22 Oct

Create Quick-Loading, Interactive Websites with Flash Web Hosting

The Flash videos, animation and interactive elements that Flash web designers create add interest and a personal aspect to your website. Properly executed Flash components can stimulate visual interest in your website, helping you achieve the goals of your website such as generating leads or selling products and services.

Often websites with many graphics and multi-media capabilities have large sized files that load slowly. As a result of slow website loading, visitors and potential customers may leave a website without even having a chance to see your incredible flash designs. Flash streaming hosting allows you to display photo galleries and videos with quick loading times and engage web visitors immediately.

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18 Oct

Interview with Certified Hosting’s CEO on Reseller Hosting

Recently we published several posts and articles on reseller hosting so I thought now would be a great time to interview our CEO and hosting expert of Certified Hosting, Kacy Carlsen. Kacy’s busy everyday answering helpdesk tickets, making sure servers are running properly, and developing web hosting plans designed to help our customers succeed with their online presence. Some of you may have read our blog post on Reseller Hosting for All types of Websites or All the Features You Need for a Profitable Web Hosting Reseller Business. If you have ever considered starting your own business or adding web hosting services to your existing services, take a few minutes and read the two blog posts.

Certified Hosting offers several different reseller hosting plans, each with support for unlimited accounts and unlimited domains. But did you know we offer a reseller hosting plan designed for customers who want to maximize their web hosting reseller experience? It’s called “Power Reseller Server” and comes standard with 10TB managed bandwidth, cPanel/WHM, a free Client Exec billing software license, an eNom reseller account, and 250GB of disk space. As the resident writer, I had to learn more about how Kacy created our reseller hosting plans so I set out to ask several very important questions. After speaking with Kacy for a few minutes, I quickly learned why Certified Hosting’s reseller hosting plans are great for web hosting resellers and I learned what makes Certified Hosting the best web hosting reseller program available today.

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06 Oct

All the Features You Need for a Profitable Web Hosting Reseller Business

Now you can benefit by having your own reseller web hosting business by leveraging the experience of a qualified reseller hosting provider with affordable reseller web hosting plans available to help you generate additional income. If you are interested in tapping into an unlimited source of income, or if you provide online services such as web design and want to expand your services, reseller web hosting is a great option for you.

A recently published Certified Hosting article, Build a Profitable Web Hosting Business with Certified Hosting Reseller Hosting, explains reseller hosting, its benefits, and how to establish the best web hosting reseller business. Learn how you too can benefit from starting your own web hosting reseller business today by reading the article and exploring how you can generate additional income.

Customized hosting packages from design to promotion

Unlimited reseller hosting with Certified Hosting comes with unlimited tools for your reseller hosting success. You can personalize your web hosting company brand and create customized web hosting services for your clients. Become your own reseller web host with your own web hosting reseller plans and pricing.

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