Certified Hosting In Talks About Client Of The Month Program

By CertifiedHosting 09/22/2010

Your Certified Hosting team is at it again - brainstorming, afterall that is what we do best! The Certified Hosting Marketing team and our CEO hash out the possibilities of starting a Client of the Month program. Could this come to fruition? Maybe!

Ideas are being tossed around about who would be in charge of picking, what the qualifications would be for being selected and how we could signify who won so they could broadcast it to the world. I mean everyone likes to be a winner right?

The debate on this is a funny one and all I can tell you for sure is that if this does happen you will no doubt need to be a current client to win. Why wait? Check out our unlimited web hosting, reseller web hosting or our 10TB managed dedicated servers now. Who knows...you could be our first Client of the month:)