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Version: 1.5
Simple Issue Tracking for Teams
  • Overview
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    Bugs is Simple Issue Tracking for Teams
    Space Required: 4.86 MB
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    Release Date: 2015-07-13
  • Features
    • Simple: as few features as possible
    • flexible: Bugs doesn't decide whether you should think in term of priorities, types of issues, milestones, etc... Instead, Bugs uses a Tags system that you can set up to match your own way of dealing with stuff.
    • open source: was, is, and always will be.
    • Multilingual: so your clients can feel at home with it.
    • Handy: issues can be written in Markdown, commented so you keep the discussion organized, and have print-screens.
    • Reliable: you get a warning email whenever someone comments, closes or assigns you a bug ticket (unless you did it to yourself, you sick mind).
    • Default Assignee per project
    • Several roles & privileges:
      • User: can only read the issues in the projects they are assigned to
      • Developer: can update issues in the projects they are assigned to
      • Manager: can update issues in all projects, even if they aren't assigned
      • Administrator: can update all issues in all projects, create users and view administration
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