24 Feb

Community Sites, Social Networks, and Dating Platforms: The Sky Is the Limit with Certified Hosting

Without a doubt, the modern Web is a social Web. With its mind-blowing 850 million users (and counting), Facebook is just the tip of the social iceberg. The web teems with countless other social presences, spread across niche websites, forums, blogs, micro-blogs, dating sites, wikis, and so on. Just think about it – how many social profiles do you have? Probably dozens.

We love to interact online, to keep in touch with friends online, and to look for our soul mates online. There is demand for social networks of all types. Now it’s time for Web entrepreneurs to step in and meet that demand.

Certified Hosting, a leading social network hosting service provider, makes it easy to build your own social network. Whether you want to create a dating site, a community page for your local club, or a full-fledged social network, Certified Hosting has a social network hosting solution to help you get started. Read on to learn how you can harness Certified Hosting’s expertise in social network hosting to create the social site of your dreams.

Build niche social networks with Certified Hosting social network hosting

In the world of social networks, Facebook is the 800-pound gorilla that you are not likely to beat anytime soon. Twitter, Google Plus, MySpace, and other big players duke it out for second place, leaving little space for the smaller players to grow.

But even with all the fierce competition, you can launch a successful social network – if you find the right niche. Your niche can be anything from baseball to algebra, from business to charity. It doesn’t really matter what you focus on, as long as you find a topic that brings people together. You don’t even have to engage a huge number of users to create a lucrative social network. You just need to master your market segment.

Certified Hosting offers several social network hosting solutions that are ideal for creating niche social websites. Dolphin, Elgg, StatusNet, and E-Friends are just a few of the powerful applications that you can use to build an attractive social page. Need help to get started? Don’t worry; Certified Hosting’s support team can assist you with installing, configuring, and maintaining your social network so that you can focus on drawing more people to your site.

Create a website for your community

Community websites are becoming popular with social networking platforms powering communities everywhere. In fact, you have a big advantage – you know your hometown or neighborhood inside out, so you know what really drives the people in your community.

Certified Hosting has several social network web hosting services designed for creating community websites. eMeeting, BoonEx Dolphin, and StatusNet are just a few of the solutions for which Certified Hosting offers free installation services, free templates, and many other perks. Coupled with the unlimited resources we put at your disposal, our available applications and free services make Certified Hosting your best choice for social network web hosting.

Kick start your dating site

Dating sites are very popular and the demand for them is not likely to wane anytime soon. There is a lot of money to be made with Internet dating – in the U.S. alone, dating sites are expected to obtain revenues of over one billion dollars in 2012.

With a good social network hosting provider like Certified Hosting, creating a dating site is simpler than you would imagine. There are many applications called dating scripts that are designed specifically for virtual dating platforms. Certified Hosting gives you access to two great dating scripts that let you build beautiful, user-friendly dating sites, quickly and without hassle: eMeeting and AbleDating.

When your dating website takes off, you will need plenty of computing power to accommodate numerous users at a time. This is why we recommend choosing Certified Hosting’s unlimited social network hosting plans, which give you unlimited resources and let you host as many websites as you want, on one account.

Get assistance from the social network hosting experts at Certified Hosting

Certified Hosting is a leading social network web hosting provider, hosting hundreds of successful social websites. Whether you want to create a general-interest social network like Facebook, a micro-blogging tool like Twitter, or a popular dating site like Plenty of Fish, at Certified Hosting you get the infrastructure and support you need.

Check out the wide range of social network web hosting services provided by Certified Hosting. With Certified Hosting social networking hosting, you get unlimited resources, unlimited domains, and many complimentary services, all for just a few dollars a month.

Start now with social network hosting or learn more about our solutions by visiting certified hosting.com or calling 909-498-4415 today.

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17 Feb

Put Your Business in Fast Forward with Certified Hosting Video Hosting

With billions of clips streamed over the Internet every hour, the video content revolution is in full swing. People expect to see high-quality (even HD), seamlessly streaming video content on every website they visit, from news sites to lifestyle blogs. Statistics show that pages with prominently featured videos have more returning visitors, longer visits, and better conversion rates than pages without video. So it’s no surprise that many Web entrepreneurs look at video content as a vital part of their business strategy.

Certified Hosting is a leading video hosting provider, offering a comprehensive collection of video web hosting solutions, including PHPmotion, VidiScript, and ClipShare hosting. To help you get started with video hosting, we published an article called Harness the Power of Video with Quality Video Hosting Services, which will answer some of your questions about creating a successful video website. Are you curious about what it takes to start a lucrative business based on videos? Do you have an untapped niche that you want to develop using video? Do you want to invest in an online business but you don’t know where to start? You will find answers and tips in our latest article.

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09 Feb

Get the Most Diverse Range of Video Hosting Solutions at Certified Hosting

Video sharing websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion make big bucks by providing an easy way for people to upload and share homemade videos. To give you an idea of the scope of the user-generated content revolution, consider that YouTube alone serves more than 3.5 billion videos every day  – and that number keeps growing. Now add all the videos uploaded to Facebook, MySpace, and other social networks, plus the millions of self-hosted videos, and you can start to form a vague idea of about how many clips are played on the Internet on any given day.

Without doubt, the public is hungry for videos. The demand is present. Now it’s up to you and other Internet entrepreneurs to provide the supply. Certified Hosting puts at your disposal a diverse range of video hosting solutions, all of which come with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and domains. In this post, we explore the video web hosting applications supported by Certified Hosting and how to choose the most suitable application for your needs.

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06 Feb

Learn about the Variety of Application Hosting Services Provided by Certified Hosting

“Application hosting” is a broad and rather generic term that may confuse those who aren’t familiar with it. What, exactly, is an application? What is application hosting? What is the difference between application web hosting and “regular” web hosting? These are all legitimate questions commonly asked by individuals who are looking for a simple and affordable way to create and maintain a website.

In the latest article published in the resource section, Certified Hosting provides a crash course on application web hosting. The article, Application Hosting Solutions for Every Need, contains a quick presentation of the most important types of applications that are available to Certified Hosting’s customers. The article outlines the benefits of using a specially designed application hosting plan as opposed to a generic plan. Moreover, the article provides a clear and concise presentation of the many types of application hosting you can try at Certified Hosting – a list that includes WordPress hosting, CMS hosting, forum hosting, and others.

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