29 Sep

Hit the Ground Running with Certified Hosting’s vBulletin Hosting Services

Ever since the Internet first started changing our world more than three decades ago, people used the Web to build virtual communities. In fact, one of the earliest important applications of the Internet was Usenet, the precursor of modern day forums. Even today, in the age of smartphones, people still gather online to share thoughts, discuss their passions, or simply to have a chat.

Almost every community conceivable, from bikers’ clubs to soccer mom groups, has some sort of forum or message board. Today more than ever, it’s easy to establish new online communities. Message board applications such as vBulletin allow virtually anyone to create a new forum, in a matter of hours and with little effort.

Certified Hosting’s vBulletin web hosting solutions are specially designed for the customers that want to start new forums or for established forum owners who want to move from another vBulletin host. Read on to see how simple it is to host a vBulletin website and begin building your very own online community.

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21 Sep

Install your osCommerce Online Store Free of Charge with Certified Hosting

Ecommerce has become a part of the everyday life for millions of consumers. From fresh groceries to the latest gadgets, we can find almost any item we need at an online store and order from the comfort of our homes. This growing confidence in electronic retail has spurred a massive growth in online entrepreneurship, which led to the emergence of thousands of online stores of all sizes and niches.

To assist prospective customers interested in establishing an ecommerce site, Certified Hosting has published an informative article called Use the Power of osCommerce to Build Your Own Attractive Online Store. The article gives readers in-depth information on the leading shopping cart application osCommerce, showing how customers can make use of the open source application to build a fully-featured online store. If you consider making an entry in the online commerce business, read the article to find out how Certified Hosting supports customers with free osCommerce installation and other services.

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14 Sep

Start Selling Online the Easy Way with the osCommerce Hosting Services from Certified Hosting

Using the Web to buy and sell stuff, be it handmade mittens, bicycles or ebooks, has become a second nature for most of us. Sites like Amazon or eBay have greatly contributed to the popularization of ecommerce, making the online store a household concept for the vast majority of the public. But online commerce is not limited to big sites like eBay. With the advent of accessible ecommerce web hosting and easy to use ecommerce applications, virtually anyone can create an online store, with a minimal investment and in only a few hours.

One factor that has contributed to the development of online commerce is the existence of free and open source ecommerce applications, such as osCommerce, Zen Cart, or CubeCart. Commonly called shopping carts, these applications provide a quick and cheap way to start an online business. All you need is a good shopping cart hosting provider such as Certified Hosting and a bit of knowledge.

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12 Sep

What the Heck is Cloud Hosting Anyway?

What the Heck Is Cloud Hosting Anyway?

Marketing departments sure know how to use fancy new terms to dazzle you into buying their product, be it tooth paste or hosting services. It’s easy to fall for marketing gimmicks when you don’t have a clue about that exotic new term and you can’t make out the difference between an important feature and useless eye candy. That’s how you end up paying way too much money for products and services that you don’t actually need. It happens to all of us.

Web hosting should be the one industry where trendy terms don’t get much traction. After all, when signing up for a hosting plan you know exactly what you get for your money– the amount of bandwidth, disk space, and so on.

Still, there is one new term in the hosting industry that has spread like wildfire lately, and everybody seems to be talking about it: cloud hosting. You hear about cloud hosting services day in and day out. So, one natural question arises. What the heck is cloud hosting?

Use the power of the cloud

No, not the white, fluffy type you see in the sky. In web hosting, the cloud refers to the combined computing power of a cluster of powerful servers. Cloud hosting shifts the workload from a specific web server to the entire server farm, aka “the cloud.” Instead of relying on a single machine that can go down and take your precious website with it, a cloud hosting solution can keep your website online, all the time. With a cloud web hosting solution your data is stored safely on a multitude of cloud servers that work together as one entity.

Perhaps the best way to understand cloud web hosting is to think about how utilities networks work, such as power grids. When you plug your laptop into a wall socket you don’t think for a second about where the electric power comes from – unless you work for the electrical company. You just tap into the system and the electricity starts powering your computer. The electricity may be generated by a power station hundreds of miles away, or most likely, by several stations that work together as a unitary system.

Likewise, in cloud computing, you don’t rely on a single machine. Instead, a complex network of cloud servers work together to provide you the resources that you require – disk space, bandwidth, computing power, and other resources your website needs to stay online – all the time. Resource allocations happen on the fly, meaning that you get the resources you need almost instantly. You connect to the cloud and the resources are there, just waiting to be used.

How does it work?

Cloud hosting services are made possible by virtualization technology. Through virtualization, cloud hosting providers create a virtual machine, which is a perfect simulation of a physical server, down to the components that power a “real” web server. A virtual machine has a virtual processor, a virtual hard disk, virtual RAM memory, and so on.

When you sign up for a cloud web hosting plan, you receive access to a virtual machine, commonly called a virtual private server. Your VPS is stored in the cloud, meaning it uses a portion of the huge resource pool of dozens of powerful servers combined.

Cloud-powered virtual private servers can be created instantly and expanded or downsized as needed. In theory, it’s even possible to create a monster VPS that uses all the combined resources of an entire server farm. With hundreds of gigabytes of RAM and many multi-core processors, you wouldn’t have to worry about reaching your resource quota, ever. That’s the power of cloud hosting.

But how does cloud hosting help me?

Leaving aside all the hip talk about cloud web hosting services, cloud hosting has some real advantages over other forms of hosting, such as shared hosting, VPS, or dedicated servers. Here are the most important benefits that you get by signing up for a cloud web hosting solution:

  • Unmatched performance – with a cloud hosting plan, you get as much power as your website needs and you are no longer restricted to the limits of one web server.
  • Elasticity – cloud servers are extremely flexible, able to scale up during peak activity in order to meet resource demands. You no longer need to set aside expensive resources that sit unused for most of the time.
  • Affordability – because resources are allocated on the fly, cloud service providers use their infrastructure more efficiently. As a result, your cloud hosting charges may be less than you would expect.
  • Reliability – with cloud hosting, you don’t rely on one machine waiting for a disaster to happen. If one server in the cloud fails, the others instantly kick in to take over the work, so you can forget about downtime.

Cloud hosting is the wave of the future and can help you establish greater uptime than any other solution on the market. As cloud computing develops, the cloud will replace traditional hosting solutions, making high-end performance available to everyone. Want to jump in the cloud today? Certified Hosting lets you give it a try at http://certifiedhosting.com/cloud-beta/.

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08 Sep

Enjoy the Benefits of a Quality Drupal Hosting Solution from Certified Hosting

Content management systems have changed the way content is produced and published online, making it easy for virtually anyone to create a compelling online presence, packaged in an attractive, robust website. Leading the pack of open source content management systems, Drupal provides an excellent combination of capabilities and flexibility, which make it the tool of choice for thousands of web professionals and companies.

From personal blogs to complex websites that are visited by millions of people every day, Drupal has proven that a CMS can be adaptable and powerful at the same time. However, a Drupal website needs a solid foundation such as a specially designed Drupal web hosting solution. In a recent article published by Certified Hosting, Five Benefits of Choosing a Quality Drupal Web Hosting Solution, you will find an outline of the benefits of hosting your website with a quality Drupal web hosting service. From high performance servers to free Drupal installations, a good web Drupal hosting plan lets you focus on what really matters – your content and your visitors. Let’s take a look at the main characteristics of a good Drupal hosting solution.

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