Can Your Business Use A Video Hosting Plan?

By CertifiedHosting 09/17/2012

For customers looking to create their own tube site in the style of YouTube, there are numerous tools available to make the process quick and easy. At Certified Hosting, we offer unlimited video hosting services, allowing customers to use popular applications like phpMotion and ClipBucket to get their tube sites up and running.

Video sites are very distinctive, and not every business user has an obvious need for this kind of platform. There are, however, a few great ways you can use video hosting services to improve the variety of content you offer your customers. Although a tube site may not be immediately useful, it can be an effective way of engaging with potential customers and giving them new ways to interact with your company.

Here are three different ways your business can use a video hosting plan to connect with your customers.

Create a community-driven YouTube clone with video hosting services

With a video hosting plan, you can install an application on your website that displays videos to visitors and allows them to stream the content in their browsers with no lengthy download times. Although a large tube site may seem like a big investment of time and resources, the most appealing thing about this type of content is that it can be entirely visitor-driven.

Tube sites typically cater to a specific niche. Is there already a good tube site for your industry? If not, you could be the company that launches one, giving qualified customers a place to share and comment on video content. For example, if your company sells warehouse equipment, you might consider launching a tube site for people to post videos of equipment in use.

Use a video hosting plan to bring people interested in your sector together. From there, you can work toward bringing them to your business.

Use video hosting to showcase your products and services

Although the Internet provides the most effective selling platform in the world, it is often difficult to convey just how great your products are unless customers can see them for themselves. Video hosting gives you the chance to turn the spotlight onto your products and services and literally show customers what makes them so good.

One approach is to use video hosting to bring together videos of products, and in turn, embed these videos on your blog or website pages. By combining video, written information, and photos, you can give customers a comprehensive overview of what you have to offer.

Video hosting services can support education

Finally, consider the ability of video to educate your existing customers. If somebody turns to your website for support or help, video is a proven tool for guiding them through even the most complex of subjects.

Video hosting plans allow you to launch video tutorials, guides, and walkthroughs. In addition, with a larger streaming media server plan, you could use Wowza or Red5 to run live video events, such as seminars, briefings, or Q & A sessions.

Unlimited video hosting plans from Certified Hosting

Evidence shows that customers engage with video more than any other form of website content. This explains why more and more businesses are beginning to see the advantages of launching video on their web hosting plans.

Of course, video is also a resource-intensive type of content. Certified Hosting’s video hosting plans not only feature useful tools such as phpMotion, but are also capable of coping with the resource demands of video.

Customers can choose from a wide range of unlimited video hosting plans with unlimited disk space and bandwidth to ensure that serving large videos does not incur unexpected charges. In addition, Certified Hosting offers shared hosting plans, virtual private server hosting (VPS hosting), and dedicated servers, all with video hosting functionality. Whatever the size of your business, there is a suitable video hosting solution for you.

All Certified Hosting plans come complete with 99.999% network uptime guaranteed and 24/7/365 customer support.

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