5 Ways To Build The Brand Identity For Your Site

By CertifiedHosting 12/30/2013

Many businesses struggle over the idea of a brand identity, but it serves an important function and should not be ignored (ie, allowed to stagnate or morph on its own). After all, brand identity is a simple way to connect with customers and separate yourself from the competition. It represents the opportunity to get away from being “all business” and showcase the human side of your organization.

Investopedia points out that brand identity is about a business creating a certain sensibility for the public . Brand identity is not what your customers think of you (called the brand image); rather, it’s what you want them to think of you.

Because it’s a business goal rather than a reality, brand identity can be built entirely with a sense of strategy. You can also learn a lot by looking at the brand identity and brand image of your website side-by-side. If the two are different, part of your message is not getting across appropriately.

Tactics to improve, develop or declare your brand identity

Search Engine Journal and IndieMade each list several ways to optimize brand identity. Following are several of their core ideas, with commentary:

Craft & present strong ideas – Content marketing is extraordinarily popular these days. According to Venchito Tampon of SEJ, it’s not just a way to build your prominence in search engines or on social media. It also helps you brand yourself as a company with authoritative knowledge of the field that’s ready and willing to share its knowledge with customers.

Be carefully you aren’t talking in circles and that you aren’t boring or alienating your customer base, though. The goal of your content should be to engage your target audience. Don’t let anything get too big, either: regardless of what you have to say, don’t make anyone wait for it. Images should be compressed. Also, studying your site with valuable tools such as Five Second Test and ClickTest will give you actual data about user behavior to improve the presentation of your content.

Put your customer first – The best way to create a brand identity that really appeals to your customer is to consider their perspective before you consider your own. Consistent focus toward the customer will make it significantly easier to match brand identity to brand image.

Draft a couple of paragraphs, for your own use, that express who your customers are. Polly Danger of IndieMade calls this description a customer story. The term story is helpful because it reminds us that the people who make up our customer base aren’t fixed. They are dynamic and adaptable, so adjust the language of the story as you go.

Look pretty – Content marketing can be helpful for branding because it creates a bulk of useful and perhaps entertaining information, but the information is broad and, in many cases, intellectual. Venchito suggests that when considering brand identity, you want to pay special attention to the more emotive visual elements on your site.

Your logo is the first place to start. The logo is not just a graphically designed rendition of your name. It’s the way many people will remember you. All the design elements used in your logo and any other major images on your site should tie into the identity you are creating for your company.

Regarding general design, go for simplicity. Make sure that all your text is in a color and size that’s easy to read. Be careful about excessive advertising as well. You probably do not want ads intermingled with your message. Move them to the periphery.

Define yourself through credibility – Brand identity is all about what separates your company from the pack. Part of that can be fun or superficial, such as the emotions generated by a strongly creative logo. Part should also be completely genuine. When defining your identity, look to what makes you a serious business.

Your brand identity should quickly and confidently answer all doubts from customers before they even arise. A customer looking for a certain product or service is wondering – consciously or not – whether you are the best choice. The reason why you are the best company for them, writes Polly, should be abundantly clear. In the end, what makes you great is also what makes you legitimate. Make sure that every customer knows you are the most reasonable option on the market for them (or at least for your target demographic).

Sell your relatability – The introduction to this piece discussed connecting and presenting your humanity to the public through your brand identity. Focusing in this direction is a business strategy known as affinity marketing. Affinity marketing allows you to make friends with people. Friends turn into customers, and trusting relationships foster loyalty.

Affinity isn’t isolated to social media posts or blogs articles. As Venchito suggests, webinars and instructional videos work just as well. Share your knowledge (professional), your sensibilities and background (personal), and your smile (emotional).


There many angles with which you can build your brand. Primarily remember that you are crafting the brand identity. Write and develop a plan with clear guideposts to clarify the core values, meaning, and personality behind your brand.

Questions for the comments section below… How do you develop your company’s brand identity? What’s a challenge you’ve overcome or that is still a thorn in your side? If you’d rather keep reading, regarding the first point above on ideas, check out our recent article on content marketing. Thanks for reading.

By Kacy Carlsen