30 Dec

Get Expert Help on our Video Tutorials Page

Ever wished you had an expert on call to help you with the technical side of hosting your website? Someone to explain what you need to do in plain English and not in cryptic tech-speak?

With our video tutorials page, we try to give you just that – easy-to-follow, clear instructions for almost every task related to hosting a website. From setting up a POP email account to installing a photo gallery, we have hundreds of hosting video tutorials that will get you up to speed, regardless of what you want to do with your website.

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27 Dec

Looking for a Website that You Can Run on a Shoestring Budget? Try a Free CMS

Not everyone can afford to spend hundreds of dollars per year on web hosting. Some of our customers are just blogging about their kids or about their neighborhood. Others have small businesses that depend on our services. So, at Certified Hosting, we do everything we can to ensure that you not only get great hosting services, but that you also get them at reasonable prices.

However, the price of web hosting isn’t the only cost of running a website. If you have a custom-built website, you may have to pay someone to maintain it and to update its content regularly. Unfortunately (unless you’re a web developer), this kind of service is not cheap.

But there is an alternative, one that is affordable and doesn’t require you to mess with code and risk ruining your website – a free content management system (CMS). If your first reaction when reading the last phrase was “A free what?” you may want to read our most recent article, published in our resource center. Titled Five Free Content Management Systems to Kick Your Site into High-Gear, the article explains the concept of CMS and presents the top-five free CMSs that we highly recommend to our CMS hosting customers.

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22 Dec

Get to Know Certified Hosting with Our New “How-to” Videos

For a business or individual searching for a high-quality web hosting service, what is the most important thing to look for? Some people might argue that network infrastructure has the widest-reaching impact, as it affects the speed at which visitors can access your web presence, and it keeps your web presence available, period. Others might claim that web hosting is all about hardware power, which guarantees the abilities to handle massive amounts of traffic and to serve rich, exciting content. Or, you might just be looking for a control panel that’s easy to use for routine administration.

At Certified Hosting, we are firm believers in the importance of customer service when it comes to choosing your web hosting provider. Whether you are looking for a shared hosting service, dedicated server hosting, or even a reseller hosting plan, great system specs and unlimited bandwidth are great selling points. However, if you’re in it for the long term, you need a host that you can trust with your business, a host made up of real people who genuinely care about helping you achieve your goals online. But how can you get to know a business through the Internet alone?

We have recently launched a range of new video content that’s designed to mimic a face-to-face relationship and give you the helping hand you need to see your web presence succeed. Delivered in our own inimitable style, with plenty of humor woven in with informative details, we hope that our new videos will mark the next step in getting to know each and every one of our customers.

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19 Dec

What to Look for in a CMS Web Hosting Solution

Content management systems provide a simple and effective workaround for what has traditionally been a huge problem for site owners: updating and maintaining sites. In the absence of a CMS, every modification to a website — even a minor one, such as a change to the copy of the home page — requires accessing and modifying the core files that make up the website. And because not everyone is adept in HTML, JavaScript, and other web technologies, editing website files often leads to problems that range from misaligned text to full-out website crashes. The alternative is hiring a dedicated professional or a team to run and maintain the site on a daily basis, which is often very expensive.

Because CMSs provide solutions to many problems related to website hosting, the demand for CMS web hosting is huge, and providers compete in offering CMS hosting services. In this context, many users may find it difficult to purchase the hosting solution that is the most suitable for their needs. If you are in this situation, here are some specifics that can help you make an informed decision.

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16 Dec

Host All of Your Websites, Not Just Your Blog, with Certified Hosting and WordPress

WordPress is, hands-down, the number one tool for blogging. No other platform comes close to matching the ease of use and excellent blogging capabilities offered by WordPress. That’s why millions of people and businesses use it every day to share experiences, spread ideas, and build audiences.

But WordPress is much more than a blogging platform. With the right customizations, a WordPress website can become the home of a vibrant forum community, or maybe a professional-looking business page. WordPress can be used to create online stores that are simpler and cheaper to maintain than sites created with dedicated apps. And the list goes on – wikis, online manuals, intranet portals – there is little you can’t do with WordPress hosting.

Certified Hosting, a leading provider of WordPress hosting solutions, recently published an article called More than a Blogging Tool – Discover the Versatility of WordPress, which offers tips and information on using WordPress as a CMS, a lightweight forum, or as an ecommerce app. If you’re considering starting a new site that falls into one of these categories, you should definitely check out Certified Hosting’s new WordPress hosting resource. Before you shell out hundreds of dollars for the services of a developer or buy a specialized application that is too complicated for your needs, give WordPress a try.

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12 Dec

Certified Hosting Uses New How To Videos To Connect With Customers

Certified Hosting, the leading specialist in shared hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated server hosting services, announced today the launch of exciting new video content available at certifiedhosting.com. With a friendly, informative style designed to make the basics of web hosting easier to understand, Certified Hosting’s new videos help to put a face to this rapidly growing hosting company.

“The truth is that the web hosting industry can at times be a little cold and uninviting,” says Kacy Carlsen, co-founder and CEO of Certified Hosting. “That’s not what we are about. At Certified Hosting, we are real people who love getting to know our customers, whether we are helping them get started with their hosting or just hearing about the success they have had online. Our latest video, available now, explains the basics of getting your web hosting service online and acts as an introduction so that every potential customer knows we are friendly people and always willing to help.”

Although almost everybody can identify the major benefits of establishing a web presence online, the realities of implementing a professional, attractive and easy to navigate website can be overwhelming to those with no prior knowledge of web hosting services. In addition to the difficulty of choosing between different types of hosting such as dedicated server hosting or VPS web hosting plans, businesses need to choose and register a useful domain, link this domain to their hosting plan, and then launch actual content onto their server. Certified Hosting’s latest video, ‘How To Create A Website In 5 Steps,’ is delivered by Kacy Carlsen herself, with a friendly, humorous approach that helps to engage the audience and make learning the basics of setting up a website an enjoyable experience.

“There are so many options out there,” says Carlsen. “Not only are there a lot of web hosting service providers, but also each of those website hosts offer different things. It’s too much to expect that potential customers should have to research the definitions to our in-house jargon that only a geek like me will understand. So what we’ve done is to explain, in real terms, what buttons need to be hit in order to get a site up and running. Then, once customers have begun to grasp the basics, I’m hoping they’ll take advantage of our new Ask Kacy feature to keep developing a good relationship with Certified Hosting.”

In addition to the informative video guide to setting up a website hosting plan, Certified Hosting also now offers an informal question and answer service, called Ask Kacy. By completing a short online form, current and potential customers can get in direct contact with Certified Hosting’s co-founder and CEO to ask a question on just about any subject. The new video blog (VLog) works alongside over 200 existing video tutorials to provide a more comprehensive overview of what Certified Hosting does and how the company works. In the first video of the series, Carlsen outlines the recruitment process of technical support staff, identifying the key traits that lead to the creation of a helpful team to respond to online chat, ticketed support, or phone calls. Carlsen hopes that the introduction of Ask Kacy will make Certified Hosting’s customer service division even more impressive.

“I like getting great service when I make a purchase,” says Carlsen. “But the Internet can be a very anonymous place, and some web hosting services use this as an excuse to hide in an office and leave customers to fend for themselves. In a physical store, face to face interaction makes helping customers easier. Our continued focus on video guides, video tutorials, and video responses to questions helps us to mimic that intimacy and achieve the best customer service in the business.”

In the years since the company was first founded, Certified Hosting has seen rapid growth, becoming the leading provider of web hosting and reseller hosting services – largely thanks to outstanding customer service. Now, despite the sheer volume of customers who have chosen Certified Hosting for their website, Carlsen and her team are finding new ways to maintain that sense of care and assistance.

About Certified Hosting

Certified Hosting was established in 1999 as a Southern California based unlimited web hostingcompany to provide shared hosting, reseller hosting, and managed dedicated servers to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and individuals throughout the world. Recognizing that each client has unique goals, Certified Hosting tailors hosting services to meet specific needs including individualized services available for clients in many different specific industries such as unlimited ffmpeg hosting, flash hosting, wordpress hosting, dolphin hosting, elgg hosting, magento, joomla, drupal, and php motion hosting, among many other technologies available for webmasters and business owners.

For more information about Certified Hosting, visit http://certifiedhosting.com/.

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09 Dec

Personalize your WordPress Site with Attractive Free Themes

WordPress is an amazingly versatile platform that can be used for creating anything from private diaries to Internet hotspots that routinely gather hundreds of thousands of page views per day, such as TechCrunch or Forbes.

One of the features that make the open source blogging platform so popular with beginners and pros alike, is WordPress’ wide open architecture. Few other applications are as open and DIY-friendly as WordPress. Even better, everything is completely free. With surprisingly little prior technical knowledge, you can tweak every aspect of your WordPress installation. And you’re not limited to the appearance of the website. Thousands of plug-ins (extensions) are available for free, allowing you to vastly improve and modify the functionality of your blog.

Even if you’re a WordPress beginner (or even a complete computer newbie), you may be surprised to find out the many amazing things you can do with your blog. With a little patience and a good WordPress hosting service, you can set up your blog, apply some fresh paint (the theme), make some home improvements (with plug-ins), and then settle in your new Internet home, all in a matter of hours.

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06 Dec

Host your MySQL Database in Optimal Conditions at Certified Hosting

Static pages are a thing of the past, a time when the Web was far less dynamic and engaging. Today, users expect interactivity from every online presence and typically stay away from websites that do not offer visitors the opportunity to participate. Thankfully, modern web technologies make it fairly easy to add interactive elements to a website, including comments, user accounts, and custom settings.

Dynamic web presences would not be possible without a way to store data and seamlessly deliver it to users. For most websites, this requires a database. The concept of database may intimidate novice users, so Certified Hosting has prepared a quick primer that covers the basics of MySQL, the most popular database management system. The What Is MySQL and the Important Things You Should Know About MySQL article is a must read if you want to start working with MySQL databases or if you just need to get back up to speed with MySQL hosting.

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