Certified Hosting Partners With Host Merchant Services For Payment Processing

By CertifiedHosting 09/10/2012

What is the most significant source of revenue from your website? For some businesses, web hosting only offers a return because it keeps their website and contact information online, promoting business leads through phone calls and emails. Others with particularly high traffic volumes can generate income through advertising or sponsorships. For most of us, though, a web presence earns its keep through taking and completing orders online. Now more than ever, a robust ecommerce platform and dependable payment processing system is incredibly important.

However, the world of payment processing and merchant services can also be incredibly complex. Almost every webmaster needs to make effective use of the solutions available from merchant service providers, but doing so requires knowledge of how fees are charged for each transaction. Without taking the time to understand this, it is impossible to plan your online sales strategy.

Certified Hosting is proud to announce a new partnership with Host Merchant Services (www.hostmerchantservices.com), a leading provider of merchant services designed exclusively for web hosting providers and their customers. If you would like to take credit card payments online, this new relationship makes doing so easier and more affordable than ever.

How are web hosting users charged for online payments?

When you go into a store or make a purchase online, credit and debit card payments are easy to make. After all, a credit card payment is little more than a matter of entering your details or swiping a card. But did you know that each card provider has a unique approach to fees? Whether you use American Express, Visa, or MasterCard directly affects the Interchange charges incurred by your chosen merchant.

If you are looking to accept card payments from your web hosting plan, here is a useful guide to the three main ways that you could be billed by merchant service providers:

1. A single fee for every transaction type

Some service providers have taken the admirable step of streamlining payment processing, charging the same fee for each transaction, regardless of which card has been used to pay. Of course, this simplicity costs businesses thousands of dollars a year.

With a flat-fee approach, you will pay a fee that covers the highest transaction charge, even if your customers use a card with more affordable rates.

2. Qualified, mid-qualified, and non-qualified transactions

As an alternate approach that offers more granular payments, some merchant service providers separate transactions into three categories. Each category includes specific card types, but can also feature criteria that make a particular payment more or less expensive.

Ultimately, though, this system has a lot in common with a single flat-fee. Although you are now offered two or three different charges, there are more than two or three card types in the industry. The fee that you pay still represents the highest fee in the given category.

3. Interchange Plus payment processing fees

Finally, some merchant service providers use a billing system known as Interchange Plus. Interchange Plus combines a percentage fee based on the value of the transaction with a fixed transaction charge. As a result, you can accurately predict your payment processing fees, allowing you to make informed decisions about your pricing, promotions, and profit.

Ecommerce web hosting and payment processing from Certified Hosting

At Certified Hosting, we believe that Interchange Plus billing is the fairest way to charge webmasters for the transactions they process through their websites. That’s why we have selected Host Merchant Services – a provider that only uses Interchange Plus – to bring powerful payment processing to our customers.

Like Certified Hosting, Host Merchant Services was founded on the concept of making things easier to understand for web hosting users. Our partnership with Host Merchant Services means that you can be confident of the highest standards in security, including Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. It also means that we can guarantee service from people who are proven specialists in payment processing.

Visit http://certifiedhosting.hostmerchantservices.com to learn more about payment processing from Certified Hosting and Host Merchant Services, or to apply now. charged for online payments, and tells you how to get ecommerce web hosting and payment processing from Certified Hosting.