16 Jan

Learn the Basics of Your Drupal Hosting Plan


There is no denying it: Drupal has a much steeper learning curve than most content management systems (CMS). While most solutions guide you step-by-step through the process of creating an attractive website full of rich content, understanding the core concepts of Drupal requires a little more reading and research. read more

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04 Jan

Is WordPress or Drupal Hosting Best for Your Business?


Almost every major website on the Internet is powered by a content management system, or CMS. A CMS stores all of your content in a relational database, making it easier for you to organize the pages of your website in a clear, hierarchical structure. From blog posts with related comments and media files to static web pages, a good CMS takes care of it all.

But what exactly makes a good CMS? If WordPress remains the most popular platform on the Internet, why are more webmasters choosing Drupal as their preferred way of handling content and design?

WordPress and Drupal are alike in many ways. To your visitors, the differences between the two platforms are almost invisible. However, as you manage your content and expand the pages of your website, WordPress and Drupal are two very different solutions.

Read on to learn if Drupal and a Drupal hosting plan could be right for you, and what makes Drupal so unique when compared to other content management systems.

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