30 Nov

Get Full Control over Your Data with MySQL and phpMyAdmin

No modern Internet presence is possible without dynamic elements. Whether you’re running a corporate website or a personal blog, dynamic elements add the depth and interactivity that Internet users have come to expect from a Web 2.0 page.

Behind the eye-catching interactive elements that commend the attention of visitors there is always a database, be it MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MS SQL Server. Without databases, we wouldn’t have things like comments, users, or custom settings. Most users don’t give a second thought to these data-driven elements, as long as they work properly. But when things do go awry, the effects can be highly visible and potentially disastrous.

Seasoned webmasters know all too well that SQL-related errors are among the most common website problems. It is therefore extremely important to choose a web hosting service that lets you quickly solve SQL issues, and even more importantly, to prevent problems from appearing altogether.

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29 Nov

Certified Hosting Turns Cyber Monday into Cyber Week

Cyber Week 2011

Being the geeks and nerds that we are at Certified Hosting, we LOVE Cyber Monday. But Cyber Monday comes only once a year. That’s not nearly enough time to cash in on those crazy low prices and insane promos.

That’s why we’ve decided to turn Cyber Monday into Cyber Week!

We’ve added 4 more days of deep discounts to the holiday season. From Tuesday (11/29) until Friday (12/2) we’ll be offering a new web hosting promo everyday.

Today’s deal kicks things off with a year of unlimited hosting for only $20! In addition to the fresh new deal everyday, we’re also giving you a chance to save 20% on everything else.

With a new deal everyday you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for. Tune in each day to the website or sign up for our newsletter to learn about the Cyber Week special offers of the day.

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29 Nov

Certified Hosting Upgrades Reseller Hosting Plans with Increased Resources

Reseller hosting specialist Certified Hosting offers more disk space and bandwidth as part of newly improved unlimited reseller hosting services.

Los Angeles, CA (PRESS RELEASE) November 22, 2011 – Certified Hosting, a market leader in reseller hosting, shared hosting, and dedicated server hosting services, announced today a comprehensive overhaul of its popular reseller web hosting services. With increased system resources allocated to each reseller hosting plan and prices more affordable than ever, Certified Hosting helps hosting reseller customers start their own successful web hosting business.

“At Certified Hosting, we’ve always had a popular range of unlimited reseller hosting plans,” says Kacy Carlsen, co-founder and CEO of Certified Hosting. “But we were not content with just being popular – we are determined to be the best. Looking at competing reseller hosting solutions from other providers, we are now confident that we offer the most generous disk space and bandwidth allocations at the most reasonable prices.”

Reseller hosting solutions have become popular among freelance designers or web developers looking to supplement their existing services with hosting, as well as with individuals who want to start their own web hosting business. In either case, there is a continued necessity to offer popular, high quality services with enough room to make a healthy profit. Certified Hosting now offers five distinct reseller hosting service levels, ranging from 50GB disk space and 500GB bandwidth all the way through to a 200GB disk space and 1500GB bandwidth plan. This means that Certified Hosting now provides an unlimited reseller web hosting service to suit customers of all sizes – those who are just starting out and those who are looking to offer high quality cPanel hosting to numerous demanding customers.

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25 Nov

Black Friday Hosting Deal – 80% OFF

We couldn’t contain this lucrative offer any longer. Here are all the juicy details about our 2011 Black Friday promotion. We’re very excited to bring you the best promo we’ve ever offered in our 13+ years of web hosting.

Don’t forget this Black Friday promo starts at 12:00AM (PST)(GMT-8) Friday November 25th and will expire at 11:59PM (PST)(GMT-8) 11/25/2011.

2011 Black Friday Super Sale:

Unlimited Hosting: $4.95/month AS LOW AS $0.79/month

Reseller Hosting: $19.95/month AS LOW AS $9.97/month

Dedicated Servers with cPanel*: $134.00/month AS LOW AS $49.50/First Month

Domain Names — .coms starting at $9.95 with FREE Whois Privacy Protection

The longer you stay, the more you save!

Monthly Unlimited Hosting saves 50%

1yr Unlimited Hosting saves 60%

2yr Unlimited Hosting saves 70%

3yr Unlimited Hosting saves 80%

ALL Reseller Plans 50% off
ALL Dedicated Servers 50% + FREE cPanel for first month

Get started NOW before this offer goes away

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22 Nov

Let a Certified Nerd Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers provide unparalleled levels of performance, flexibility, and security for any type of web site or web application. A dedicated machine gives you control over abundant physical resources, from the impressive computing power of a multi-core enterprise-grade processor, to vast amounts of RAM and storage space. But it’s up to you to configure and administer the resources provided by your dedicated web host. If you are unable to properly configure the machine, from choosing the operating system to tweaking the most obscure settings, your investment in a dedicated hosting plan may prove useless.

This is where the team of geeks and dorks at Certified Hosting steps in. Why bother with tedious administration tasks that consume your precious time and energy? You can let Certified Hosting manage your server, and most importantly, monitor the managed dedicated server at all times.

In a recently published article called Three Reasons Server Monitoring Should Be Your Top Priority, Certified Hosting outlines the three main reasons you should opt for a managed dedicated server hosting solution that includes non-stop server monitoring. If you’re undecided about signing up for Certified Hosting’s fully managed dedicated server hosting solutions, the article can help you weigh the advantages of server monitoring against the costs of the service.

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16 Nov

How To Create a Website with Certified Hosting

Want to learn how to make a website?

Follow along as Kacy, head nerd-in-charge at Certified Hosting takes you step by step through building a website in just 5 steps!

With our fast and simple to use web site builder and intuitive cPanel interface you can create a website with just a few clicks and keystrokes.

There’s no need for a degree in web design.  You don’t have to be a programming wiz.  You just need to watch the video and 5 step your way onto the world wide web!

Want to know more about building a website, domain names or web hosting?

We’ve got you covered!  We’ve got over 200 video tutorials and more are on their way.  Not to mention the wealth of information you’ll find all over our site.  If you’re looking for something particular you might find the answer waiting in our knowledge base.

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10 Nov

The Most Affordable Unlimited Reseller Hosting Just Got Even Better

With more and more individuals looking for new ways to make money online, reseller web hosting services continue to grow in popularity. From web designers who hope to offer their clients great hosting deals to IT specialists who want to launch their own branded hosting service, reseller hosting plans give you the chance to purchase your web space with the support you need to start selling hosting services at a profit.

When you purchase a reseller hosting plan, you will receive a fixed allocation of system resources including disk space and bandwidth. In theory, you should be able to divide these resources up across however many accounts you need. However, not every reseller host maximizes your opportunities to make a profit. In fact, some of the largest reseller services in the world offer restricted allocations and a controlled number of possible accounts. Worst of all, these services are often so expensive that, in reality, you have little chance of generating a sufficient income.

At Certified Hosting, we want to help you to sell your hosting space, manage your accounts, and make a load of money too! That’s why we’ve just completed an overhaul of our reseller hosting packages, available immediately from as little as $19.95. Before, we thought our reseller plans were good. Now, we’re confident that they’re the best.

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02 Nov

What Can Certified Hosting’s Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Do for You?

If you’re serious about your online presence, dedicated hosting is the only way to go. Only a dedicated machine can provide the computing power required to serve hundreds or thousands of visitors at the same time. And the power and flexibility of a dedicated server allows you to create and host just about any kind of site you can imagine.

But with all the advantages of dedicated web hosting, a dedicated server is not for everyone. Many web site owners, from both private and business sectors, simply don’t have the technical knowledge, resources, or time that are absolutely crucial for running a dedicated host efficiently and securely.

So, what can you do if you are in the situation of requiring a dedicated server but you are not able to run it yourself? Should you take time off from your daily job to learn server administration? Should you hire someone to do it for you? Should you give up and go back to a shared hosting solution? For most people, none of these alternatives is a solution. There is an answer – managed dedicated server hosting. Read on to see what Certified Hosting can do for you and your business.

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