29 Sep

Reseller Hosting for All Types of Websites

Reseller web hosting plans are a smart way to get a web hosting business up and running without the expensive overhead it takes to become a web hosting provider. With virtual reseller hosting, you create, sell, and mange your own web hosting packages to your own customers. You only need to pay for the web hosting reseller plan and you keep the rest of the profits yourself.

If you want to start earning additional revenue in the hosting industry or provide a value-add service to your customers and clients, start by becoming a web hosting reseller with the best web hosting reseller program on the market today. With Certified Hosting’s affordable reseller web hosting and web hosting reseller plans, you can start your own Internet company today with little investment and time needed.

Getting started in the web hosting field

Starting a new business can be intimidating. With so many websites and blogs on the Internet today, web hosting is a necessary service and as a web hosting reseller you can easily and quickly establish a new businesses for yourself. The Certified Hosting reseller hosting plan gives you the information, tools, and resources you need to start and run a successful reseller web hosting business.

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23 Sep

Tips for Migrating From Shared Hosting to Semi-Dedicated or Dedicated Server Hosting

Is your business and website ready for the enhanced performance, security, and control of dedicated server hosting? A recently published Certified Hosting article, Dedicated Server Hosting Improves Performance, Availability, and Control for Online Businesses, explains the benefits of semi-dedicated servers and dedicated servers for larger businesses and businesses that need enhanced network security and data protection.

Dedicated server hosting gives you access to more server resources including bandwidth, disk space, operating system, and choice of applications and software. 100% of the resources available with your dedicated server increase website performance and reliability immediately, leading to faster loading and downloading times.

Avoiding downtime when upgrading your hosting plan

When you move your data files and website information from a shared hosting to semi-dedicated server hosting or dedicated server hosting, you may experience downtime during the transition. For certain websites this may be acceptable, but for others any downtime may be devastating in terms of revenue lost and damage to reputation.

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22 Sep

Certified Hosting in talks about Client of the Month program

Your Certified Hosting team is at it again – brainstorming, afterall that is what we do best! The Certified Hosting Marketing team and our CEO hash out the possibilities of starting a Client of the Month program. Could this come to fruition? Maybe!

Ideas are being tossed around about who would be in charge of picking, what the qualifications would be for being selected and how we could signify who won so they could broadcast it to the world. I mean everyone likes to be a winner right?

The debate on this is a funny one and all I can tell you for sure is that if this does happen you will no doubt need to be a current client to win. Why wait? Check out our unlimited web hosting, reseller web hosting or our 10TB managed dedicated servers now. Who knows…you could be our first Client of the month:)

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15 Sep

How to Tell if Your Business is Ready for a Dedicated Server

As your business grows, your website and web applications will experience more traffic and more online activity. If you are still on a shared hosting plan, your website or web application may slow down or even be shut off due to high volume. Shared hosting does not have the performance and security you need for a growing business. The next step in obtaining the right hosting services for your business is to move to a semi-dedicated server hosting or a dedicated server hosting plan.

A dedicated server is a single server used completely for one person or business. With dedicated server hosting, you get 100% of the resources and control. The price difference from shared hosting to dedicated server hosting is a significant investment so the move to a dedicated server is not made lightly. A good compromise, if you do not need an entire dedicated server, is to move to a semi-dedicated server.

Certified Hosting offers dedicated hosting for your growing business

If the performance and security of shared hosting inhibits your business website and web applications from operating successfully, you may be ready for the next step – upgrading to a dedicated server. Factors that may help you determine if dedicated server hosting is for you include the complexity of your business, your current and potential traffic, and disk space requirements.

Larger business websites with over 10,000 visits per day or websites with resource-intensive web features such as ecommerce hosting, should consider dedicated server hosting in order to increase performance. If your website handles extremely sensitive data and needs additional security, a dedicated server will provide more protection, especially compared to shared web hosting.

Choosing unlimited dedicated server hosting options

Certified Hosting offers you semi-dedicated servers and fully managed dedicated servers. Semi-dedicated hosting gives you a large portion of the server’s resources, whereas dedicated server hosting gives you 100% of the server’s resources. The number of accounts on semi-dedicated servers is limited as you share resources with other semi-dedicated server hosting customers, but you get more resources than a shared web hosting account. With a fully managed dedicated server hosting account, Certified Hosting takes care of everything for you. Installing scripts and ongoing support are all included with unlimited managed dedicated server hosting from Certified Hosting.

When you purchase semi-dedicated server hosting or dedicated server hosting from Certified Hosting, your servers are hosted in a secure data center with high quality bandwidth. Watch website speeds and server traffic improve significantly with your server in our Phoenix or Atlanta data centers.

Contact a service representative today at 1-800-547-9995 to learn more about improving your website’s performance and security with unlimited managed dedicated server hosting and semi-dedicated server hosting from Certified Hosting.

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13 Sep

Certified Hosting Announces Enhanced Hosting Affiliate Program with More Online Marketing Tools for Web Hosting Affiliates

Leading shared, reseller and dedicated server hosting company provides free web hosting, creative marketing materials, and ongoing tips and support for affiliate hosting marketers.

Los Angeles, CA (PRESS RELEASE) September 13, 2010 – Certified Hosting, a leading shared, reseller and dedicated server hosting company, announced today enhancements to its affiliate program that gives hosting affiliate marketers competitive tools to increase conversions and drive more sales. Certified Hosting provides web hosting affiliates with free web hosting for a promotional website or blog and banners and other creative elements for promoting web hosting offers. Affiliate hosting marketers also have access to articles and a community forum that includes tips on successful web host affiliate program promotion.

“The members of the Certified Hosting affiliate web hosting program are part of our team and we value their contribution and want them to succeed as web hosting affiliate marketers,” says Kacy Carlsen, co-founder and CEO at Certified Hosting. “We designed the Certified Hosting affiliate program to alleviate every concern a web hosting affiliate may have by offering highly effective promotional materials and fast, reliable payouts above industry standards.”

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13 Sep

Server Blowout – 24 Hours Only

Certified Hosting announces fully managed server blowout – 24 hours only.

These individual servers are fully managed, with TRUE, inhouse 24/7/365 technical support. They will go fast and when they are gone, they’re gone!

P4 3.00GHz, 1GB/RAM, 80GB/HD, 10TB/BW Price: $69/mo
Click here to order this server.

P4 3.00GHz, 2GB/RAM, 80GB/HD, 10TB/BW Price: $69/mo
Click here to order this server.

P4 3.00GHz, 1GB/RAM, 200GB/HD, 10TB/BW Price: $74/mo
Click here to order this server.

P4 2.40GHz, 2GB/RAM, 300GB/HD, 10TB/BW Price: $75/mo
Click here to order this server.

P4 2.40GHz, 2GB/RAM, 250GB/HD, 10TB/BW Price: $79/mo
Click here to order this server.

Looking for a great deal on our standard 10TB, fully managed dedicated servers?

For 24 hours only: Take $10 off, recurring, on any fully managed dedicated server. Entry server as low as $89 per month, each month with 10TB of bandwidth!

Promo Code: BLOWOUT

Act now, the clock is ticking.

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07 Sep

Use Your Affiliate Hosting Website to Become a Trusted Hosting Source

Starting a web hosting affiliate business is one of the best ways to break into the highly profitable opportunities available with web hosting. Certified Hosting offers hosting affiliates free web hosting for their promotional website or blog. A question many people ask when looking for the best web hosting affiliate program is – how do I use my website or blog to generate business and encourage people to click on the affiliate hosting offers?

A recent Certified Hosting article, Turning Your Affiliate Hosting Website Into a Sales Generator, answers that question thoroughly. You get practical tips you can use right away to increase hosting affiliate program sales with your website or blog. The article discusses layout, marketing tactics, banner placement, and content ideas for web host affiliates.

Be honest

Your web visitors may be interested in a good deal, but they do not want to be taken advantage of in their search for a new web hosting provider. Treat your visitors and readers with respect and they will reward you in the long run. Be open about being a member of the Certified Hosting web hosting affiliate program. If you are concerned that mentioning this will scare off some potential customers, keep in mind that not mentioning it can turn off even more potential customers.

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