Version: 3.6
MeshCMS is an online editing system written in Java.
  • Overview
    MeshCMS screenshot
    MeshCMS is an online editing system written in Java. It provides a set of features usually included in a CMS, but it uses a more traditional approach: pages are stored in regular HTML files and all additional features are file-based, without needing a database. MeshCMS has been thought as a quick tool to edit pages online, manage files and create some common components like menus, breadcrumbs, mail forms, image galleries and so on.
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    Release Date: 2011-05-26
  • Features
    • No database needed
    Multi-site support
    • Multiple sites can be served with a single installation on a single context
    Compatible with other editors
    • Since it is file-based, you can edit your files with other programs if you want, then upload them as usual
    Search engine friendly
    • Due to its file-based nature, sites made with MeshCMS get pretty URLs by default, have a clear site map and are easily indexed by search engines
    WYSIWYG editor included
    • Uses TinyMCE
    File manager
    • File manager with image thumbnails, file operations, clipboard, upload, download, unzip and other functions - can also be used from within the wysiwyg editor to select links and images
    Support for themes
    • Uses SiteMesh as engine
    Support for modules
    • To create commonly used components automatically - some module templates are provided (image gallery, mail form, download list, site map and others)
    Tag library
    • To create new themes easily - menus and other common components are created automatically
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