Application Hosting Made Easy With One-Click Installation Scripts

By CertifiedHosting 01/26/2012

As an Internet entrepreneur, you have the ability to turn on a dime, to seize new opportunities in a way that is impossible with brick-and-mortar businesses. To profit from the ever-shifting world of opportunities provided by the Web, you just need the vision to see where the Internet economy is heading so you can find that elusive niche that will become tomorrow's Hot New Thing. And the best thing about it? You need only a surprisingly modest investment to get the ball rolling.

Let’s take application hosting, for example. Certified Hosting provides unlimited application hosting solutions for a monthly fee that is less than the price of a meal at your favorite fast-food joint. Moreover, the power put at your fingertips by these solutions is amazing. You can host as many AdSense-affiliated blogs as you want, create multiple online stores, start forums in numerous niches, or just churn out dozens of microsites promoting your products. The monthly fee will remain the same, but the opportunities to create revenue will multiply exponentially.

What about the time required to create all these online properties? Doesn’t it count as an investment from your side? Yes, it does. But with Certified Hosting, you can minimize that investment. Most of the application hosting plans offered by Certified Hosting include one-click installation scripts that drastically reduce the time required to deploy a blog, online store, forum, wiki page, or social network.

Why is it important to choose an application hosting provider that offers a rich library of installation scripts?

When you invest in an application hosting solution that comes with many installation scripts, you invest in your future ability to develop and extend your online portfolio. You might not need to deploy new applications now, but in six months, you may discover new business opportunities that require you to create new sites, powered by new web applications. If your application web hosting service does not provide the ability to deploy new installations yourself, you may need to pay someone to do it for you. In the worst case scenario, the associated costs may prove prohibitive.

Some application web host providers, especially low-cost ones, don’t offer an integrated method to quickly deploy applications, or they offer a limited number of scripts. Such plans may be sufficient if you only need to run one blog. But as an entrepreneur, you must keep your mind wide open and make sure that you have the solid foundation you need to build a flexible company.

Get application hosting with the Softaculous script-library

As an experienced application web hosting provider, Certified Hosting understands that you need full flexibility and freedom to use your hosting account in whatever manner you need. Therefore, with every application hosting solution from Certified Hosting, you get access to the Softaculous script library, one of the most popular software auto-installers.

Softaculous makes it simple to install, uninstall, and configure your web application of choice. Instead of spending hours downloading archives, copying files via FTP, and configuring installations, you can deploy WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, or osCommerce in minutes. Moreover, you do not need any sort of advanced technical knowledge – if you’re computer literate, you will have no problems using Softaculous.

Softaculous boasts over 260 installation scripts and the development team adds new ones on a regular basis. The scripts are organized based on functionality, which makes it easy for users to find and install applications, as well as to discover new, quality software. The most popular web applications at the moment are just a click away with the Softaculous auto-installer including WordPress, Drupal, MediaWiki, osCommerce, Magento, bbPress, Coppermine, Elgg, and many, many others.

Find the best application hosting plans at Certified Hosting

A top application hosting provider and an important player in the web hosting industry for more than 10 years, Certified Hosting provides diverse application hosting solutions covering a wide spectrum of needs and budgets. All application hosting plans from Certified Hosting are unlimited, meaning that you can host as many websites as you like on one account and with one fee. You also get unlimited RAM, disk space, and bandwidth, so you can be sure that your websites will work flawlessly, even during traffic spikes.

Whether you want to install a blog, a CMS, or an ecommerce platform, the Softaculous script library simplifies your job and saves you money. And if you need help from a professional, you can always call on the nerds working at Certified Hosting and benefit from free application installation and other complimentary services.

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