26 Jan

Blog Hosting Services are Ideal for Serious Bloggers

Originally conceived as personal online journals, blogs have quickly grown to become powerful marketing tools for many businesses and industries including entertainment and even politics. The popularity of blogs has grown steadily over the past few years to the point where more companies and businesses now complement their websites with a regularly updated blog. In fact, millions of users worldwide – from individuals to large corporations – frequently update their blogs. Regardless if it’s a personal blog that only family and friends read, a company blog for a few to hundreds of employees, or a popular blog with a million-strong community, blogs are important to the people that run and maintain them.

The best option for individuals or businesses seeking a web hosting solution to host their blog is to look for a reliable web host offering blog hosting services. Why? With the right blog hosting services and blog hosting solutions at your fingertips, you can get exactly what is required to install and successfully run all of your blogs. And you will be able to generate that extra income you have always wanted, especially if your blog hosting solution has been configured and developed exclusively for your blog platform.

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18 Jan

Get a Specialty Hosting Solution that is 100% Compatible with Your Website

Each and every website is designed to serve a specific purpose and therefore requires specific software and hardware to serve that purpose. In other words, the right hosting solution is needed to install and successfully run your website. The process of finding a good web host with a hosting solution that works for you can be a tedious and time consuming task. But looking for the right hosting provider can be easy and fast if you know the purpose and requirements of your website.

Look for a web hosting provider that offers specialty hosting services and choose the solution that meets the exact requirements of your website. Specialty web hosting is designed just for that purpose – to provide hosting solutions to serve a specific purpose and meet specific requirements of any given interactive website such as an ecommerce website, CMS powered website, audio and video sharing website, blog, forum, and any other type of website that requires specialized web hosting solutions.

A recently published Certified Hosting article, Specialty Hosting is the Perfect Hosting Solution for Enhancing Your Interactive Website, explores specialty hosting and its benefits over standard web hosting solutions, lists the types of specialty hosting solutions available on the hosting market today, and provides tips on choosing the right specialty hosting provider and hosting solution for your website. Specialty hosting makes life easy for individuals and businesses looking for the right hosting solution to power their interactive website. Sure, standard web hosting may work too, but with specialty hosting, you can be sure you get a hosting solution that is 100% compatible with your website.

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13 Jan

Specialty Hosting Serves Specific Website Needs Including CMS, Ecommerce, Blog Hosting, Forum Hosting, Social Networking, Audio and Video Sharing, and More

In most cases, people looking for a web hosting solution need specialized hosting depending on the type of online activity they plan on doing. Some companies may need special hosting services in order to host a highly scalable ecommerce website. Maybe a group of campus students need special hosting services to host their blog or a group of computer enthusiasts may need special hosting services to host a popular community forum. Or a news publishing site wants to run YouTube-like videos and needs audio/video sharing hosting. Some web hosting providers cater to those needs by providing specialty hosting services – a special type of hosting dedicated to serve the specific needs of a client’s website.

Depending on the online activity you want to engage in, you will need specific web tools or scripts to create and run a website for that type of activity, especially if you want to run a successful interactive website. With specialty hosting, hosting providers offer clients hosting solutions bundled with all the required web tools to create and run interactive websites. These specialty hosting solutions also include the necessary hardware, software, and bandwidth needed to power clients’ websites.

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07 Jan

Choosing the Right WordPress MU Hosting for your Website

Are you looking for reliable WordPress MU hosting to accommodate hundreds or even thousands of blog users? Have you considered getting a special WordPress MU package from a reliable web hosting provider? Many companies and individuals choose WordPress MU because of the multi-user features available. One single installation of WordPress MU makes running hundreds or thousands or even millions of blogs simple. But you need more than just good technical and administration skills to successfully run and manage your blogs.

So where do you start and what exactly do you need in order to be successful with hosting and managing multiple blogs? First you need the right hosting solution to power your blogs and keep them up and running with maximum uptime – flawlessly. A recently published Certified Hosting article, Enhance your Blogging Experience with the Right WordPress MU Hosting Solution, gives you an overview of WordPress MU and WordPress MU hosting so you can choose the right hosting for your WordPress MU installation and successfully run multiple blogs simultaneously.

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04 Jan

January Hosting Promo: 100TB for $100

Need more bandwidth? Throughout the month of January get 100TB on any
fully managed dedicated server for just $100
! That’s a fully managed
dedicated server
with 100TB for just $219/mo. No fine print or misleading
offers – you will get 100TB for the life of the account!

Entry Level Server:
CPU Intel Dual Core G6950 (2 x 2.8 GHZ, 3MB Cache), 2-bay Supermicro chasis
PRICE $219/mo

Customize your 100TB dedicated server here:


In addition to our 100TB offer, you can get 20% off your first months bill
on any shared, reseller or managed dedicated server. Promo Code: 2011

Happy New Year from Certified Hosting!

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