these creative tools is designed to increase clicks and maintain a positive user experience on your website.

Using affiliate marketing tools to your advantage

Lightboxes, page peels, and well-placed banner ads can improve your conversion rate tremendously, resulting in more web hosting affiliate sales for you. An important rule of thumb for improving your affiliate hosting click-through-rate (CTR) is to have eye-catching ads, but to present the ads in a way that does not annoy your visitors and cause them to leave your website. The Certified Hosting creative tools reach an interested, targeted audience and enhance your visitor’s experience on your website.

Display the variety of Certified Hosting fast-loading lightboxes, page peels, and banners on any page of your web host affiliate website. Place the banners in a position and size that will get your visitor’s attention and fits your website layout. Set the lightboxes to display immediately when your web page loads, after a designated time interval (like 5-10 seconds), or as the last thing a person sees before leaving your website.

The Certified Hosting page peels entice curious web visitors to click on them, unfold to a large size ad, then roll up again when the visitor moves his mouse to a different part of the web page. Used together or separately, these state-of-the-art marketing materials attract the eye and easily stir interest to convert visitors into hosting affiliate customers.

Become a web hosting affiliate and start earning money today

Offer your web visitors unlimited hosting with unlimited shared hosting, unlimited dedicated server hosting, and unlimited specialty hosting. As a member of the Certified Hosting affiliate team, you get unlimited support, effective creative tools, and tips to attract web visitors and turn them into web hosting affiliate sales.

For more information on the best web hosting affiliate program available, contact a Certified Hosting customer service representative today at 1-800-547-9995.

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09 Aug

Web Hosting More than a Purchase, it’s an Experience

Nowadays, web hosting companies are a dime a dozen. Hundreds of well-known companies fight for that search engine ranking, battle to offer the best pricing and constantly up the ante on features vying for their piece of the hosting market. It’s a tough battle, one that finds many web hosts continually scrambling for ways to cut costs and revamp business models – in addition to retaining their current customer base while doing so.

At Certified Hosting, we realize that the success of your online business relies heavily on quality web hosting. Uptime, network speed, tech support and pricing are important factors when choosing a web hosting provider.  Certified Hosting gives our customers an experience, free with every purchase.

Creating an experience with every purchase

Many different factors go into choosing a web hosting provider, but why stop once you have found the one that offers what you need at a price point you can afford? Certified Hosting believes web hosting is not a purchase but an experience. We offer access to exclusive forums, personalized service and support along with fresh hosting features that make it exciting to work on your website again!  

From our customer service department to our CEO, the Certified Hosting staff is available to every client big or small. We are easily accessible via phone, email and live chat to discuss your web hosting needs, your business plans or even your latest personal acheivement. Certified Hosting believes that the true secret to happiness is not having all the riches in the world but truly enjoying the experience that gets you there.

Getting started with the Certified Hosting experience

Make the choice and choose Certified Hosting for your web hosting needs. Visit us at www.certifiedhosting.com to learn more about Certified Hosting and what 11 years of industry related experience can do for you.

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06 Aug

Boost Web Host Affiliate Sales With Specialized Banners and Links

If you are interested in earning money online through affiliate marketing, we invite you to join Certified Hosting’s web hosting affiliate program. Affiliate hosting programs come in all shapes and sizes, but here at Certified Hosting we value our web hosting affiliates as members of our team. Certified Hosting provides the highest paying affiliate hosting program, with specialized tools to help you convert your web visitors into affiliate sales.

The best web hosting affiliate programs in the world cannot beat Certified Hosting for payout, tech support, marketing tools, and individual attention. Not to mention the reliable hosting with 99.99% uptime you are offering as a Certified Hosting web hosting affiliate. Affiliate hosting members receive $65-125 per sale, and a free hosting account for the purpose of promoting Certified Hosting web hosting affiliate offers.

Using Links and Banners to Increase Conversion Rates

Many different factors work together to turn an interested web visitor into an affiliate customer. An integral element of an affiliate hosting campaign is the links and banners chosen to advertise the affiliate offer. Certified Hosting has around 100 links and banners for you to choose, with many shapes and sizes so you can choose the ones that best suit your website. Certified Hosting will even make a custom banner according to your specifications.

For best click-through results, use the banner together with the text of your web page to promote the Certified Hosting affiliate offer. Rotate banners every 2-3 weeks so your web visitors remain interested and continue to notice your Certified Hosting web hosting banner. Choose a different color scheme, size, or position for your hosting affiliate banner, or offer a link to a different hosting package. Test different positions for the banner on the page to determine where people are most likely to click, and keep testing alternate sizes and colors. After a bit of testing you will know which banners and positions to choose for your audience.

Getting started with Certified Hosting web hosting affiliate program

Start your own hosting business and earn money with the best web hosting affiliate program. Visit us at www.certifiedhosting.com to learn more about the Certified Hosting affiliate hosting program and our unlimited hosting plans.

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03 Aug

Shopping Carts Increase Profits? You Bet

Website owners use shopping cart programs to turn a website into an online store. Shopping carts provide you with different features, and open source shopping carts allow you to customize the shopping cart features for your website’s needs. Find out how important shopping carts are to your ecommerce website in this Certified Hosting article, Making Online Purchases Easy with Ecommerce Shopping Carts, available exclusively at Certified Hosting.

Using shopping cart reports to customize products and services

An effective way to increase sales is by utilizing your ecommerce website hosting shopping cart’s administrative features to their fullest. Review the statistics and reports on the behavior of your website visitors, such as which pages they viewed and what they ordered. Use this information to adjust the products and services to ones that interest them the most.

If you keep up with visitors by email or through a blog, you can target your messages to the specific subjects your web visitors find important, building trust in your brand and encouraging repeat sales. Certified Hosting ecommerce web hosting supports unlimited email accounts with your shopping cart, so you can alert customers about an updated version of a previous purchase or keep them informed about what’s new in their areas of interest.

The purchase page is not just for completing transactions

Careful use of the purchase page in your ecommerce hosting shopping cart can increase both the number of sales and the dollar value of a purchase. Many prospects reach the point of almost making a purchase and then abandon the sale at the last possible moment. Use your purchase page to stop this trend! Open-source shopping carts support modifications like these so with your Certified Hosting ecommerce web site hosting, you can maximize every feature of your online store.

Repeat the main features and benefits of the product your web visitor is buying on the purchase page itself (in addition to on the description page). This repetition reinforces the shopper’s desire to purchase that item. You can also offer the buyer complementary products to purchase, resulting in more sales.

For example, if you are selling in-line skates, mention on the purchase page how the wheels decrease friction and increase speed, or how the boot is designed to maintain balance. Adding features and benefits of the products your prospective buyers are viewing at the crucial moment of making a purchase will help them overcome last-minute objections to buying. You can also add links to helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads in order to encourage the purchaser to increase their purchase with items they may be interested in using with their initial purchase product.

Certified Hosting offers unlimited shopping cart options

Ecommerce web hosting with Certified Hosting gives you reliable web hosting and 24×7 support services to help your ecommerce business succeed. Certified Hosting offers hosting options for many free, open-source shopping carts including oscommerce hosting, cubecart hosting, buy safe hosting, zen cart hosting, magento hosting, ubercart hosting, agoracart hosting, and nopcart hosting.

Our technical support is always available to answer your ecommerce hosting questions and you can get tips and advice from other ecommerce hosters in the Certified Hosting community forums. Visit www.certifiedhosting.com to learn more about Certified Hosting unlimited ecommerce web hosting and shopping cart options.

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