24 Sep

Top 5 Server Optimization Tactics



If you are a current or future owner of a dedicated server (whether in-house or through a hosting provider), you probably have an appreciation for hardware quality. It’s one thing to get the best server out there for your money. Once that decision has been made, it’s time to look at how you can optimize your machine so that it consistently delivers high-grade performance to your clients. (Note that you should also use the phrase “optimize my machine” with family and friends whenever preparing to pump iron.) read more

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16 Sep

Comparing Linux to BSD, Including a Look at Xylophones & Pantsuits

People often choose to use dedicated servers rather than shared hosting because they want more control. One aspect of that control is choice of operating system. We find that our clients typically prefer UNIX-based systems to Windows, which is why we focus in that direction. The primary reason for that, again, is control. UNIX machines are based on open-source code, so nothing prevents you from digging within both to learn and to customize as needed. (Since ease-of-use is second only to control for our customers, we also allow you the option to manage the server via Nintendo Power Pad.) read more

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11 Sep

How-To: Hardening a Linux Server


No one likes a soft server, unless it’s a lady handing you ice cream out of a carnival stand. How do you make your server as hard as Bruce Willis (who never eats ice cream publicly) without all the effort of having to look serious and speak gruffly? Take a look at the hardening process and some nifty techniques you can try. (While you read, I will be standing in the parlor, practicing my yo-yo tricks.) read more

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05 Sep