26 Nov

Cyber Monday 2012 – 50% Off Every Service with Promo Codes

To get your 50% off Promo Codes available below, read on.

So Black Friday is over and the holiday season is officially underway. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome all of the new customers who took advantage of our awesome Black Friday promotion. Like previous Black Fridays, it was an incredibly busy day for everyone here at Certified Hosting, and we are already thinking of ways to go even further next year!

If you missed out on our insane Black Friday promotion, or you are still looking for the most affordable web hosting we can offer, today we are bringing you another opportunity to take advantage of our super discounts on all web hosting plans, SSL Certificates, and Domain Names.

Before 11:59 PM PST tonight, every customer who places an order for any service will receive a one-time discount of 50%. That’s right – we have cut all our prices in half for 24 hours. Make sure you don’t miss out on this incredible offer. But first you need the Promo Codes. Read on.

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23 Nov

Black Friday 2012 – Up to 85% Off Web Hosting for One Day Only!


The day is finally here! Today is Black Friday, the day we give our customers the biggest web hosting discounts of the year. Trust us, you don’t want to miss these specials – they are way too good to pass up!

After the success of our Black Friday 2011 promotions (we were very busy), we are excited to give you even more incredible offers that bring our web hosting services to their lowest possible prices. In fact, our discounts for Black Friday 2012 are so big they represent the most affordable hosting services we have ever been able to offer. read more

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19 Nov

Certified Hosting Announces Aggressive Web Hosting Discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2012

Los Angeles, CA (PRESS RELEASE) November 19, 2012 – Certified Hosting (certifiedhosting.com), a leading web hosting provider, announced today the highly anticipated details of its annual Black Friday promotion. The announcement includes offers on shared web hosting, business web hosting, reseller web hosting plans, and dedicated servers. With discounts of up to 86% available to new and existing customers, there has never been a better time to join Certified Hosting. The company is also planning a second promotion for customers on Cyber Monday to help more customers get the most affordable web hosting services available.

“We are always focused on giving our customers the best prices possible,” says Kacy Carlsen, co-founder and CEO of Certified Hosting. “But Black Friday gives us an excuse to offer time-limited web hosting promotions unlike anything we do all year. No other hosting company gives such phenomenal Black Friday discounts as we do. For Black Friday 2012, we are launching the biggest and most wide-reaching promotion in Certified Hosting’s history, alongside a discount for Cyber Monday.”

Available Friday November 23, 2012 for one day only, the new discounts from Certified Hosting cover every major service the company provides. Many of these discounts are on a sliding scale. Customers that commit to Certified Hosting for longer terms receive the largest discounts. For example, monthly shared web hosting plans will receive a discount of 50% off, but customers can increase their discount by signing up for an annual plan. Shared hosting customers that choose a three-year contract will receive 85% off. Similarly, business hosting customers receive up to 60% off, reseller hosting plans have up to 55% off, and dedicated servers are half price. By offering discounts of at least 50% on every hosting service, Certified Hosting guarantees every customer can take advantage of this generous deal.

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16 Nov

How Much Power Does Your Linux Dedicated Server Need?

Moving beyond the features of shared hosting and virtual private servers (VPS hosting), a Linux dedicated server is a fantastic way to get the hardware power you need to support your growing website. Even if you want to host multiple websites on one server with each one powering rich, dynamic web applications, a dedicated server gives you enough RAM, CPU, and disk space to meet the demands of your customers.

But the impressive hardware resources of a dedicated server come with a price. Because a dedicated server is exclusively yours, your monthly or annual hosting fee can be expensive.

Everybody wants a plan that can support their website, without paying for additional hardware resources they do not need. So how do you find a Linux dedicated server hosting plan that offers just the right amount of power for your business?

Let’s look at some good indicators of how much power you will require.

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14 Nov

How We Make It Easier to Find Cheap Web Hosting

At Certified Hosting, we are proud to offer some of the cheapest web hosting plans in the industry. Drawing on our years of experience as a leading web hosting provider, we are able to develop plans that are incredibly affordable, all the time.

But we also understand some people are looking for an additional incentive to migrate their hosting plan or get started with a brand new website. That is why we offer a range of specials, discounts, and promotions that are exclusively available to new customers, giving you the opportunity to try Certified Hosting at a more competitive price than ever.

Of course, once you have tried our web hosting services, we are confident you will never want to leave.

Read on to learn more about the types of promotions we offer, and the things we do to make sure you can always find the best web hosting deal.

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09 Nov

Getting Started with a Dedicated Server Hosting Service

When you order a dedicated server hosting plan, you are responsible for managing your server. Most people who require a dedicated server have a great deal of experience with other types of hosting, or represent enterprises with an internal IT team. Even so, extra help and advice can allow you to speed up your server configuration. You are responsible for getting your dedicated server hosting up and running, but that does not mean you need to do it without assistance.

A reputable web hosting provider will support you as you migrate your data, install relevant applications, and alter your domain name settings. However, if you have chosen a dedicated server, you will probably want to take a hands-on approach. You do not want your hosting provider to do everything for you; you simply want an idea of what needs to be done.

Of course, some webmasters are not interested in the control that comes with a dedicated server – they have chosen dedicated server hosting for the sake of power and reliability. But even if you would rather let your hosting provider configure your server for you, it is useful to know which things your hosting provider should be doing on your behalf.

In a newly published article, What Should You Do First with Your Dedicated Server Hosting Plan?, professional dedicated server hosting provider Certified Hosting gives you an overview of the most essential tasks for any new dedicated server. By reading the article, you will learn the necessary steps to take your server from empty hardware to an automated, easy-to-use machine that can support your visitors. In addition, you will learn how managed services can give you even more support, reducing your workload and allowing you to concentrate on running your website.

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01 Nov

Choose a Dedicated Server Hosting Plan with Full Support Services

When a customer orders a dedicated server hosting plan, some web hosting providers assume the customer knows how to manage and configure their own service. After all, most dedicated server customers have already spent some years growing their business online, perhaps using shared web hosting or a virtual private server (VPS hosting).

However, focusing customer support on smaller customers who have more to learn is a misguided, unproductive approach. In fact, although dedicated hosting users are likely to be more up-to-speed with how web hosting works, their ambitions and online goals tend to be more advanced and complex than those of less-experienced customers.

At Certified Hosting, we believe every single customer should be able to access professional, friendly, and responsive technical support. Read on to learn more about the service features we include with dedicated server hosting plans and how our range of managed dedicated servers can help ease your workload.

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