30 Mar

Get Your Hosting Solution Tailored to the Exact Needs of Your Business with Custom Dedicated Server Hosting

Each business and its needs are unique. Every company has its own unique requirements for all aspects of business, including the IT infrastructure required for hosting the company website. While smaller businesses can often manage with an entry-level dedicated server, some corporate customers require top-of-the-line clustered solutions to power a dynamic corporate website along with a mail server, databases, backups, and other performance services. Getting a hosting solution that meets your exact requirements is the key to success as it will provide consistent and reliable performance of your infrastructure. Most web hosts offer a range of pre-configured managed dedicated server solutions with a number of features and options so businesses can choose the one that best matches their requirements. However, the problem is businesses often have specific IT needs that pre-built solutions simply do not meet.

Some businesses have in-house IT departments so they do not require server management services. When opting for managed dedicated server hosting, you are limited to a certain configuration with a set of features that you may or may not need. If you would like to add or remove certain hardware or features, you will find that you simply customize your server with some hosting companies. But for customers who want to get a truly customizable solution that can be tailored to their exact needs, without the unneeded options and with plenty of room to expand, some web hosts offer custom dedicated hosting services with virtually unlimited customization options. So if pre-configured managed dedicated hosting plans do not fit the needs of your business, opt for getting a custom dedicated server hosting plan to custom build your own server from ground up.

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18 Mar

Grow Your Business by Launching Multiple Websites in a Rock-Stable and Reliable Unlimited Domain Hosting Environment

In this day and age, running a single website is simply not enough for building a strong and successful online presence. It is always a good idea to have several ways to bring your project to life because if one of your endeavors fails, you still have plenty of room to experiment and find the best way to succeed. With one website, you are too limited in your capabilities and resources as running multiple websites gives you more opportunities and allows you to easily realize your vision and your ideas for creating and growing your business.

Previously, if you wanted to establish several websites, you had to purchase multiple accounts from one or several hosting providers. Of course, the method was costly as you had to buy a separate account for each website you wanted to add. Worse, it was a hassle in terms of website management because you had to manage each website separately.

Continuous growth and the cost of disk space and bandwidth lessening over the years has finally enabled hosting providers to offer their clients unlimited domain web hosting – a great feature that gives clients a chance to host multiple websites without incurring additional expenses and hassle.

A recently published Certified Hosting article, Unlimited Domain Web Hosting Provides Many Opportunities for Online Growth, explores unlimited domain hosting and explains how businesses can benefit from running multiple websites and achieve success by diversifying approaches to their business. Are you looking for ways to expand and make your online presence visible and significant? Unlimited domains website hosting gives you all the opportunities you need.

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08 Mar

Unlimited Domain Hosting Offers a Hassle Free and Cost Effective Way to Expand Your Online Business

In most cases, people looking for a web hosting solution are typically more concerned with price, bandwidth, and storage capacity, which is fine if they plan to only host one website. However, if you take your online business seriously, you need to make sure there is room to expand to more than just a single domain that you often get with hosting plans from most providers. Why? For one, running several websites will greatly increase your chances of making it to the top of search engine rankings. Next, having a separate website for each product or service that you promote will increase the likelihood of potential customers finding your products or services and visiting your websites, which will ultimately translate to more revenue.

Of course, you can purchase additional domains or hosting plans for each website that you launch, but it is impractical and costly. For businesses and private users who want to host multiple websites, some web hosting companies now offer unlimited domain hosting, a great feature you can use to consolidate all your domains under one hosting plan. Hosting all your websites under the same hosting plan and hosting provider is a cost-efficient and effective way to manage your online business. And unlimited domain web hosting makes domain management a breeze because you can control all your resources from one place, thus greatly increasing your efficiency and flexibility while drastically reducing expenditures.

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04 Mar

Enjoy the Stability and Uptime of VPS Hosting with Certified Hosting’s Unlimited Shared Hosting Plans

Certified Hosting’s mission is to give our clients the best of what the hosting industry has to offer at the same great price you expect from us. We go above and beyond to make sure our clients’ hosting experience is rewarding by constantly improving our services and upgrading our infrastructure.

In a recent Certified Hosting press release, Certified Hosting Announces Deployment of CloudLinux OS and Ksplice Uptrack Across Shared Hosting Platform for Maximum Uptime and Stability, details yet another improvement – the recent move of the entire Certified Hosting shared hosting platform to CloudLinux OS and Ksplice Uptrack, intended to maximize overall stability, uptime, and performance of all Certified Hosting shared servers. What does this mean to you, our clients?

What you ultimately get is the most stable and reliable unlimited shared hosting environment available on the market, at absolutely no extra charge to you. With the deployment of the latest technologies like CloudLinux OS and Ksplice Uptrack, all existing Certified Hosting clients using our shared hosting services will immediately notice the improvement in performance and stability of their websites once all servers have been migrated to the new platform.

Did we mention greatly improved uptime? Our support experts will now have much more time to assist you with your website accounts and answer your inquiries instead of spending hours trying to get servers back online or working late hours applying OS patches to keep your systems updated.

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01 Mar

Certified Hosting Announces Deployment of CloudLinux OS and Ksplice Uptrack Across Shared Hosting Platform for Maximum Uptime and Stability

Leading shared, reseller, and dedicated server hosting company greatly improves uptime of shared hosting platform by moving to latest CloudLinux OS and Ksplice Uptrack technologies.

Los Angeles, CA (PRESS RELEASE) February 28, 2011 – Certified Hosting, a leading shared, reseller, and dedicated server hosting company, announced today major improvements in uptime and stability across the company’s shared hosting platform by moving to advanced, innovative CloudLinux OS and Ksplice Uptrack technologies. New and existing Certified Hosting customers using unlimited shared hosting plans will appreciate the increased stability, performance, and availability of their websites thanks to the move.

“The reason for the move is to provide an even more stable environment for Certified Hosting customers using our shared hosting services,” says Kacy Carlsen, Certified Hosting co-founder and CEO. “With innovative technology like CloudLinux OS and Ksplice Uptrack in place, customers using Certified Hosting unlimited hosting plans will definitely enjoy better uptime and performance of their websites and improved quality of service from the Certified Hosting support team.”

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