26 May

Certified Hosting’s Founder and CEO Kacy Carlsen Featured in Ping! Zine

We have some exciting news to share here at Certified Hosting! Our CEO and support guru Kacy Carlsen was recently featured in a Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine article eloquently titled, “Women in Web Hosting: An In-Depth Look at CEO Kacy Carlsen,” telling the story of how Kacy became one of a few or maybe the only female CEO in the hosting industry and how Certified Hosting was started.

Ping! Zine is a popular US-based online magazine that highlights trends and remarkable facts in the world of the Internet and the web hosting industry. Ping! Zine is the industry’s most respected and widely read magazine for both service providers and end users. The magazine was created in 2002 as a source for informative and entertaining articles about hosting and everything related to it.

In the article, Kacy talks about herself, how she built her technical experience and her first business, how Certified Hosting came to be where it is now and also about the challenges women face when running their own business in an industry that has always been dominated by men. Take a few moments and head over to the Ping! Zine website to learn more about Women in Web Hosting: An In-Depth Look at CEO Kacy Carlsen.

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20 May

Get your Video Sharing Website on the Internet with PHPmotion Hosting


Every day more and more full featured multimedia websites are going online that are powered by PHPmotion. PHPmotion is a free video sharing software application that makes it easy for anyone to start their own video sharing websites. If you’re looking to share your photos, video and audio files online with your friends and people who share your interests, PHPmotion will enable you to set up a website to do so. With video and mp3 audio support and image gallery viewer built in, PHPmotion has a lot to offer in terms of features and functionality. You can use PHPmotion to create, share, and edit your video and audio files and manage all the aspects of your media sharing website. read more

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18 May

Some Important Considerations When Choosing a Magento Host for Your Magento-Powered Online Store

For online merchants requiring complete control over every aspect of their online stores, from product display and selection to billing, shipping, multiple addresses, multiple currencies, and multi-language support, there is no better solution than the Magento e-commerce platform. With an impressive feature set and a theme based structure, the Magento platform delivers a powerful e-commerce tool for online retailers looking for e-commerce experiences that are fast, feature-rich, and seamlessly integrated with back-end processes. By leveraging the power of the Magento platform, merchants can create unique user experiences that improve customer service efficiency and consumer satisfaction and increase ROI.

If you have the intention of using Magento to create and run your own online store but you need more information on Magento, we encourage you to read Certified Hosting’s recently published article, Maximize the Potential of your E-commerce Business with Magento Hosting Services. The article provides information about the Magento platform by examining what Magento is, what editions of Magento are available and why you may want to use Magento hosting solutions to power your e-commerce website.

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11 May

Drive Your E-Commerce Business towards Profitability and Success with Magento Web Hosting

When it comes to selling online, very few e-commerce platforms can match the power of Magento. Exceptionally designed, Magento is an open source e-commerce software platform that tops all others in functionality, scalability, marketability, control, and individual customization. With an impressive set of features and powerful capabilities, Magento has become the e-commerce platform of choice for many online store owners.

Magento is widely recognized as one of the most powerful and feature-rich e-commerce platforms. As a result, developers, businesses, and e-commerce website owners are looking for Magento hosting to run their Magento-based website. By using Magento hosting services, you can leverage the power of Magento’s features and tools to help you set up, manage, customize, and run a completely scalable online store. For companies and individuals who are serious about growing their e-commerce businesses quickly and cost effectively, there is not a better solution on the market than Magento web hosting.

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06 May

Enjoy Powerful Sharing and Collaboration Capabilities with the Elgg Social Networking Platform

If you are looking for a robust social networking engine to help you establish your own full-fledged social network supported with popular tools and customizable to your specific requirements, Elgg is the best choice for you. Powerful and flexible, Elgg provides an ideal platform to build a community website with fully integrated social features and the ability to tailor your website to your own specific needs. Whether it is sharing and collaboration, creating and posting articles and blogs or aggregating news via feeds, Elgg provides everything you need to build the next big community site on the web.

So if you want to create your own social networking website with fully-featured tools for blogging, news aggregation, and file sharing, Elgg is the platform that will help you do just that. A recently published Certified Hosting article, Deploy your Own Social Network with a Comprehensive Set of Features, Tools, and Plug-ins Available with Elgg, provides relevant information on Elgg by presenting an overview of Elgg’s history and development, explores what you need to run Elgg, and describes the features available with Elgg hosting. With the open-source model it’s built on, an incredible level of community support, and the business-friendly features available, Elgg is a solid choice for organizations and professional communities to use as a foundation to build their social networks.

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