Boost Web Host Affiliate Sales With Specialized Banners And Links

By CertifiedHosting 08/06/2010

If you are interested in earning money online through affiliate marketing, we invite you to join Certified Hosting's web hosting affiliate program. Affiliate hosting programs come in all shapes and sizes, but here at Certified Hosting we value our web hosting affiliates as members of our team. Certified Hosting provides the highest paying affiliate hosting program, with specialized tools to help you convert your web visitors into affiliate sales.

The best web hosting affiliate programs in the world cannot beat Certified Hosting for payout, tech support, marketing tools, and individual attention. Not to mention the reliable hosting with 99.99% uptime you are offering as a Certified Hosting web hosting affiliate. Affiliate hosting members receive $65-125 per sale, and a free hosting account for the purpose of promoting Certified Hosting web hosting affiliate offers.

Using Links and Banners to Increase Conversion Rates

Many different factors work together to turn an interested web visitor into an affiliate customer. An integral element of an affiliate hosting campaign is the links and banners chosen to advertise the affiliate offer. Certified Hosting has around 100 links and banners for you to choose, with many shapes and sizes so you can choose the ones that best suit your website. Certified Hosting will even make a custom banner according to your specifications.

For best click-through results, use the banner together with the text of your web page to promote the Certified Hosting affiliate offer. Rotate banners every 2-3 weeks so your web visitors remain interested and continue to notice your Certified Hosting web hosting banner. Choose a different color scheme, size, or position for your hosting affiliate banner, or offer a link to a different hosting package. Test different positions for the banner on the page to determine where people are most likely to click, and keep testing alternate sizes and colors. After a bit of testing you will know which banners and positions to choose for your audience.

Getting started with Certified Hosting web hosting affiliate program

Start your own hosting business and earn money with the best web hosting affiliate program. Visit us at to learn more about the Certified Hosting affiliate hosting program and our unlimited hosting plans.