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Version: 4.0
Savsoft Quiz is a web application to manage online quiz or examination.
  • Overview
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    Savsoft Quiz An open source software to create & manage online quizzes, tests & exams on your website or server.
    Space Required: 28.15 MB
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    Release Date: 2018-07-17
  • Features
    • Manage users/students
      Create unlimited users
      User can register under group
      Further groups can be assigned into quizzes
      Advance view to analyse user performance. Find in which area (category) user/student is weak. View questions which was answered incorrectly and many more.
    • Create 5 types of question
      Multiple choice single answer.
      Multiple choice multiple answers.
      Short answer or Fillups.
      Match the columns.
      Long answer.
    • Question Bank
      Create and store unlimited questions in question bank and assign into categories and levels
      Add question manually or Import questions from MS excel(.xls) and MS word(.docx) file.
      Note: MS Excel supports text only format and Word file support Text & Image format. Fore more download sample files in online demo. It doesn't support special character or drawing content.
    • Quizzes/Tests/Exams
      Create unlimited quizzes. Set various validations like: Start & end date/time, IP addresses, maximum attempts, assign to groups, view/hide answeres after quiz and many more
      User friendly quiz attempt screen. User can switch question by question number or category. Mark for review later
    • Result/Report
      Result display instantly after submitting quiz. user can view correct answers of questions. Column Chart & Pie Chart for user performance.
      Administrator can generate CSV report of results by selecting group , quiz name and date range. Option to generate PDF certificate.
    • Live Classroom
      Live classroom to share live text with users. Any text typing by admin will be visible instantly to online users. Admin can attach/share any file (image, pdf, ppt, doc etc..) under live classroom.
    • Login with WP
      Integrated login system with your WordPress website. Your user's don't need to re-register new account with quiz application. Same WP credentials will works with Savsoft Quiz
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