30 Aug
21 Aug

2-Minute Manual: Auto-Install with Softaculous


We all want our businesses to be simple and fast to run. That’s why the web can be so great, after all: because it automates parts of our operations. Let’s take a look at how easy it is to install with Softaculous, one of the web’s most popular auto-installer applications. We have covered this topic before as a tutorial. This post will also be relatively short but will cover Softaculous use in a bit more detail. read more

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19 Aug

How’s a Server Different from a PC? & How are Watches Different from Socks?


What is the Internet? Essentially (in terms of the physical infrastructure fueling it), it’s a bunch of servers that are connected together. When we type a URL into a PC, our “machine” is functioning as a client making a request to a server. The flow of information on the web, then, is basically a bunch of people directing computers to converse with each other and exchange data. read more

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12 Aug

Wild-West Frontiers to Flee WordPress: Joomla vs. Drupal

Joomla Vs Drupal

Let’s face it: WordPress is a big deal. According to Mashable, the CMS (content management system) is used on almost 70,000,000 sites. That’s about 18% of the entire Internet. WordPress isn’t just popular but has extremely high-profile users, particularly in news journalism: CNN, Reuters, and The New York Times each have the platform installed for their blogs. read more

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