Track Reports

Certified Hosting provides you with a tracking system where you can view all of your incoming traffic and track your sales and conversions.

Certified Hosting has a 90 day cookie tracking. What does that mean? The affiliate tracking software plants a small text file or “cookie” on the web visitor’s browser. This cookie stores your Affiliate ID. The cookie is also assigned a date as to when it should expire and get deleted. After planting the cookie, the web visitor is then redirected to the page that was defined for the specific banner or link that was clicked. The cookie is retained for 90 days. However long it takes for the web visitor to make a purchase, as long as it occurs before the cookie expiration period, the sale will be properly credited to you!

Commission Alert

By installing CommissionAlert we’ll notify you instantly of new commissions, right on your Windows desktop!

Commision Stats

By installing CommissionStats you can check your stats instantly, right from your Windows desktop!

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