Choose A Dedicated Server Hosting Plan With Full Support Services

By CertifiedHosting 11/01/2012

When a customer orders a dedicated server hosting plan, some web hosting providers assume the customer knows how to manage and configure their own service. After all, most dedicated server customers have already spent some years growing their business online, perhaps using shared web hosting or a virtual private server (VPS hosting).

However, focusing customer support on smaller customers who have more to learn is a misguided, unproductive approach. In fact, although dedicated hosting users are likely to be more up-to-speed with how web hosting works, their ambitions and online goals tend to be more advanced and complex than those of less-experienced customers.

At Certified Hosting, we believe every single customer should be able to access professional, friendly, and responsive technical support. Read on to learn more about the service features we include with dedicated server hosting plans and how our range of managed dedicated servers can help ease your workload.

Excellent technical support with every dedicated server

Technical support has the potential to make a web hosting provider stand out. Many hosting companies can, and have the ability to, provide a dedicated server hosting service on decent hardware in a reliable data center. Far fewer are able to complement these services with advice, assistance, and hands-on action that helps customers get the most from their hosting service.

Great customer support begins before a customer even makes a purchase. The best dedicated server hosting providers take a hands-on approach to new customers, assisting with the potentially complex process of migration and software installation. If you have an existing server but plan to upgrade to dedicated hardware or a new provider, transferring your files can result in unexpected downtime for your customers, or even the loss of data. A professional hosting provider will assist in making this entire process seamless.

Once you are up and running, there should be multiple ways you can get answers to your questions, regardless of complexity. Usually, you should begin by checking the information that is already available online, in knowledgebase articles, tutorials, and community discussion boards. Of course, if you cannot find the answers you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact your hosting provider by telephone, live chat, or their online ticket system.

Generally, the more points of contact your dedicated server hosting provider offers, the more responsive service you can expect. If your hosting provider does not put assistance where it is highly visible and convenient, do not expect to get help in a timely fashion.

Finally, a dedicated server hosting plan can be managed or semi-managed. Server management reduces your obligation to keep your server operational, instead making your hosting provider responsible for security, monitoring, and routine software and operating system updates. With your hosting provider concentrating on these tasks, you can concentrate on your main goal: running your website.

Flexible dedicated server hosting services from Certified Hosting

To meet the specific demands of every customer, Certified Hosting offers a flexible range of dedicated server hosting plans. Whatever your level of experience and whatever assistance you require, Certified Hosting has the plan for you.

Customers can choose from custom dedicated servers or pre-configured packages with the hardware features that are most frequently requested. Each plan includes comprehensive customer service, including migration assistance and 24/7/365 support via phone, live chat, and a ticket system. Certified Hosting also monitors every server for unusual behavior that may indicate malfunction, misconfiguration, or a security threat.

Alternatively, customers can select a semi-managed or fully managed dedicated server hosting plan, which includes a set amount of system administrator time each month, in addition to initial services, including server hardening and critical patches.

To learn more about dedicated server hosting from Certified Hosting, call 909-498-4415 or visit today.