Are You Considering Becoming A Web Hosting Affiliate But Don't Know Where To Start?

By CertifiedHosting 08/20/2010

Starting your own affiliate hosting business can be a confusing process. With many options available for various types of web hosting and commission payments, how do you know which web hosting affiliate program provides reliable web hosting and consistent payouts? At Certified Hosting, we are proud to offer you the best web hosting affiliate program available, with guidance every step of the way toward creating your own web host affiliate business.

In a recent Certified Hosting article, Earn Money as a Web Hosting Affiliate in 4 Easy Steps, we show you what to look for in a web hosting provider and in an affiliate web hosting program. You also learn how to attract the attention of prospective customers and make sales. Certified Hosting's free web hosting affiliate program combines two essential elements of a successful web hosting affiliate business: great web hosting and high commissions for our affiliate marketers.

Your best selling tool is a quality product

Nobody wants to buy junk, and web hosting is no different. Affiliate web hosts who offer  quality web hosting with fast data transfer speeds, constant uptime, and technical support around the clock have a better business reputation and more clients than lower-priced yet unreliable hosting.

Certified Hosting provides unlimited hosting options for your affiliate customers with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. Our top-of-the-line servers and network are configured for speed, performance, and reliability so you can promote Certified Hosting unlimited web hosting with confidence.

The highest payout, with no limits

With Certified Hosting's tiered affiliate hosting payouts, you get more money per sale, per more sales you make! For 1-10 sales per month you make $65 per sale, for 11-20 sales per month you get $95 per sale, and for 21 or more sales per month you get $125 per sale. Certified Hosting has the highest paying affiliate hosting program out there. You also get paid when you sign up another affiliate host to the Certified Hosting web host affiliate program.

Get your affiliate hosting business up and running with Certified Hosting

Certified Hosting is here for you every step of the way. From giving you a free web hosting account for a promotional website or blog, to attention- getting links and banners, to tips on spreading the word and getting customers, Certified Hosting gives you the tools and the support you need to start and grow your business. Contact a representative at 1-800-547-9995 to learn how you can start making money as a web hosting affiliate today.