Version: 2.12.6
EC-CUBE is an all-in-one shopping cart suite.
  • Overview
    EC-CUBE screenshot
    EC-CUBE is an all-in-one shopping cart suite. Connecting to payment gateways and other services is easy. Build, customize and download plug-ins to make a truly unique shopping experience.
    Space Required: 33.52 MB
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    Release Date: 2013-11-19
  • Features
    • Point-system for product purchase
      Customers can purchase items using points accumulated from other purchases.
    • Multiple-delivery destination settings
      Customers can designate multiple delivery addresses for a single order.
    • Downloaded products
      Products can also be sold as downloadable content.
    • Smartphone
      The mobile version is automatically generated at launch.
    • Administrator registration
      Register multiple administrators with their own unique ID and password.
    • Sales tabulation
      Display aggregate sales by term, product, age group, etc. in a graph and list.
    • Mail magazine delivery
      Create, designate delivery dates/time and deliver HTML/TEXT mail magazines.
    • Design management
      Drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to alter the layout.
  • Screenshots
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