Certified Hosting’S Founder And Ceo Kacy Carlsen Featured In Ping! Zine

By CertifiedHosting 05/26/2011

We have some exciting news to share here at Certified Hosting! Our CEO and support guru Kacy Carlsen was recently featured in a Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine article eloquently titled, “Women in Web Hosting: An In-Depth Look at CEO Kacy Carlsen,” telling the story of how Kacy became one of a few or maybe the only female CEO in the hosting industry and how Certified Hosting was started.

Ping! Zine is a popular US-based online magazine that highlights trends and remarkable facts in the world of the Internet and the web hosting industry. Ping! Zine is the industry’s most respected and widely read magazine for both service providers and end users. The magazine was created in 2002 as a source for informative and entertaining articles about hosting and everything related to it.

In the article, Kacy talks about herself, how she built her technical experience and her first business, how Certified Hosting came to be where it is now and also about the challenges women face when running their own business in an industry that has always been dominated by men. Take a few moments and head over to the Ping! Zine website to learn more about Women in Web Hosting: An In-Depth Look at CEO Kacy Carlsen.

From customer service to CEO

The article reveals some personal facts about Kacy, which help explain her passion for customer service and why she is still actively involved on a daily basis and works with customers hands-on despite her busy schedule as a CEO. It was her own customer service background, which she absolutely loved, that made her realize first-hand how important and challenging customer support could be. When she and her husband founded Certified Hosting back in 1999, she put all her efforts into building a customer-oriented company committed to providing the highest level of customer service possible. And she stays true to her commitment to this day.

Now a successful web hosting provider, Certified Hosting was started with just a single co-located server in a data center in Ohio. Server by server, and by building lasting relationships with their customers – this was how Kacy and her husband built their business. This proved to be a winning combination. Among today’s Certified Hosting clients are Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, web developers, and individuals from around the globe. But Kacy is far from resting on her laurels. Certified Hosting became a great jumpstart for her and now she is busy working on a number of other projects that complement and are directly related to her main passion – web hosting.

“Challenges? I simply welcome them!”

Being a female CEO is always challenging, but being a female CEO in the hosting industry is twice as challenging because the industry is conceived by many as a male dominated industry. “Since my business is technology related, I do believe there are some stereotypes when it comes to women in this field. Although, the perception that women are not capable of handling the world’s technological needs is quickly fading,” says Kacy. Her success with Certified Hosting combats the widespread misconception that the hosting industry is off limits to women. “I never think of myself as a female CEO, just a CEO,” says Kacy. “I possess a high level of self-belief and positive thinking. This is my approach to my work and my business.”

And she must be right about her approach. Making it to the front page of the most popular magazine for the hosting industry is no small achievement. This is also an indication that Kacy is on the right track with what she is doing and it is also a significant milestone for Certified Hosting. Ping! Zine has worldwide readership. So how did Kacy reach such an important milestone? When asked “How do you think you got where you are today?” she usually replies, “Being assertive, never taking no for an answer, never being afraid to disagree, and most importantly being me. Staying true to who I am.” Way to go, Kacy!

Learn more interesting facts about Kacy and Certified Hosting by heading over to the Ping! Zine website and click on the Flip Book icon to read the Women in Web Hosting: An In-Depth Look at CEO Kacy Carlsen.

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