How Does Web Hosting Work?

By CertifiedHosting 12/14/2009

A simple question, yet one that many still can't answer. Do you know how web hosting works? No? Well, read on for a simple and easy to understand description of how web hosting really works. Web hosting is a service that provides you with the space, bandwidth, hardware, software and technical …

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Domain Hosting - Do I Have To Register My Domain With You?

By CertifiedHosting 12/10/2009

I received this question today and thought it would make a good blog post. Enjoy! Topic: Domain hosting and whether you must register that domain with us or if you can use another domain registrar. Sometimes, I think that those of us that are "net savvy" forget that not everyone is as …

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Need Cheap Web Site Hosting? Check Our Stocking Stuffer Surprise...

By CertifiedHosting 12/03/2009

Looking for just the right cheap web site hosting? That's where Certified Hosting fits in. Each month, our talented sales team gets together to brainstorm and toss around promo ideas for cheap web site hosting. It may sound easy enough, however when you run new promos every month your brain has …

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Cyber Monday Hosting Deals

By CertifiedHosting 11/30/2009

We had such a great response to our Black Friday promotion, we decided to bring it back for Cyber Monday! Certified Hosting  offers Cyber Monday Hosting Deals. Today only - 75% off our GEEK and NERD plans Promo Code: CYBERMONDAY GEEK Plan - $1.98 per month Unlimited Domains Unlimited …

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Black Friday Hosting Deals

By CertifiedHosting 11/27/2009

Certified Hosting  offers Black Friday Hosting Deals. Today only - 75% off our GEEK and NERD plans Promo Code: BLACKFRIDAY GEEK Plan - $1.98 per month Unlimited Domains Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Storage cPanel/Fantastico/Site Builder 1 year $107.40 now only $26.85 2 years …

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5 Reasons To Use Wordpress Hosting

By CertifiedHosting 11/23/2009

Wordpress hosting and the top 5 reasons you should use it: #1 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Wordpress is setup to optimize your site with little to no effort on your part. #2  User Friendly Way to Create and Update Your Website - Tired of trying to learn HTML? Sick of waiting on your …

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Cheap Web Hosting With Promo Code: Gobble

By CertifiedHosting 11/16/2009

Gobble up the savings and receive cheap web hosting courtesy of Certified Hosting . Through November 30, 2009, Certified Hosting is offering our Geek and Nerd pre-paid plans (1 and 2 year plans) for 50% off our regular prices. Promo Code: GOBBLE Geek Plan - $3.97/Month Unlimited Domains …

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10 Things You Didn't Know Your Web Hosting Provider Could Do

By CertifiedHosting 11/11/2009

Did you know that your web hosting provider can... - Provide you with all the scripts to create your "tube style" site. - Register your domain name for you and provide ID protect to ensure your privacy. - Offer protection for your shared account so that your account never risks suspension. …

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How Our Web Hosting Services Stack Up Against Theirs.

By CertifiedHosting 11/04/2009

It's hump day and as I sit, computer in hand, I reflect on our web hosting services and the growth of Certified Hosting over the past ten years. I mean, we (everyone in the office) could go on and on about our company. You know, how our services are top-ranked. That our support gets the job done …

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Cpanel Hosting - What They Don't Want You To Know...

By CertifiedHosting 11/02/2009

It's no secret that cPanel hosting is a great tool for webmasters. You can add your own domains, email addresses and even setup your own databases. There are many tools in cPanel, some of which you are already using today. But there's even more. Certified Hosting offers cPanel hosting on all of …

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14 Day Free Trial - No Promo Code Needed

By CertifiedHosting 10/10/2009

- Unlimited GB's of Space  - Unlimited GB's of Transfer  - Unlimited Domain Hosting  - Unlimited E-Mail Accounts  - Unlimited MySQL Databases  - FREE Site Builder  - FREE Domain for Life  - FREE FFMPEG Tube Site Ready  - Anytime Money Back Guarantee  14 Day Free Trial - No Contract! …

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Fcc Chief Proposes New Net Neutrality Rules

By CertifiedHosting 09/21/2009

As expected, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski on Monday outlined a plan to keep the Internet open. Cnet News  writer Marguerite Reardon  has been following this bill and provides the latest updates through her column, Signal Strength . From Cnet News writer …

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Democrats Give Net Neutrality A Boost

By CertifiedHosting 09/17/2009

Thursday, Chairman of the House Energy & Commerce Committee Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) added himself as a co-sponsor to the Net neutrality bill. The Net neutrality bill was introduced by Rep. Ed Markey (D - Mass.) and Anna Eshoo (D - Calif.) on July 31st, 2009. The purpose of the bill is to …

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1/2 Price Sale

By CertifiedHosting 09/03/2009

Get Certified For Less with our 1/2 Off Sale! Promo Code: HALFOFF September is here and our latest promo is ready to roll. Until September 30th, receive 1/2 Off any prepaid Dork, Geek or Nerd plan. Use Promo Code: HALFOFF DORK PLAN: 1 domain Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Storage …

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Don't Forget - Final Penny Days

By CertifiedHosting 08/27/2009

August 31, 2009 is the last day to take advantage of our 'First Month for a PENNY' promo. For more information or to place an order, go here:

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Calling All Web Designers...

By CertifiedHosting 08/25/2009

Are you a web designer looking to expand your online business? Then Certified Hosting has an offer that you can't refuse! As a web designer, you acquire new contacts, leads and clients on a daily basis. You design their website but who hosts it? Once you design the website, your client still has …

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This One Is For The Ladies...

By CertifiedHosting 08/21/2009

HOW TO BE A GRACIOUS Jennifer's wedding day was fast approaching. Nothing could dampen her excitement -- not even her parent's nasty divorce. Her mother had found the PERFECT dress to wear and would be the best-dressed mother-of-the-bride ever! A week later, Jennifer was horrified to learn …

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Economy Affects Everybody - Even Real Housewives

By CertifiedHosting 08/20/2009

Here is the list of the Bravo Housewives Series Foreclosed/Short Sale/Given Notice of Eviction OC Housewives: Slade Smiley (foreclosed) Tamera Barney (Short Sale verge of eviction-including a court case for the $40,000 watch her husband hasn't paid for) Jeaana Keough (served eviction notices …

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The Economy - Ideas To Increase Business

By CertifiedHosting 08/19/2009

Ok, so the economy is going down the crapper and it seems everyone is in a panic. What to do, what to do? Well, here are a few ideas to help keep you afloat: Work smarter, not harder - Take advantage of the many automation software options available today, purchase new, more efficient equipme…

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New Tiered Affiliate Payouts

By CertifiedHosting 08/17/2009

Certified Hosting now offers a tiered affiliate program that pays affiliates up to $125 per sale. The new tier system pays $65 per sale for 1-10 sales a month, $95 per sale for 11-20 sales a month and $125 per sale for 21 or more sales a month.   Affiliates are also eligible for a free hosting …

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Certified Hosting Launches Flash Plans

By CertifiedHosting 08/10/2009

Certified Hosting has your all-inclusive video streaming solution! Our Flash Streaming Solution was designed with you in mind. We provide an easy-to-use content management system that is capable of delivering High Definition (HD) content to all of your customers with detailed reporting. Our …

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First Month For A Penny

By CertifiedHosting 08/01/2009

So it's August and it's time for our new August promotion. I came up with a lot of great ideas and was somewhat shocked to find the CEO approve this one... First Month for a PENNY on all shared plans and our Entry, Mid and Pro fully managed dedicated servers! No scams or tricks, first month …

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Happy July 4Th!

By CertifiedHosting 07/03/2009

From all of us at Certified Hosting , here's to a long holiday weekend with family and friends! Be safe and have fun:) Happy 4th of July

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Certified Hosting Adds Promo Page

By CertifiedHosting 07/02/2009

Want to know what promos are currently going on at Certified Hosting? Well, we have made it simple! Just bookmark the following URL, . Certified Hosting will be updating our promo page each month with new promotions for new and current clients. It only …

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Let Freedom Ring!

By CertifiedHosting 07/01/2009

July is here and we at Certified Hosting are all gearing up for the big 4th of July holiday. In an effort to give you more "bang" for your buck, Certified Hosting is adding 4 times the bandwidth to our entry, mid and pro dedicated servers. Thinking about purchasing a dedicated server? Now …

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Wow! June Is Here Today Gone Tomorrow...

By CertifiedHosting 06/30/2009

So here I am on June 30th, wondering where the time went this month. Oh yes, I know...we were busy getting all the new orders from our 10 year promo setup. I think I need a vacation! Many people took advantage of our 10 different promotions, but our GEEK10 promo was by far the most popular. Who …

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$10,000 Could Be Yours...

By CertifiedHosting 05/31/2009

in Certified's Hosting 10 year Promo Drawing. How do you win? Find out June 1st!

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10,000Gb Free???

By CertifiedHosting 05/30/2009

No typo here! 10,000GB of Bandwidth FREE! Certified Hosting will release more details on June 1st...

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How Much $ Can You Make?

By CertifiedHosting 05/29/2009

$65, $70, $75, $80, $85, $90, $95, $100...$125, $130. Certified Hosting pays affiliates more for each and every hosting sale you generate! More Information Coming June 1st...

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The Impossible Is Possible

By CertifiedHosting 05/28/2009

Dedicated Servers for as low as $10! You have got to be kidding right? WRONG!  Certified Hosting made it happen. Specific Details Available June 1st...

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Fax Is Stranger Than Fiction

By CertifiedHosting 05/26/2009

It's a Fax that Certified Hosting can make you a NERD for as little as $10 per month. Exact Details and Promo Code Available June 1st:)

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How Low Can We Go?

By CertifiedHosting 05/25/2009

Find out how low we can go on Domain Registrations, coming June 1st!

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10 For $10 Deal

By CertifiedHosting 05/24/2009

Arby's may have the 5 for $5 deal, but Certified Hosting gives you 10 for $10! Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Storage and Unlimited Domains. More Details Coming in June...

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What Do We Get For Ten Dollars?

By CertifiedHosting 05/23/2009

At Certified Hosting , you get Every ting you want. Everything? Every ting! More Details Coming June 1st...  

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Coming In June, 10 Promos To Celebrate Our 10 Years Of Service

By CertifiedHosting 05/21/2009

Certified Hosting has put together the mother-load of hosting promos.  Beginning June 1st, Certified Hosting will be giving away the farm for as little as a dime. Whether you are an existing customer, a new customer or just looking to make some quick cash...Certified Hosting has you covered! …

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Certified Hosting Announces New Semi-Dedicated Plans

By CertifiedHosting 05/18/2009

Be the first to take advantage of Certified Hostings’ new semi-dedicated hosting plans. With more power and less users, a semi-dedicated server is perfect for sites that are CPU intensive and require more server resources than a shared account can provide. Semi-dedicated plans start as low as …

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Happy Mother's Day!

By CertifiedHosting 05/10/2009

Happy Mother's Day from all of us at Certified Hosting! Enjoy YOUR day:)

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It's Five O'clock Somewhere...

By CertifiedHosting 05/08/2009

Ok, it's Friday and I am ready for the weekend. The weather has been beautiful and I just don't feel like working! It didn't take much to convince Kacy, after about 5 minutes she agreed it was margarita time. Ssssh...don't tell. We are starting the weekend early! Besides it's Five O'clock …

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Affiliate Payouts Have Been Processed

By CertifiedHosting 05/04/2009

Certified Hosting has processed affiliate payouts for the month of April. Not using Certified Hostings' Affiliate program ? Start earning $65 per new hosting sale you generate, sign-up now !

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Future Of Smauto

By CertifiedHosting 04/29/2009

What we will be forced to drive soon? But  look at all of the great 'new' choices we will  have from 'The SMART Car'....  The  Smorvette! The  Smaudi A3 AWD! The  Smamborghini! The Smorsche! The Smorsche Targa! And last, but not least, …

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By CertifiedHosting 04/27/2009

Have you ever played hooky from work? Don't Facebook, your boss could be watching. According to a recent CNET article , Facebook could equal FIRED! A Swiss insurance worker recently claimed she needed to be in a dark room away from the bright light of her computer monitor. After being alerted to …

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Certified Hosting Joins Myspace

By CertifiedHosting 04/21/2009

Certified Hosting adds Myspace to the growing list of social media sites we participate in. Do you have a Myspace account? Join the Certified Hosting on Myspace and learn secrets from our CEO and tidbits and photos about our staff.  Certified Hosting can be found on Myspace here .

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Oprah Tweets

By CertifiedHosting 04/17/2009

Oprah joins Twitter and plans to have Twitter CEO and Ashton Kutcher on her show today. Could Oprah be the next mainstream twitter sensation? Tune in today to hear Oprah's thoughts on the new social media craze, Twitter !  If you haven't done so already, you can keep in touch with Certified …

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Job At The Fbi

By CertifiedHosting 04/16/2009

The FBI had an opening for an assassin. After all the background checks, interviews, and testing were done, there were 3 finalists; Two men and a woman. For the final test, the FBI agents took one of  the men to a large metal door and handed him a gun.  'We must know that you will follow …

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American Idol Front-Runner?

By CertifiedHosting 04/14/2009

Like him or not, Adam Lambert is THE front-runner for this season's American Idol. With his unique style and ability to make each and every song current and his own, Adam has "rocked" from his very first performance. I surveyed the Certified Hosting staff and if the majority wins, then Adam …

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Certified Hosting Community Directory

By CertifiedHosting 04/13/2009

We invite all of our clients to submit their site to our new community directory . Take advantage of this free listing and begin networking with other clients today!

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Right Or Wrong? Extremist Websites Hosted In Us

By CertifiedHosting 04/10/2009

According to an article on , extremists such as the Taliban are using US based web hosting because of its reliability, ease-of-use, and terms of service that allow for anonymity. Recently a well-known Texas based hosting provider found that they had been hosting a Taliban website for …

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It's Called A Designated Driver

By CertifiedHosting 04/09/2009

Today is a sad day for baseball fans, especially Angel Fans. Rookie pitcher Nick Adenhart died after a hit and run accident early this morning. What does this have to do with a designated driver? Well, police suspect the mini-van that hit the car Adenhart was riding in of driving under the …

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How Does Your Host Compare?

By CertifiedHosting 04/08/2009

Don't get bogged down with low quality bandwidth. Don't get bogged down with low quality bandwidth. Get multi-homed ALL Tier 1 Bandwidth at Certified Hosting !

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find Out What It Means To Me...

By CertifiedHosting 04/07/2009

Ok, so here it is...another rant! I hate disrespectful people. I often wonder how one becomes disrespectful. The whole nature vs nurture debate comes to mind. Is it genetic? Doubtful. Is it due to your upbringing? Quite possibly. Why am I ranting about RESPECT? Well, because here lately I do not …

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Certified Hosting Attends Conference In Arizona

By CertifiedHosting 04/06/2009

Certified Hosting staff Kacy (CEO) and TondaB (CMO) recently attended a conference in the dry heat of Arizona. The weather was beautiful and the turnout was fantastic. Between our early morning workout sessions and the late night parties, we were able to talk with many business owners about what …

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Want To Unsend That Email? It's Possible...

By CertifiedHosting 04/05/2009

Almost all of us have sent an email to the wrong person wishing we could undo what we just did. Now you can! With Gmail , you can unsend any mail within 5 seconds of sending. Simply login to your Gmail account and select Settings - Labs - Then select to enable the Unsend Mail feature . …

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Looking To Make Some Extra Income?

By CertifiedHosting 04/04/2009

Refer your friends! In addition to our current job opportunities , Certified Hosting pays $65 per new hosting sale you generate. Here are just a few ways you can make sales: *Tell your friends about Certified Hosting (We accept both big and small accounts!) *Post a link to Certified …

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Affiliate Payouts Have Been Processed

By CertifiedHosting 04/03/2009

Certified Hosting has processed affiliate payouts for the month of March. Not using Certified Hostings' Affiliate program ? Start earning $65 per new hosting sale you generate, sign-up now !

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It's No Joke - 50% Off Today Only!

By CertifiedHosting 04/01/2009

Today only, use Promo Code: APRILFOOLS and we will cut your bill in half! Offer is good on any payment term for our shared or reseller plans.  Sign-up for two years worth of hosting for as low as $59.40!  Happy April Fools!

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American Airlines Adds Wifi

By CertifiedHosting 03/31/2009

American Airlines (AA) joins the WiFi bandwagon, committing to add WiFi hotspots to over 300 of their fleet. With the majority of airlines now charging for items that were once considered complimentary, it is a no-brainer for AA to add yet another upsale to your flying experience. With rates up to …

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Big Promo Coming Soon...

By CertifiedHosting 03/29/2009

Stay tuned, Certified Hosting is putting the final touches on the biggest promo ever. I can't release any details but I can tell you it will amount to HUGE savings for you!

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Twitter Tip

By CertifiedHosting 03/28/2009

Do you Twitter ? Then you know how time consuming and frustrating it can be to keep track of all your followers, direct messages, etc. TweetLater is a multi-purpose tool that allows you to automatically follow any new followers, automatically direct message all new followers and it even allows …

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New Cpanel Skin Monitors Cpu/ram Usage

By CertifiedHosting 03/27/2009

Certified Hosting launches new cPanel skin allowing individual users to monitor their CPU and Ram Usage. Now our shared hosting accounts can monitor their usage to ensure they are not abusing server resources. This is just one more reason to choose Certified Hosting for your web hosting …

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I Love Our Techs

By CertifiedHosting 03/26/2009

Ok, most of my rants and raves are completely random and have nothing to do with my job. Today is the day I will RAVE over our tech support staff. They are all fantastic but Jeff takes the cake.  I was having a problem with my email. It could not connect to the server. I had tried everything on …

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Do You Offer Ffmpeg? What About Cpanel?

By CertifiedHosting 03/25/2009

Yes and Yes! Are you secretly a techie? Look forward to helping others? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you could qualify for a job with Certified Hosting! With the economy down and the unemployment rate high, now is the perfect opportunity to pursue a new job in the online …

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Give Certified Hosting 5 Stars...

By CertifiedHosting 03/23/2009

Certified Hosting recently launched our own review site . We want to make sure you are completely satisfied. You can rate us on features, support, reliability and overall satisfaction. Let us know what it would take for YOU to give us 5 stars!

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New Affiliate Promo Material

By CertifiedHosting 03/22/2009

Certified Hosting adds new promo material for affiliates. Login to your affiliate account and check out the new text ads. Not an affiliate? Sign-up now . You could be earning $65 per new hosting sale!

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Twitter Offers Premium Accounts

By CertifiedHosting 03/20/2009

Or NOT! Today fake news site, BBSpot , posted a Twitter hoax in regards to Twitter offering premium accounts. Many fell for this fake business model, which goes to show the success of Twitter and the need to "tweet". Over the past several months, Twitter has become very popular amongst bloggers, …

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Looking For A Job?

By CertifiedHosting 03/19/2009

In today's economy, it is tough to find work. People are getting let go or receiving massive paycuts. Certified Hosting continues to grow and is constantly looking to hire quality people to join our team. If you are looking for job security and a career, then Certified Hosting is the company for …

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New Banners And Text Ads

By CertifiedHosting 03/18/2009

Certified Hosting recently added new banners and text ads for your promotional needs. Why wait? Log in to your Certified Hosting affiliate account and download your new creatives today! $65 per new sale you generate. Earn money now!

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Coupons, I Love Coupons!

By CertifiedHosting 03/16/2009

Coupons. Do you use them? Ok, I know they may seem like a lot of work and to much trouble. But, I have found the answer to making coupons fun again. It's called The Grocery Game . Each week you receive a list from the grocery stores you have signed up for. Each list includes a list of all sale …

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Free Private Ssl

By CertifiedHosting 03/15/2009

Did you know? Certified Hosting now provides one (1) Free Private SSL certificate included with our Nerd plan . This is a $75 savings! Signup for our Nerd plan for a mere $14.95 per month and receive unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited transfer, one (1) dedicated IP and one (1) …

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Secret Promo Code Inside

By CertifiedHosting 03/14/2009

Ssssh, don't tell...I just found this, 50% off promo code - good until 3/20/09. Promo Code: HALFOFF

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Google Interest-Based Ads

By CertifiedHosting 03/13/2009

Google "interest-based" ads launched last week. According to the release on Google's blog , "Advertising is the lifeblood of the digital economy...By making ads more relevant, and improving the connection between advertisers and our users, we can create more value for everyone." Up until now, …

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Keep In The Loop

By CertifiedHosting 03/12/2009

Here at Certified Hosting, we're always ready to assist when there's a problem. But as a website owner, you like to know what's going on with your site. That's where alerts come into play. With services such as Alertra , you can be instantly notified if your website has gone down, whether it's …

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Technical Support Representative

By CertifiedHosting 03/11/2009

Technical Support Representative We are looking for people to be part of the Certified Hosting family. We strive to provide the highest level of customer service in the web hosting business and are looking for the best of the best to join us and share in our service goals. We are looking for …

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Free Hosting Account

By CertifiedHosting 03/10/2009

NOW OFFERING AFFILIATES A FREE HOSTING ACCOUNT! We will provide you a FREE hosting account to use for the purpose of promoting Certified Hosting. You can use your own domain name to set up a complete website duplicating our hosting plans and prices, create your own testimonial/review web …

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Show Your Certified Pride...

By CertifiedHosting 03/06/2009

and earn 10% off your bill each and every month! Certified Hosting has created many new incentives for our customers. Our new Certified Pride program offers you the opportunity to get a 10% discount off your bill. How does it work? Simple! Place a link back to Certified Hosting from your main …

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Go Green

By CertifiedHosting 03/05/2009

Certified Hosting says... Throughout the month of March, take 20% off your initial order of any new shared or reseller hosting plan. Get started with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage for as little as $11.16. Use promo code: GREEN

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Does Your Tech Support Give You The Runaround?

By CertifiedHosting 03/04/2009

With so many companies outsourcing their tech support, it is important to know Certified Hosting will NEVER give you the runaround.   With so many companies outsourcing their tech support, it is important to know Certified Hosting will NEVER give you the runaround. Our in-house, knowledgeab…

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A Look At Extended Validation Ssl Certs As They Turn Two

By CertifiedHosting 03/03/2009

I read an article today, courtesy of Web Host Industry Review (, written by David Hamilton, about Extended Validation SSL Certificates (EV SSL). EV SSL is celebrating their two year anniversary and although they have grown in leaps and bounds since their inception in February 2007, they …

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The Word Of The Day Is Creatives...

By CertifiedHosting 03/02/2009

The web defines a creative as what is displayed for Advertisers on Publishers’ Traffic (banner, text phrase, flash animation, etc). The webster dictionary defines creative as marked by the ability or power to create. How many ways can I use the word or a variation of the word, creative? Let's …

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Sunny Southern California

By CertifiedHosting 03/01/2009

After weeks of off and on rain, Southern California is back to the world-renowned "Sunny Southern California". I am a happy camper! The rain makes it very difficult to do the things I love like play softball, go for a run and even the little things like taking the dog to go potty. (She hates the …

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We Have What You Need

By CertifiedHosting 03/01/2009

Here at Certified Hosting, we're very excited about our new website, and the various plans that are available to customers. No matter what your web hosting needs are, we can meet them at a price that's right for you. You can start off small with the Dork plan, which gives you unlimited disk …

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No More Limits...

By CertifiedHosting 02/28/2009

Certified Hosting sized up our competition, ran the numbers, upped their bandwidth commitment and decided to get with the program! All shared plans now come with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage. This makes your decision to choose Certified Hosting even easier. Simply ask yourself the …

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New Brand, New Site, New Blog!

By CertifiedHosting 02/26/2009

So we finally got our brand spankin' new website online! It took us awhile, but it was worth the wait! What's with the new name?  Well, for the past almost 10 years (our 10 year anniversary is this year!!) we have been operating several different hosting websites under the same umbrella company. …

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