ZenTao ZenTao

Version: 9.8.3
ZenTaoPMS is an open source project management system with product management, project management, bug management, testcase management, doc management, todo management and many other features in one application.
  • Overview
    ZenTao screenshot
    ZenTao is a leading Open Source project management software, which offers Lifetime Free Upgrade, focuses on software development projects management, and supports Story management, Sprint and task, bug tracking, Scrum, Waterfall, Roadmap, Self-Hosted, Your FREE project management too!
    Space Required: 17.75 MB
    Get Support: http://www.zentao.pm
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    Release Date: 2018-04-10
  • Features
    • Leading
        30,000+ team
        200,000+ project
        800,000+ developer
        53% market share in local country
    • Free & Open
        Open source and Not limited to commercial
        Powerful extension mechanism and various plug-ins
        Convenient customized development
        Open on Github
    • Professional
        All lifecycle management of R&D project
        Fine managed stories, cases and defects
        Zero downtime upgrades
        Integrate Git and Svn (pro)
        Word and Excel import/Export (pro)
    • Guaranteed
        ZenTao team engaged in open source from 2004, up to now
        Rapid version iterations and free upgrade forever(even private host)
        Instant and powerful support for 20000+ companies
    • Agile
        Best practice that fully supports Scrum
        Features including test, document, release, plan and backlog
        Agile based but not limited to agile
    • Flexible
        Applicable for different sized team
        Applicable for agile/waterfall management
        Management modules can be used in any combination
        Offer both private deployment and Cloud Apps
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