3 Hosting Challenges

By CertifiedHosting 02/16/2010

Top 3 Hosting challenges and how Certified Hosting helps new customers succeed:

#1 Understanding, "What is Web Hosting?" - Many customers new to web hosting believe that the hosting provider is going to create, host and maintain their website for them. Certified Hosting takes the time to educate potential clients on the difference between web hosting and web mastering. We provide the steps involved in creating and hosting their website based on their business plan. We take the time to listen to their ideas and point them in the right direction on the types of programs needed to make their website dreams become a reality. We provide easy to use site building software and script libraries that make website creation and maintenance easy for new hosting clients.

#2 Choosing the Right Hosting Plan - There are many different hosting plans available and it can become very confusing for new webmasters when they see terms such as GB and MB. In most cases they will not understand how to figure out what their website will require. Certified Hosting takes out the guess work by offering unlimited plans. This takes away the confusion and lets the client focus on their business, rather than the hosting.

#3 Getting the Support they Need - New hosting customers often have limited knowledge of the scope of the technical support provided. Certified Hosting coaches new clients on the types of issues covered by hosting technical support. The challenge for the new client is figuring out what is a “hosting” issue and what is a “design/coding” issue. Our support team makes every effort to help the client understand where the issue lies and lead them to the path of resolution. We offer third party script installations and programming assistance.

Hosting challenges are easy to overcome if you have a quality hosting company that offers the right hosting services to fit your needs.