Version: 1.8.5
eLabFTW a free and open source electronic lab notebook.
  • Overview
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    eLabFTW is an electronic lab notebook manager for research teams. It also features a database where you can store any kind of objects (think antibodies, plasmids, cell lines, boxes, etc…) It is accessed via the browser by the users.
    Space Required: 125.09 MB
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    Release Date: 2018-05-24
  • Features
    • Free
      Open-source with an AGPL licence means free as in beer but also free as in freedom. You have the freedom to modify it, look how it works and even redistribute your changes!
    • Secure
      Strong encryption, good practices and modern codebase offers the best security for your data.
    • Responsive
      You can access your lab book from any device, running any operating system, from anywhere in the world!
    • Cross-platform
      Use your favorite operating system. You only need a recent browser.
    • Timestamps
      RFC 3161 compliant timestamping of experiments (for intellectual property).
    • Inventory management
      Store reagents, protocols, plasmids, cell lines, mice or anything you want, you can customize everything!
    • Stay master of your data
      Import and export your data in common file formats (PDF, ZIP, CSV, JSON). Your data is not locked somewhere.
    • Internationalization
      eLabFTW is translated in several languages because not everyone is comfortable with english.
    • Scheduler
      Use the integrated scheduler to book anything you need to like microscopes, rooms, machines, etc.
  • Screenshots
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