20 Feb

Presidents Day Sale – 3 Great Deals

On Monday, February 21, 2011, Certified Hosting will honor both LINCOLN and WASHINGTON with 3 great deals.

From 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM PST, any  new Certified Hosting customer  can choose from the following:

Dork Plan – 1 year for $12 (Just $1 per month.) Promo Code: WASHINGTON

Geek Plan – 1 Month for $5 (No Commitment or Prepay necessary.) Promo Code: LINCOLN

Dedicated Servers – Get 2nd Month Free. Promo Code: PRESIDENT

For more information check out http://www.certifiedhosting.com/promo/

Already an existing Certified Hosting customer? Share this news with friends – Join the Certified Hosting affiliate program and earn $65 per new sale you generate.

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18 Feb

Certified Hosting Increases Stability of Shared Hosting Platform with CloudLinux OS and Ksplice Uptrack

We have exciting news here at Certified Hosting! Certified Hosting has recently moved to using CloudLinux OS with Ksplice Uptrack on our shared hosting platform. The reason for the move is to provide an even more stable environment for Certified Hosting customers using our shared hosting services. So why the move to CloudLinux OS and Ksplice Uptrack? More uptime and better overall stability of all Certified Hosting shared hosting servers. That translates to happier customers and a happier Certified Hosting support team. Yes, we like a happy shared hosting environment too!

Regardless of how great any web hosting provider’s uptime is, there is still downtime every now and then caused by two different factors. One is spikes in resource usage caused by individual hosting accounts, and the other is caused by server OS updates that we roll out as they become available. To combat these two factors and make our uptime even better, Certified Hosting chose the latest innovative technology – CloudLinux OS and Ksplice Uptrack – for all our shared web hosting servers. Yes, we know you want to know more, so here’s why we chose CloudLinux OS.

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16 Feb
16 Feb

Shared Hosting Provides Enough Power for Any Online Activity

Many people still tend to think of shared hosting as a cheap alternative to dedicated hosting, suitable only for those on a tight budget. Maybe that was the case in the past when shared hosting was not as advanced and lacked many features and aspects compared to dedicated hosting. But things have changed drastically thanks to emerging technologies that allowed web hosts to massively upgrade shared hosting services in terms of server resources and software features.

Shared hosting has become a strong performer and is powerful enough to support most of today’s online activities. In fact, most individuals and small to medium sized businesses will find shared web hosting sufficient for their online endeavors. If you are looking for a hosting solution to establish your online presence, shared hosting provides enough power for launching your website and keeping it running successfully even when your site’s traffic volume grows tremendously.

Do you plan on moving your business online? Are you considering launching an ecommerce store? Or do you want to start your own blog, build a website, or implement a photo gallery? Shared web hosting provides everything you need to succeed. Learn more in a recently published Certified Hosting article, Establish a Successful Online Presence with Shared Hosting Services, as the article explores shared hosting, explains why shared web hosting is so affordable, describes shared hosting benefits, lists the many uses of shared web hosting, discusses how new technology increases shared web hosting performance and security, and tells you how to launch your website with unlimited shared hosting plans.

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11 Feb

Secret of success is to know something nobody else knows

With the economy still in turmoil, many people are struggling to put the money together for those extra things in life. Now, I guess you could forgo all the extra treats and focus entirely on the must-have things in your life – but how fun would that be?

Whether you would like to buy something extravagant for that special someone or just have the money to treat yourself to something small, like going out to eat, you can do it.

Well, now I am sure some, if not all of you, are asking yourself how can I do this? Your curiosity has shown me that you have the drive to succeed. Pair that drive with a little bit of knowledge and you will see, it is not as difficult as it may seem. The success of the Internet has opened the doors for everyone to have a chance to own their own business. Talk about equality in its purest form!

The keys to successfully creating income from a website are all within your grasp right now. Here’s how…

Take whatever it is you are passionate about – cooking, cleaning, hunting, fishing, shopping, sewing, gaming…the list goes on and on and write it down. It can be ANYTHING! Got more than one thing you absolutely love to do? BONUS!

What is the next step? Let’s say you love to cook – Why not create a WordPress blog about cooking techniques, recipes, favorite meals, tips and tricks, etc. Don’t get overwhelmed. WordPress blogs are easy to setup, costs are minimal and because you are passionate about cooking the writing will flow very naturally.

Did you know that WordPress blogs are one of the easiest ways to get traffic to your website? Because you supply your blog with fresh content on an ongoing basis, search engines like Google will spider your site often and index any new updates. Traffic!

To create a WordPress blog you will need the following:

1)      A domain name to host your new WordPress blog on. You can research and purchase a domain name with Certified Hosting for $15 per domain/per year.

2)      A web hosting account that offers a one-click install of WordPress, true 24/7/365 technical support for your web hosting account and great pricing. Oh and a cute CEO helps! Get an unlimited web hosting account with Certified Hosting for as low as $3.95/per month.

3)      Passion. The secret of success is to know something nobody else knows. The passion you have for your blog will be the secret to your success!

But wait! How do I make money with my new WordPress blog? Once you have your blog setup and running, you will want to sign-up (it’s free) to several affiliate programs that offer products your readers might enjoy. The affiliate program will supply you with banners and a linking code to place on your blog. If someone purchases something via your affiliate link – YOU GET PAID! Don’t forget to sign-up to the Certified Hosting affiliate program. You can earn $65 – $125 per new sale you generate.

So for a little pocket change you too can have the finer things in life! No more economical struggle. Doing what you love and loving what you do, can change your life for the better.

Because we love what we do, Certified Hosting offers you 20% off any unlimited web hosting plan with Promo Code: LOVE. Offer expires 2/28/11.

Good luck!

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09 Feb

Shared Hosting is the Most Affordable Way to Establish an Online Presence

Among paid hosting solutions, shared web hosting has always been, and still is, the cheapest and fastest way to establish your online presence. The hosting market has yet to develop a hosting solution cheaper than shared hosting that offers the same or better features. Sure, cloud hosting is looming ahead, but it is still unclear what cloud hosting’s price tag will be when it becomes widely accepted in the hosting market. So for the time being, shared hosting has no alternatives in terms of affordability.

While dedicated hosting may boast more features, higher security, and reliability, its cost is also significantly higher. But shared hosting still provides enough resources and features for less demanding websites and is an ideal way for new website owners to get online quickly and with minimal investment. Unlike dedicated hosting, shared hosting requires little to no experience or knowledge from the hosting account user. No server administration is required, which allows the hosting account user to focus solely on their website and not on the server.

As the easiest and cheapest hosting solution available, shared web hosting is the most widespread and popular among hosting customers, which makes it the most popular among web hosts too. When there are so many web hosts out there offering cheap shared hosting plans, what’s the next logical step? The first step is to find the right shared web hosting company that can provide all the shared hosting services you need to be successful online.

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07 Feb
04 Feb

Using Optimized Blog Hosting Services for a Successful Blogging Experience

The blog hosting needs of a personal user, a midsize business, and a giant corporation vary greatly. Personal users new to blogs may prefer free blog hosting. Even if they plan to only use their blog as a personal journal and not a source of income, they will quickly realize all the limitations that come with free blog hosting. As a result, users new to blog hosting will look for a better blog hosting solution like paid blog hosting. For businesses and private users who want to make a profit from their blogs or maintain a professional blog, paid blog hosting is the only viable solution as the variety of features and benefits with paid blog hosting solutions significantly outweigh free blog hosting.

Blog hosting services are also a smarter choice for hosting blogs over standard web hosting. Blog hosting services provide many useful features like one-click installs, the ability to host multiple blogs on one account, and other features that standard web hosting services lack. So which blog hosting solution is best for your blog and what are the benefits that make paid blog hosting the number one choice among serious bloggers?

A recently published Certified Hosting article, A Smarter Way to Power Your Blog with Powerful Blog Web Hosting Services, explores the benefits of paid blog hosting over free blog hosting services and standard web hosting solutions, explains how to choose the right blog web host, and shows you how to get reliable blog hosting solutions for a successful blogging experience.

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02 Feb

GroundHog’s Day Special: 30% off any order

6 More Weeks of winter? Or is Spring just around the corner?

Sir Walter Wally and Punxsutawney Phil may not agree on the weather but they both agree this is a great deal!

Valid Today Only!
Take 30% off any shared, reseller, semi-dedicated or dedicated server.



Examples of potential savings include the following:

Our Nerd plan for $10 and some change – Order Now

Get our Reseller 1 plan for just under $14 – Order Now

Order our Entry level server for just $69.30 – Order Now

Don’t forget to use Promo Code: GROUNDHOG to receive excellent savings!

Offer is valid for today only.

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