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Version: 3.0.0
SeoToaster E-commerce is the most advanced SEO CMS & Ecommerce web site builder.
  • Overview
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    SeoToaster includes 3 products in one. SeoToaster Ecommerce, SeoToaster CRM and SeoToaster CMS offer a comprehensive website builder, a shopping cart, and a Customer Relationship Management system with sales and marketing automation. It combines a powerful click and edit CMS, a private member area, a Google News compliant blog, a mobile wireframe, but also an advanced shopping cart with support for digital download, a B2B web quoting tool, and an impressive SEO & marketing feature set. SeoToaster CRM sales automation features include email drips, leads tracking with advanced visitor analytics, inbound phone calls and chat conversations lead creation, workflows and a lot more. SeoToaster powered websites can be combined and managed along with WordPress sites from the SambaSaaS marketing cloud with a free account, giving access to search rankings, social marketing calendar, centralized blogging, newsletter marketing and more under one roof.
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    Release Date: 2018-06-14
  • Features
    Innovative Features for Everyone :

    Everything you need to build, manage & market your store :
    Your store comes with a powerful CMS to manage your pages, a Google News compliant blog, and a web quote tool for B2B, phone or POS sales.

    Inline product lists building :
    no need to call your web designer or alter templates to add/edit automated products lists to your web pages.

    Integrated Email & SMS remarketing :
    configure Email & SMS remarketing in less than a minute for cart abandonment but also quote requests, account anniversaries or order shipping notifications.

    Built-in merchandising :
    group pricing, couponing, promotions, cross-selling…it’s all in there already.

    Unmatched SEO :
    automated optimized landing page creation, native microdata widgets, automated canonicalization and strict W3C compliance to help you secure the highest search engine rankings.

    Connected & social :
    Automated Google webmaster tools, real-time analytics, brand monitoring & social network marketing with a free cloud based SeoSamba account.

    Centralized management for multi-stores owners :
    Pilot your SEO & marketing, while sharing product catalog & inventory for any number of web stores from the a centralized interface in the cloud.

    No design limit :
    Unleash your creativity with full HTML support, front-end CSS and JS edition, developer mode.

    Mobile responsive wireframe :
    The ultimate tool to streamline website building with SeoToaster for web designers & web developers.
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