Certified Hosting Affiliate Program Has All The Tools You Need To Succeed!

By CertifiedHosting 08/10/2010

The Certified Hosting web hosting affiliate program makes it easy for you to make money online with your own affiliate business. We have tutorials that guide you step-by-step through the process of setting up your business and we have many tips and tools designed to help you convert web visitors into sales to make money faster. With Certified Hosting you get a free web hosting account to promote your affiliate hosting offers from the highest paying affiliate hosting program available – period.

Part of the marketing arsenal at your disposal when you join the Certified Hosting affiliate web hosting program are creative tools to attract the interests of your web visitors to your affiliate offers. Some of these tools are an extensive array of banners, lightbox ads, and page peel ads. Each of these creative tools is designed to increase clicks and maintain a positive user experience on your website.

Using affiliate marketing tools to your advantage

Lightboxes, page peels, and well-placed banner ads can improve your conversion rate tremendously, resulting in more web hosting affiliate sales for you. An important rule of thumb for improving your affiliate hosting click-through-rate (CTR) is to have eye-catching ads, but to present the ads in a way that does not annoy your visitors and cause them to leave your website. The Certified Hosting creative tools reach an interested, targeted audience and enhance your visitor's experience on your website.

Display the variety of Certified Hosting fast-loading lightboxes, page peels, and banners on any page of your web host affiliate website. Place the banners in a position and size that will get your visitor's attention and fits your website layout. Set the lightboxes to display immediately when your web page loads, after a designated time interval (like 5-10 seconds), or as the last thing a person sees before leaving your website.

The Certified Hosting page peels entice curious web visitors to click on them, unfold to a large size ad, then roll up again when the visitor moves his mouse to a different part of the web page. Used together or separately, these state-of-the-art marketing materials attract the eye and easily stir interest to convert visitors into hosting affiliate customers.

Become a web hosting affiliate and start earning money today

Offer your web visitors unlimited hosting with unlimited shared hosting, unlimited dedicated server hosting, and unlimited specialty hosting. As a member of the Certified Hosting affiliate team, you get unlimited support, effective creative tools, and tips to attract web visitors and turn them into web hosting affiliate sales.

For more information on the best web hosting affiliate program available, contact a Certified Hosting customer service representative today at 1-800-547-9995.