Business Butterflies - How To Make Your Business Thrive Again

By CertifiedHosting 05/07/2010

I have been working my web hosting business for a long time now, 11 years this month in fact.  I find myself answering the same questions over and over, day in and day out. There can’t be anyone that still wants to ask me these questions anymore, right? Yet everyday a new person comes along with the same old Ask Kacy questions and I find myself, well not as patient anymore.  I don’t want to be that person!   I want to feel like this is the first time I ever have been asked this question before, and I want to feel like that EVERYTIME I am asked again.

Is this like butterflies?  You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you are in love for the first time and after being married for like EVER, you just don’t have those butterflies anymore? How many people want that feeling back?

If you have been in the same business for many years, just like a marriage you can become complacent. Before you know it, all the little things are annoying you.  All of a sudden (seems like all of a sudden, but you just realize) that you are not that same motivated, nothing is going to stop me person any longer.

Can you get those business butterflies back?

Remember that feeling you had  when everything at your business was new and exciting and you just couldn’t wait to talk to people about everything you had going on like our new unlimited web hosting plans and why they should do business with you and OH just everything was so challenging and fun and, and…..Whew!  I must have had more energy back then.

Truth be told, I would be very sad without a day of questions.  Those Ask Kacy questions really have made us the hosting company we are today. There are requests for features we do not have, so we need to implement them.  That all to famous question, “Can I get a better deal?", which means we have to negotiate pricing with our vendors.  These questions and requests from customers build your business, why would you ever want them to stop?

Just think if no one asked these questions?  Where would your company be?

I find my web hosting business to be challenging and rewarding every day. With over 10 years of hosting experience, every couple of years I have been lucky enough to be able to get those butterflies back and keep my staff motivated and positive.

The future is wide open!  I know by keeping your mind and your heart open to new possibilities within your business, and working ON your business, not IN your business every day, you will feel those butterflies again!