Monsta FTP Monsta FTP

Version: 2.6.2
Monsta FTP Quick and convenient access to your server files from any browser
  • Overview
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    Monsta FTP is a free web-based FTP/SFTP file manager that connects you to your server to upload, download, and edit files directly from any browser. Features include a responsive interface, login manager, code-friendly editor, zip uploads (to extract on server), drag and drop folders and files from your desktop, download multiple files as a zip, view file properties, and chmod.
    Space Required: 4.35 MB
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    Release Date: 2018-06-13
  • Features
    • Connect to any remote FTP server from your browser (via client server)
    • Drop files from your desktop onto browser to upload in real-time
    • Drop folders (in Chrome browser) from your desktop onto browser to upload files
    • Download files from remote servers to your desktop
    • Zip up multiple files and download to your desktop
    • Fetch files from URLs and download directly to remote server
    • Create folders and files
    • Cut, copy, paste and rename folders and files
    • CHMOD folder and files permissions
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