Version: 3.1.5
JSZip creates .zip files with Javascript.
  • Overview
    JSZip screenshot
    JSZip helps you create .zip files with Javascript. JavaScript today is capable of generating a lot of data. The easiest way to deliver multiple files to your users is in a zip file. Instead of wasting server resources and bandwidth you can get the client to do it for you by JSZip.
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    Release Date: 2017-11-09
  • Features
    JSZip features :
    • add(name, data [,options])Add a file to the zip file. Supports chaining.
    • folder(name)Add a directory to the zip file. Supports chaining.
    • find(needle)Compare a string or regular expression against all of the filenames and returns an informational object for each that matches.
    • remove(name)Delete a file or folder.
    • generate(asBytes = false)Generates the complete zip file. By default encoded as base64.
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