24 Jun

Dancing with myself


Sitting here at my desk, I stare blankly at my computer screen – nerves rattled and pulling at my hair. You see, the task in front of me is a daunting one. I have set out to build Certified Hosting’s social media audience. Now I am sure, some of you might be thinking that I have an easy job. Well, although it IS fun…it is NOT easy! Some days, well most days, I feel like I am “Dancing with myself…” read more

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17 Jun

Explore New Features, Capabilities, and Improvements in Joomla Version 1.6

There are many content management systems available today both in freeware and commercial categories, but Joomla is arguably the most powerful, comprehensive, and effective open source CMS among them. More webmasters are choosing Joomla for its ease of use and rich CMS features. Individuals and businesses are choosing Joomla because it is free, feature rich, and for the power it provides for creating anything from simple personal websites to complex corporate web applications. In fact, Joomla is used all over the world to power some of the largest companies and highest traffic websites on the web, including eBay, Linux.com, Citibank, General Electric, IHOP, and many more.

If you want to build a new Joomla website or convert your current website to Joomla and you are looking for more information on the Joomla CMS, Certified Hosting’s recently published article, Quickly Create and Publish a State-of-the-Art Website Powered by Joomla, provides the information you need to get started with Joomla. The article explores what Joomla is, examines what makes Joomla a popular option for website development and deployment, and explains why Joomla hosting is the right solution for your website.

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10 Jun

Certified Hosting Celebrates 12 Years of Service with Savings

Certified Hosting is celebrating 12 years of service this month by making all your wishes come true! New clients to Certified Hosting are encouraged to take advantage of 1 of 5 offers we have available through 06/30/2011.

1 Year of Hosting for just $12Promo Code: DORK12

2 Years of Unlimited Domain Hosting for $112Promo Code: GEEK12

Unlimited Month to Month for only $12/moPromo Code: NERD12

Reseller Double Space/Double Bandwidth + $12 OffPromo Code: RESELL12

Go Dedicated for just $87/moPromo Code: DEDI12

For more information on our 12 years of service promotion or to just check out the cute graphic, go here.

Promo Codes are valid for new customers only. One promo code per person, per account. Offer expires 06/30/2011.

Questions? Contact me: tondab at certifiedhosting dot com

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09 Jun

Use Joomla Hosting Services to Harness the Full Power and Extensibility of Joomla

The demand for Joomla hosting services has seen a sharp increase in recent years. A growing number of website owners are choosing Joomla hosting as an effective way of building and running personal and professional websites. Powered by the Joomla CMS (content management system), Joomla hosting provides an easy way to quickly create and deploy visually appealing websites and robust web applications replete with rich functionality and powerful features.

Joomla CMS is used to power thousands of small, medium, and large websites and web applications from personal homepages and community web portals to corporate websites and government applications. Joomla not only provides all of the major functionality you would expect from a leading CMS platform, but also has many other useful features and capabilities that can boost the performance of your website. And with a reliable Joomla web hosting service, you can enjoy a fully functioning, content-rich website that offers superior user experiences and the highest level of availability.

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03 Jun

Promote your Business Online with a PHPmotion Video Sharing Website

Businesses worldwide are beginning to adopt video sharing as a primary method of connecting with their customers, partners, and prospects. Highly effective as a persuasive and engaging form of web content, video has become the online promotional tool of choice for companies looking to increase sales and attain marketing and business objectives. With a great number of video sharing scripts available today, it is now easier than ever for individuals and business owners to create their own customized video sharing websites. Creating and running a video sharing website is an excellent way to attract customers and make a strong, positive impression that promotes sales.

When it comes to setting up your own video sharing website quickly and cost-effectively, PHPmotion is one of the best video sharing scripts you can use. PHPmotion is a free script that allows you to set up a fully featured YouTube-like video sharing website within minutes. By leveraging the power of PHPmotion to build your video sharing website you will be able to reach out to your target audience and establish a strong online presence.

If you want to learn more about PHPmotion, Certified Hosting’s recently published article Build and Run your Own Video Sharing Website and Get More Online Exposure with PHPmotion, provides essential information to help you get started with PHPmotion. The article explains what PHPmotion is, why you may want to use PHPmotion for your video sharing website, and describes what you need to run a PHPmotion-based website.

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