Certified Hosting Increases Stability Of Shared Hosting Platform With Cloudlinux Os And Ksplice Uptrack

By CertifiedHosting 02/18/2011

We have exciting news here at Certified Hosting! Certified Hosting has recently moved to using CloudLinux OS with Ksplice Uptrack on our shared hosting platform. The reason for the move is to provide an even more stable environment for Certified Hosting customers using our shared hosting services. So why the move to CloudLinux OS and Ksplice Uptrack? More uptime and better overall stability of all Certified Hosting shared hosting servers. That translates to happier customers and a happier Certified Hosting support team. Yes, we like a happy shared hosting environment too!

Regardless of how great any web hosting provider’s uptime is, there is still downtime every now and then caused by two different factors. One is spikes in resource usage caused by individual hosting accounts, and the other is caused by server OS updates that we roll out as they become available. To combat these two factors and make our uptime even better, Certified Hosting chose the latest innovative technology – CloudLinux OS and Ksplice Uptrack – for all our shared web hosting servers. Yes, we know you want to know more, so here’s why we chose CloudLinux OS.

CloudLinux OS isolates user accounts on a shared server

The biggest downside of shared hosting is that all hosting accounts on a shared server are not isolated from each other. As a result, each hosting account can be affected by other hosting accounts. So if one website or hosting account starts using too many resources, other websites and hosting accounts will experience slow page load time or even worse, “request timeout” errors. We don’t like that and neither do our customers.

It is also not uncommon in a shared hosting environment for a hosting account user to run a script that takes down the entire shared server by causing resource spikes. And until now, there has been nothing that could be done about one “bad” hosting account on a server. That’s where CloudLinux OS comes into play.

With CloudLinux OS, resource spikes are no longer an issue. By implementing CloudLinux OS, Certified Hosting will ensure resource spikes caused by a customer’s website do not take down the entire server. With CloudLinux in place, each client will be assigned a finite amount of resources, which will ultimately increase stability for everyone on the shared server. Not only that, all clients using Certified Hosting unlimited web hosting plans will immediately notice improvements in performance and security of their websites. In fact, all user accounts will be isolated from each other on an OS level. So what about kernel updates? We have you covered there too with rebootless technology!

Rebootless updates with Ksplice Uptrack

Another common reason downtimes occur stems from OS updates that need to be performed by a web hosting provider on a regular basis. Linux distributions need to be rebooted monthly or more in order to apply the latest kernel security updates. If you look at Certified Hosting’s uptime record, you will see that most of our downtime is caused by having to reboot servers to apply these updates. Prior to now, there was no solution to prevent or overcome having to reboot servers to apply security patches and updates. But with Ksplice Uptrack, problem solved.

With Ksplice Uptrack, Certified Hosting limits the amount of downtime, if any, that normally occurs due to kernel security updates. There will be no more server reboots as all updates will be applied by hot-patching a running kernel. Certified Hosting technicians will also benefit from Ksplice Uptrack technology as they will not have to coordinate outages to keep systems up to date and will no longer need to spend additional hours to take servers down and perform kernel updates.

Instead, the Certified Hosting team can spend more time answering questions and helping customers get the most out of their shared web hosting experience. And Certified Hosting customers will enjoy better availability of their websites and less downtime than before. So we think CloudLinux OS and Ksplice Uptrack is a great combination. But wait until you experience shared web hosting services with Certified Hosting and tell us what you think.

Certified Hosting constantly looks for ways to improve services

Certified Hosting constantly monitors the IT market for great new and innovative technologies that we can implement to make our customers’ online experiences even better. We are extremely confident that the CloudLinux OS and Ksplice Uptrack combination will provide us and Certified Hosting customers with a more reliable, stable, and secure shared hosting environment than ever.

With innovative technology like CloudLinux OS and Ksplice Uptrack in place, customers using Certified Hosting unlimited hosting plans will definitely enjoy better uptime and performance of their websites and improved quality of service from the Certified Hosting support team. But wait, there’s more – we offer these benefits at no extra charge to you! All existing shared hosting servers are currently being migrated to the new shared hosting platform while all new shared hosting customers will automatically experience the power and benefits of Certified Hosting, CloudLinux OS, and Ksplice Uptrack – a powerful combination.

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