28 Nov

Cyber Monday Hosting Deal – 75% Off

Did you miss our Black Friday sale? Certified Hosting wants to make this year’s Cyber Monday a HUGE success! This Monday from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM PST take 75% off any 1, 2 or 3 year prepaid unlimited shared hosting plan.

Dork Plan
1 year – Was $83.40 Now $20.85
2 year – Was $118.80 Now $29.70
3 year – Was $142.20 Now $35.60

Geek Plan
1 year – Was $107.40 Now $26.85
2 year – Was $190.80 Now $47.70
3 year – Was $250.20 Now $62.55

Nerd Plan
1 year – Was $167.40 Now $41.85
2 year – Was $310.80 Now $77.70
3 year – Was $430.20 Now $107.55

All prepaid plans are 75% off!

Promo Code: CYBER


Take advantage of our Cyber Monday sale and earn $65 per hosting sale you generate. Tell your friends, post on your blogs, Twitter or Facebook and earn $65 per new sale generated. All referrals must go through affiliate link. Sign-up for a free affiliate account now!

Questions? Email us: sales at certifiedhosting dot com

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26 Nov

Website Control and Flexibility with Semi Dedicated Hosting

Semi-dedicated server hosting takes your website beyond shared hosting, yet it is more economical than dedicated server hosting. Business websites and other types of websites whose reputation relies on constant uptime and high performance find semi-dedicated hosting a reliable solution. The greater amount of server resources in semi-dedicated hosting gives you power and customization as your website grows.

Certified Hosting’s recently published article on semi-dedicated hosting, Grow Your Business with Semi-Dedicated Hosting, defines semi-dedicated servers and semi-dedicated hosting, explores the advantages of semi-dedicated hosting, and tells you what to consider when choosing a semi dedicated server hosting provider.

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26 Nov

Black Friday Hosting Deal – 1 Year for $10

1 Year of Hosting for $10 – Today Only

It’s Black Friday 2010, the day Americans wake up super early to wait in line for the chance to get the best deal on this year’s top products. Certified Hosting wants to make this year’s Black Friday shopping easy. Take advantage of no crowds or lines and get our hottest deal yet!

Geek Plan (Shared)
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Disk Space
cPanel/Softaculous/Site Builder

Only $10 for one year!!! ORDER NOW



Offer is good for new customers from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PST Friday, November 26, 2010.

Tell your friends, post on your blogs, Twitter or Facebook and earn $65 per new sale generated. All referrals must go through affiliate link. Sign-up for a free affiliate account now!

Questions? Email us: sales at certifiedhosting dot com

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18 Nov

Increase Website Reliability and Performance with Semi-Dedicated Hosting

Websites are used in numerous ways by all types of individuals and businesses. Perhaps the most common functions of a website are to generate interest around a certain topic and produce leads or sales for a business. As a website grows in popularity you may want to add elements to your website to encourage further interest and interaction between website users such as a blog, forum or online videos.

Increased user activity results in more leads and sales of your products and services. At the same time, the more active web visitors on your website who are downloading documents, streaming podcasts or videos, and participating in forums, the more your website may suffer in terms of performance. You can solve that problem easily by getting your own semi-dedicated server hosting account and experience great performance for your popular website.

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16 Nov

Integrating Videos into Your Website with FFmpeg Hosting

Website activity is changing to include much more than words on a screen. Incorporating video to your website presents your content in an attractive way to your web visitors. Additionally, giving your audience the option to upload their own videos and share them with your online community builds loyal relationships.

FFmpeg video hosting is your solution for integrating audio and video into your website. A recently published Certified Hosting article, Leverage the Power of Video with FFmpeg Hosting, explores FFmpeg web hosting in depth. In the article you will learn about FFmpeg hosting and tube site hosting, standard uses of FFmpeg, and what you need to know before deciding on an FFmpeg hosting plan.

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05 Nov

Create Fast Loading Video Sharing Sites with FFmpeg Hosting

More and more people are creating homemade videos and sharing those videos online with people who share similar interests. Videos on all subjects are popular with website visitors and help people learn about your products and services in an engaging way. Online videos are also easy to access from mobile devices and many video sharing sites offer the option of watching videos from a cell phone, especially today’s advanced smartphones.

One reason website owners may not utilize video on their websites is the amount of server resources and bandwidth videos use. Businesses using shared hosting to connect their websites to the Internet may not use videos in fear of overloading their server and suffering hosting penalties such as being “locked out” or shutdown. Another concern website owners have in allowing users to upload their own videos is some users may upload their videos in a file format not supported by their web hosting server.

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01 Nov

100Mbits for $99 – Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

The month of November is THE time to switch hosts! GOBBLE up the savings
at Certified Hosting.

To start, new Certified Hosting shared clients will receive 50% off any prepaid, GEEK or NERD plan. That’s unlimited domains, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth AND cPanel for as low as $3.47 per month! Need a dedicated IP and a free SSL certificate? Go NERD for just $5.97 per month. Promo Code: GOBBLE

GOBBLE, GOBBLE – You know you are not full of deals yet!

Certified Hosting Fully Managed Dedicated Servers are already a steal at just $99 per month. Add in 100Mbits unmetered and you have yourself a full feast!

Wait, let me repeat that again for those with stuffing on their brain. Get a fully managed dedicated server with 100Mbits unmetered for as low as $99 per month.

Don’t turkey out, this offer will end November 30, 2010. Promo Code: GOBBLE

To place an order or for more information on this promo:

Questions? sales at certifiedhosting dot com

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01 Nov

Use Flash Hosting for Visual Appeal and Increase Search Engine Rankings

Fast-loading Flash animations, designs, and applications are an effective way to connect with visitors to your website and potential customers. Flash media hosting enables you to interact with your audience through video and design, effectively relaying a powerful visual message. A recently published Certified Hosting article, Support Your Videos and Designs with Flash Hosting Services, explores Flash and Flash hosting for the best Flash website hosting experience.

Flash can improve your search engine rankings

Traditionally, search engines such as Google have ignored Flash-based text when determining search engine ranking. Now Google has improved its search methods to include Flash-based text, audio, and video in evaluating the ranking of a particular website. The elements that draw your visitors’ attention will now also assist with getting noticed and generating traffic from search engines.

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