Certified Hosting Announces New Vps Web Hosting Services

By CertifiedHosting 08/21/2012

Experienced web hosting provider Certified Hosting launches Linux VPS hosting plans for individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Los Angeles, CA (PRESS RELEASE) August 21, 2012 – Certified Hosting (certifiedhosting.com), a leader in shared web hosting, dedicated server hosting, and reseller hosting services, announced today an impressive new range of VPS hosting plans using powerful OpenVZ virtualization. Bridging the gap between shared hosting and dedicated server web hosting, these new Linux VPS web hosting plans offer a fixed allocation of resources, on a secure virtual server, at a highly competitive price.

“Everybody at Certified Hosting is excited to launch our new VPS hosting plans,” says Kacy Carlsen, co-founder and CEO of Certified Hosting. “Many customers are looking for the features and performance of a dedicated server solution at a price point that is comparable to that of a shared web hosting service. We are serious about giving our customers the best VPS hosting possible and have carefully designed our VPS web hosting plans to suit every kind of user.”

Virtual Private Server hosting, or VPS hosting, falls between a shared hosting account and a dedicated server. A single server can be securely divided up into smaller virtual machines, each of which performs identically to a dedicated server. In addition, customers are granted a specific allocation of common hardware resources, including CPU, RAM, disk space, and bandwidth. With Certified Hosting’s new VPS web hosting plans, customers can choose from five different packages to meet the demands of their web presence. Plans range from 1Ghz CPU, 512MB RAM, 25GB disk space, and 1TB bandwidth to 2.6Ghz CPU, 2048MB RAM, 200GB disk space, and an incredible 20TB bandwidth.  These plans are now available at affordable prices.

“We’ve been rolling out these VPS hosting services, and found that some customers were already maxing out their plans,” says Carlsen. “Rather than adding new plans, we have decided to make our existing ones more generous than ever. We have a reputation for matching quality with affordability, and we were determined to continue this tradition by offering the best VPS web hosting at competitive prices. Our plans start from just $29.99 per month, with flexible pricing schemes for monthly, 6-month, and yearly billing cycles. We’re even offering 20% off of your first invoice, making it more affordable than ever to equip your web presence with a state-of-the-art VPS hosting plan.”

Although the performance of a VPS web hosting plan depends on hardware quality and network infrastructure, the technology used to run virtual private servers can also have a significant impact on service quality. For its selection of Linux VPS web hosting services, Certified Hosting has chosen to virtualize machines using the OpenVZ system. OpenVZ creates Linux containers that can be independently rebooted and with remote root access, quickly and efficiently. Certified Hosting also uses Virtualizer by Softaculous, a VPS hosting plan control panel that not only speeds up the deployment of new VPS hosting accounts, but also makes it easier for users to manage system resources and work with files on their servers. Together, these software elements combine to make Certified Hosting’s new VPS web hosting service one of the best VPS hosting services in the industry.

“We’ve matched the quality of our hardware and network with the kind of software that really unlocks the potential of Linux VPS web hosting,” says Carlsen. “In addition to Virtualizer for monitoring server usage, we’re also pleased to announce that we will be including free cPanel/WHM web hosting control panels and free managed services on four of our five new VPS hosting services.”

Throughout the years, Certified Hosting has always focused on giving customers the services that they want, configured how they want. Now, with the introduction of tiered VPS web hosting plans, customers can enjoy complete flexibility when they order their VPS hosting service.

For more information on Linux VPS web hosting services from Certified Hosting, visit certifiedhosting.com.