26 Oct

Get Ready Nerds! Certified Hosting Adds One Click SSL Certificates to Nerd Unlimited Hosting Plans

What keeps your potential customers from clicking that magic Complete Order button? If you ever wondered that, you should know the top reason is trust, or better said, lack thereof. People are wary of putting their hard-earned money on the line, and they have every reason to be! Phishing schemes, hacked websites, key-loggers, identity theft – the darker side of the Internet is more visible than ever. You can’t blame people for not handing over their money, even if you’re the most honest person in the world. Would you trust a complete stranger with your credit card?

Just like in real-life we rely on IDs and other official documents to see if a person is trustworthy, the Internet has  a mechanism for proving that a website is genuine – SSL certificates. Now, if you’ve been doing any kind of business online, you at the very least know that websites with SSL certificates display a green padlock icon near the address bar of the browser. That padlock tells visitors that the site can be trusted and it’s safe for business.

You also probably know that getting an SSL certificate is a major hassle. Well, it used to be. Our new One Click SSL certificates let you verify your website with… you guessed it, one click!

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21 Oct

Customize your Dedicated Hosting Experience at Certified Hosting

If you are interested in dedicated hosting, you probably already know that dedicated web servers provide the best combination of powerful hardware, high availability, and stability.

One other great advantage of using a dedicated server is the level of control provided by dedicated hosting. With cheaper solutions, you are limited to an environment that is shared with dozens, even hundreds of other clients. Your access to server resources is often unpredictable, making it difficult to scale your website or tweak it to perform well during traffic spikes. In contrast, dedicated servers are not limited in any way – you control everything, from the processor that powers your machine to the most advanced system settings.

When choosing a dedicated hosting solution, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead before making any commitment. Especially with the hardware side, it’s difficult and costly to make changes to your dedicated host once the server goes live. To help you choose or configure a dedicated web host, Certified Hosting has published an article called Dedicated Server Customization in Three Steps. The article will guide you through the most important features that you should consider when choosing a custom dedicated web server, including hardware components, operating system, and managed services.

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13 Oct

Worried about Taking the Plunge to Dedicated Hosting? Certified Hosting can Help


Dedicated hosting delivers the performance and flexibility required to run traffic-intensive websites and applications. Nevertheless, in most situations, dedicated hosting is typically not the first choice of website owners. Most online presences start with modest resource requirements, which can be satisfied by entry level hosting solutions such as shared web hosting. As the site becomes more popular, the traffic grows, putting a strain on the hosting solution. This is when glitches, from random errors to extensive downtime, begin to appear. read more

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11 Oct

Learn How To Harness the Power of Online Communities with the vBulletin Hosting Solutions from Certified Hosting

Starting an online forum is one of the most effective ways to tap into the power of social interaction. Online communities offer multiple benefits to the websites that host them. On a forum, your visitors interact and discuss the topics that you promote on your website or your products or services. The discussions create unique content for your website, which helps you draw even more visitors and rank higher in search engine result pages. Most importantly, forums provide a great way to turn occasional visitors into loyal returning visitors.

While it is not always simple to start a forum, it is much easier to build momentum if your discussion board is appealing to your audience. The times when users were satisfied with basic forum functionality are gone. Today’s discerning Internet users demand sophisticated experiences that integrate forums with other forms of content publishing, such as blogs and social networks.

In a recently published article, Build a Vibrant Community with vBulletin, the Most Powerful Forum Software, Certified Hosting explains how you can create modern, integrated discussion boards using vBulletin. If you are interested in starting your own forum, the article provides important information about the features that make vBulletin stand out from other forum software. In addition, you will learn how to find a good vBulletin hosting solution with minimal investment.

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03 Oct